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Kawaii Kitchen

Kawaii Kitchen

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Kawaii Kitchen



Kawaii Kitchen is an original super cute cooking game for all the burger – and cats – lovers out there!


Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own burger shop? Tie your apron and sharpen your paws because it’s time for a crazy cooking adventure! Do your best to fulfill orders from cute customers to keep them happy while making enough money to keep your restaurant open!

Starting as an amateur kitty cook with a small kitchen, you’ll combine exotic ingredients from all around the world to create over 100+ different burgers and serve delicious dishes to hungry animals. Complete quests, customize your chef and improve your skills to become the world’s greatest master cat-chef!


The more you play, the more ingredients will appear! Work fast to assemble customer’s orders from a recipe list that starts simple and grows as more flavours and colours are unlocked.

The simple color-based recipes are easy and intuitive, while the extra combinations add complexity and keep the game challenging. Fill orders quickly and accurately to keep your loyal friends happy, giving you more and better tips!

Download Kawaii Kitchen:-

Download Kawaii Kitchen ( 45.2 MB )

User Reviews:

Joelle Harrison
Amazing! I played this game for about 1 minute when I was trying it out, and now I am addicted! The quality of this game is amazing! The characters are so adorable, and I love how you can collect different costumes and you can upgrade things! If you are not in love with this game and/or satisfied, you aren’t human! I also love how there are different characters you can collect, and how you can challenge yourself with the timer! To all the people reading this, I hope you have a amazing day! Bye!!

OML!! ITS DO CUTE! THERE ARE SO MANY CUTE OUTFITS AND ANIMALS! IT’S VERY EASY TO PLAY!( But I downloaded Happy Hop and it’s been 2 days and I still don’t have the outfit! 😠😡)If you don’t get this game then…YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE JOY OF THIS GAME! I WOULD GIVE IT ONE MILLION STARS IF I COULD!!

it’s adorable! I really like the idea and really enjoy these types of games and the characters are really cute. it takes a while to earn gems without buying them so getting different characters takes time. you also have to wait for new challenges which isn’t that great. overall it is really good.

Calean Sixes
Ugggg stop with your perfect games. I’m glad u learnt from your horrible mistakes in Happy Hop. Even since then, Sailor Cats and this are the two most perfect games you have. Thank you for another game. I 100% finished Sailor Cats (except a few skins) and was sad there was no more. Now my adventures go to Kawaii Kitchen!!

Lady paint
The graphics are super cute! I have been waiting for a kitchen game with cute graphics for a while and this is definitely it. I love it , its super fun and addicting , Only downside is the ads but they arent overwhelming like in other games also I hope that Im able to buy all the restaurants without having to purchase gems with real money. But overall I love this so much I think it would be cute if the developer’s would release merch for this game like shirts or keychains ^w^

Holly Thompson
This game keeps you on your toes but is not that hard. The faster you make the orders the more points you earn. Also you level up faster when you make the food, sides, and drinks correct and win more food an costumes and chefs. i love this game. i recommend this game to older children since the pace of making the orders can be difficult for younger children.

Kadence Bishop
it is so fun i love playing with the animals ❤️ it is a lot of fun and it’s a pretty simple game.

Kitty Kennard
kawaii kitchen’s biggest problem?? There’s no reason to stop playing! it’s so cute and the gameplay is easy but rewarding. and without any energy or stamina that you might need to recover in another game, you can literally just keep playing it until your battery dies! i cant stop! save me!!!!

arwin reyes
This game is really cute but a real challege. I love it.

Mia Aylin Lopez Canizales
really fun and great game

meemoi moo
its so cute and its amzing but you need good concentracion

Nikei Sha
I really like it! Problem is: I already downloaded happy hop, but why can’t get the free costume? Please fix this.

Allen Mclauchlin
it’s sooooo fun you will love it so much

gatcha girl
best game ever i love it im #obssied

It’s tricky at first but it’s fun if you can handle fast pace games.

Gacha Gaming

Albert Jorda
it’s really cute and challenging!😍

Rainbow Sherbert
so cute, so fun, can’t stop playing

Sharice McCarter
kawaii!! 😚 This is one of the cutest games I have ever played!! its entertaining and good if you are bored or something. I would love to see this game improve and add more features along the way.

Lani Nunez
A very fun and cute little game. Controls can be unresponsive sometimes but overall lovely to play.

Makayla Bowen
Great game, and SUPER CUTE! i like the idea and art style of the game. it so far runs smoothly, and not too many ads! :3

Vlogs With ARG
This game is awesome! I just started a day ago and I’m already obsessed!!! I got the leopard and the bunny unlocked so quickly!!! If you love anime and kawaii and cooking and animals and cuteness overload, you should definitely get this game!!!!!

Meghla Nur
It’s super adorable 😍😍😍 love the sound effects. thanks for this kaweii game😘😘😘

Amanda Tyers
Great game. So kawaii!!😍😍😁 Easy to play on the go.

cute and challenging

Marianne Jones
i love this app good quality of game i would deffently download this app

Marshmello Queen

Rose Gud
this game is so cute and fun! it is a really fun game abd its a great time killer and its perfect for kids too!

Issamo Saka
they are adorable and i reallly love it

spinny boi101
it’s adorable I couldn’t want anything more!

This is where life comes
It’s ADORABLE AND FUN i recommend to play this it’s my best game

I got interested when I saw this game because it was really cute! I ended up playing it for a long time and it’s really addicting.

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