New Android Game ”Kaburin! Creator” Download Game Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Game Information, Game by Nobollel Inc.

Kaburin! Creator
by Nobollel Inc.


Side scrolling action game you can Make and Play. Reach the goal with easy controls!!

■ A cute character that wears headgear, “Kaburin” has arrived again!! 4 types of Kaburin that the player can control [Kaburin] A Kaburin that wears paper bag [Horse Head] A Kaburin that wears a horse head. Can move very fast. [Rangerin] A Kaburin that wears a hero mask. Can jump very high. [Batterin] A Kaburin who wears a battery. Can attack throwing electricity. Other cute Kaburin also appear on stages!


Kaburin! Creaator android app

                               Kaburin! Creaator android app

■ A Construction game in which you can create your own unique stage Place the items you have collected and make your own stage freely! Make an original stage on your way and impress everybody!

■ Publish your stages when you publish your stages, everyone in the world can play it! Make an awesome stage and get a lot of positive reviews from all over the world.

■ The number of stages you can play is limitless Let’s play original stages created by players from everywhere!
Many amazing and exciting stages! Unique stages are waiting for you!!

■ Upload game play videos a game play posting functionality is implemented, anyone can easily upload gameplay to the posting website!

 Kaburin are waiting everyone to play!!




Direct Download Kaburin! Creator Game APK (53 MB )


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User Reviews :-


-So far, feels like an unfinished platformer but has potential. The world creator is quite okay. Most of the levels are easy coin earners but the devs were kinda asking for it with their IAP system. The life/energy system is total BS. Please remove it or add an IAP to permanently remove it. You can play only 6 games in a row and it takes 3 minutes to recharge 1 life. Will keep the game until next update to see if they remove the energy system.

-Good enough la. And it’s a bit crashed on my phone. You will never know until you install it. Don’t judge by its reviews.

-It’s a good game but the controls I like 3 star rating that alone I not like please change it by new update and popular it.I am installing update come I will update it…..ALL THE BEST FOR YOU GUYS….My net is not working in my 📱 so I can’t download sorry kaburin creater and it’s COMPANY Bye

-The game is glitching like anything, I am installing this app again

-It’s a very good game.

-It is a good game DENIS RODRIGUES

-Superb entertainment

-A very very very very very nice game I had ever played in the life

-The best creation game ever

-It’s a amazing game of the season

-This game is so amazing

-I love this game good game


-This game is awesome

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