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Jungle Monkey Run 2
by marble.lab

★★★ Jungle Monkey Run 2 is coming now ★★★
★★★ Many new featrues Added ★★★

Jungle Monkey Run 2 is a classic adventure game same with Jungle Monkey Run,but new world,new featrues,new monsters and so on.The monkey Kong has come to this beautiful island this time, and what will be the new challenge waiting for it?The ferocious sharks and crabs, the octopus lurking in the water, the sudden attack of the flying bird, felt that Kong was really in trouble this time.If it weren’t for Kong’s new skills, I could not believe that he could escape the island.


Jungle Monkey Run 2 android app

Jungle Monkey Run 2 android app



Are you ready to meet the challenge with Kong?

Jungle Monkey Run 2 Features :

–Jumping, sprint, gliding, and raising a variety of manipulative fun
–Strained monsters, such as frogs, cannibals, octopus, birds, and more
–Unexpected elements can make you jump higher
–Explore every wooden case and find hidden props
–Use sprints to destroy all obstacles
–The use of rising allows you to avoid the danger that you can’t avoid
–30 ordinary levels, 60 targets
–8 challenge cards, you can get more bananas
–4 abilities are promoted to help you accomplish more


How to play:

–Clicking on the screen to jump
–While in the air, holding the screen can glide
–After a certain period of gliding, the role will rise
–Run a long distance, slide the screen to the right to release the sprint
–Down jump can trigger jumping flowers


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User Reviews :-


The game said i would get 1500 bananas if I rate it 5 stars. But i dont get it so i rate it 3


-I love this game. It makes you want to keep playing. It’s a great game.


-Both games are best…but second one is tough


-It is a very easy game and good for kids


-This games is best for kids bt very boring and simple for adults


-It is a enjoyful game it clear our stres


-Super game I like this


-Super game Thanks

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