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Hills of Steel

By Round Zero

Game Category:- Action

Probably the most addictive physics based tank game ever made! And it’s free! Race your way through the hills and crush your enemies with steel. If you love driving with heavy vehicles and shooting, this is your game!


Hills of Steel Game

Hills of Steel Game

💣 Destroy! – Shoot Physics Based Projectiles!
🔓 Unlock! – Try out all of the tanks!
💪 Upgrade! – Move Faster, Do More Damage & Armor Up!
🏅 Rank up! – Do you have what it takes to become a General?

Hills of Steel is free-to-play, but there are optional in-app purchases available for players who like to extend their experience even further.


Download Hills of Steel Game:-

Download Hills of Steel Game



User Reviews:-

Game User
This game used to be so much fun. I mostly/only did the Player v Player. Then they did something weird to it. Then you couldn’t play against real people. Just some generic computer. Very boring. Now, the PvP doesn’t load at all. Totally sucks. Will prob uninstall. Too bad too. I really liked it.

Robert Allum
Had all tanks, locked them, spent money to get them for my son. Updated, game and all gone. Just got basic tank now. All cions collected gone to.

gary wayell
The game is very basic but what made it good was 1 v 1 now the new update makes that now impossible no 1v1 so the game is now garbage,the developer’s also know this but haven’t fixed it,or seem to be trying to resolve it,so bye bye hills of steel going to uninstall

Joel Dsouza
Asking lots of money to unlock ranks and stages. The main problem of this game is that even after gaining cards it doesn’t shows in the boosters. This game is becoming a waste

Dimitar Dimitrov
This game is trash. You can not go forward, because collectables do not save. I collected atleast 5 of each, but it shows 0/10 on all of them. Highscore also does not save. Always shows 0.

Bruce McKamey
Could be a great fun game, instead they throw enemy’s at you that you can’t beat over and over again to force you to pay money or watch ads. Stupid! Delete!

mohammed shameer
I am very dissatisfied because my game doesn’t save the high score is just at zero and after sometime the game goes back to zero………PLZZ fix the problem

Esti Ferrer
The game is mostly fine apart from the physics and the fact that single player is trash. If you want to make 1v1 better than fix the constant wheelies. Also make single player more viable by giving higher rewards.

yash raj
One of the worst game i ever played too many adds every 5min one add pops up

David H
Fun game but now won’t save my top score. 1 vs 1 stuck at searching for opponents.

Ezeldin Fayed
Too much repeated adds, upgrading is very hard and earning coins is hard.

Game User
Good one gamepaly but ……….to collect the coin is difficult..however the values of the tank is so much as well as the stage

sunil siwach
Game is full package of entertainment,but a little think is left is that please add health in path we travel once our health gets down we are unable to recover it. Without spending coins please privide health in game path

Good game but more need to improve this game , like army man face , user name with designation ,like captain , commander and etc .

J. Cucchiara
High score doesn’t save. Will absolutely rate at 5 stars once bug is fixed.

The only thing I hate is when I’m standing upright it won’t come back down. So annoying

Game User
I loved it..its too good multi-player is awesome Good nice game

Ajay Jagtap
The game is very hard even I not complete first round .please make it easy

Bharti Dwivedi
waste of time n money demanding game..

Vikas Chy
This game remember the war. Of our indian army

When I was playing the I felt like I really in the war.

Sushant kar
Tanks fire rate is very low. Also there are lots of possibilities to enhance the features

Sir Zedd
The programming is bullsh*t All the crappy made tank does is get stuck in the floor

Game User
Make the control button slight bigger.

nirmal kumar
Boring have to improve lot of stuffs….. Deleted

Game User
Very nice game please release hills of steel 2

Game User
in this game hills are so stupid it doesnt have any steering only buttons

Game User
Super it’s a good thing you didn’t come to believe I enjoy Ed the game

Adrian Rushton
Made a purchase and didnt receive what i paid for not happy at all

Boby Kumar
Player ko beech beech main power milni chahiye thi

Game User
👍 fighting 🎮 like hindus and pakistanis

Game User
Hard to get coins but that is the only thing I don’t like about the game

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