New Android Game ”Hijack Rescue Missions 2018 : Action FPS Shooting” Download Game apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Game Information, Game by iCorps

Hijack Rescue Missions 2018 : Action FPS Shooting
by iCorps

Welcome to the world of hijack Rescue Mission games 2018. This is the biggest hijack game with multiple types of rescue missions!!!Be the fearlessly strong secret brave agent to take control of the airport, plane security, Ship Yards and Bank Cash Attacks . This is the best rescue Mission game in all phases including aircraft real battle plane modern rescue thrilling , Navy Cargo Ship Rescue and Bank Cash Rescue Mission. This commando super pixel agent game requires your smart rescue skills to safe the plane and passengers rescue missions by eliminating the terrorist mafia.


Hijack Rescue Missions 2018 Action FPS Shooting android app

Hijack Rescue Missions 2018 Action FPS Shooting android app


There is multiple unique challenging missions in the new free game. This is the accurate test of your smashing
terrorist’s skills to cover the civilian for their safety. You will be awarded with cash at the end of every successful
mission and you can by more guns with more damage, accuracy and range to enhance your power to counter the
criminals. The complete mission briefing will be provided at the start of every critical and thrilling level for your ease.

Raise your weapons in a Hijack scenario because it’s the matter of your survival in this military operation. Hijackers are
about to take the huge amount of bank cash. Nations Richest bank is under attack of Hijackers and terrorist. You as a
Rescue commando Officer kill all the gangsters and rescue the hostages but be careful about snipers in combat
attack.Hijackers have also planned to take bank cash truck and Cargo Ship transporting Cars of worth Millions of
Dollars. You need to take care of all the Missions as you are the senior most officer and a Navy Seal Commando who
can fight and rescue the Lives and Wealth of the US Citizens from these gangsters and thugs. Carry out the most
covert operations of all time and be the proud commando soldier of American Navy.

There has been grand hijack missions cooking up by the Mafia. You fearless fighter need to take control of the airport
and airplane security and fly all planes safely to their base destinations.This is not an easy task to make a safe plan to
kill terrorists who are planning to hijack, keep patrolling in the cargo flight. Kill the hard time Mafia gangsters in the cargo plane rescue flights game. You as a flight rescue hero & secret agent will be acting as an undercover officer to finish all terrorists in this finest of hijack rescue games . Gangsters are equipped with modern era automatic rifles, never the less we have provided you with latest pistol for close encounter as well!



Impressive and intuitive on screen controls for fans of fearless shooting games with gun
Amazing 3D air force one Plane Environment
Thrilling & challenging fighting missions
Fight hard time with airplane hijackers in epic battle
Smooth controls for best third person shooting experience

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Download ini mainan ini Seru banget tau aku aja sampai baru download aja aku udah memainan sudah suruh banget tahu Tolong download disini aku aja download lagu download lagu lihat gambar-gambar ya Dah Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


-The only one who is this a good time to do it again and again


-Please fix this, it’s too laggy


-I think this game was based on your knowledge about fighting


-I think this game is very nice and real


-Wow! This game is amazing. I think you play this game really bro


-It is very nice

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