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High Heels Fashion Shoe Designer
by Woofie Games

OMG, you are in the land of high heels where you have to wear the most awesome and cool looking heels
This game is made for fashion lovers, where you get to dress up like a princess and select from so many princess like shoes. You get to design them with different accessories and choose the color that matches best with your dress. Imagine having the best shoes the ball room and making every other princess jealous.


High Heels Fashion Shoe Designer android app

High Heels Fashion Shoe Designer android app


This is an educational game where children can learn to match shoes with their dresses, with the element of designing as well. Very user friendly with an imaginative story to keep our little princesses totally focused on the game and the tasks ahead. Keeping and maintaining your heels are very important as well.



Select from so many heel designs
Make sure you pick the right color that compliments your dress.
Design and decorate your shoes with accessories. (pearls, stickers and add-ons)
Become an attractive princess with these shoes to show off among friends.
Check out so many combinations you can make in this shoe game
High heels will surely check your creative part of the brain
Awesome story line to keep you going on


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User Review :-


It is ok but after some time you will feel bored I know you will say that it is a very good game but I really think it should have more graphics and most importantly the controls is so irritating , otherwise it is okay. Remember that you can not play it for a long time

-I like the game a lot but it stops when you play the second time


-n this i was bored noting is new😏😼


-Its intesting but aftar its ohk…


-Awesome i love ot


-U guys don’t let me do anything in this game


-I love this game so much because it is awesome and magical


-Superb dhamalastic awesome no more words to say😘😘


-send like this game


-WOW ! this game is amazing


-Awesome game


-I like this game but after some time you will felled bore.


-It’s ok but the same thing, you will get bored after playing one time


-i can like this game because It is simple and intersting and I will not se in play store


-If once u will play this game na then u will not be able to uninstall this game that much super game it is……


-Hola amor nabil y Leticia ortiz rocasolano leonor y Sophia de borbon ..asturias Rey letizia.nabil73


-I have not played the game yet but by seeing the graphics I can guess it’s a good time play


-I will be a bit more about this and I have a great time with your phone is rooted my phone number for you to the right side of the individual or not to have to be

-Good game but can put a little bit of more effort


-I like it. I have given 4 stars cause it stucks


-This game is ok but don’t dwld this app


-Please don t download this game


-Thank you for your game

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