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by JOYCITY Corp.

App Category:- Action

The world’s most powerful combat helicopters are at your fingertips.

★★★ 70 million downloads!!! ★★★
Become a helicopter pilot and engage in combat missions across the world.
Select from a variety of rotary and fixed-wing VTOL aircraft to complete your missions. 『GUNSHIP BATTLE』 is a helicopter action game that combines stunning 3D graphics with flight control simulation and engaging military scenarios to pull you into an immersive combat experience the moment you start the game.

【 Features 】

★ Enjoy controls optimized for 3D flight.

★ Select from a wide range of helicopters, each with unique characteristics.

★ Arm your chopper with a variety of weapons and equipment.

★ Complete missions in Episode mode inspired by real-life conflicts.

★ Challenge yourself with the next mission or replay a custom mission.

★ Also optimized for tablet devices.





If you enjoy FPS, shooting, or racing games, this is the perfect game for you. You’ll find yourself whirling through the skies across intense crossfire.

“Fun and engrossing” – Pocketmeta  “Perfectly suited for any action players out there” – Appzoom “Fans of the genre should try this game” – Appgamer

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some in-game items. Please note that some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.


Download GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D Game :-


Download GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D Game


User Reviews :-


Splendour Williams
The game is very cool. But my only problem is that I don’t think one needs to ‘buy’ another ‘level’ after having cleared a previous one. Make it free please. After all, once you embark on that level, the hell is waiting. I can’t proceed with level 11 because I don’t have enough dollars 💵 to buy it. It’s not really okay. Please adjust it and update it let’s get the update and continue. Apart from this, it’s pretty cool. Please look into that issue raised…

Mylanuy Ngo
I hate how decals require a different currency. I have huge amount of dollars in-game but nothing to spend it on. The decals cost diamonds, which I have no idea how to earn. If I didn’t know any better, the developers are trying to get people to buy the diamonds using real money. There’s like 3 online competitive modes that are all impossible to play. The game isn’t very user friendly. It gets worse with every update. Frankly, this game isn’t fun any more.

Ken Botanas
I can’t play 😞 at the beginning it says “Unfortunately, GUNSHIP BATTLE has stopped” then there’s only 2 buttons the “report” and “ok”. I don’t know why, I had no issues on this phone (Cherry mobile Flare J3 Plus). Please help me fix it, I’ve played this game before on my old phone and I wanted to play it again on this phone.

App user
Joycity nowadays your not serious about the provision of gold. Several times I used to play the special mission without any gold rewards. Please may you recheck this issue and make it offline please and please. But the game is pretty awesome

Eugene Figuracion
Its pretty nice game with many gunships but there’s one problem. Too many ad sometimes it will stop the game. Maybe you could control the ads whenever I press something that pops up. And very awesome game

nikhil tari
It is good. but after 16’th episode they are asking for gold to unlock episodes I hav completed 22’nd episode but now they are deducting my gold which I earn from special mission so I’m getting bored now with this game.

Swatantra Sharma
Are my progress is loss??? After format my phone and reinstall this aap but start to starting also Google play showing my achievement but not working help me plz😐😫

Hemant Singh
Giving it one because it is impossible to buy helicopter after chapter 6 hate this game only got gold till chapter 5 when i complete last missions of them. but after that no gold wth! Hate this game 😤😤😡😡😤😡😤

Admiral Hyperion
It won’t work, it keeps saying for me to download a patch and if I pick either option it kicks me out. Before it didn’t have this problem.

Abdul Oheb
i play it 5 years continues but now this game letest update very bad please cut ads and special mission un required internet

kaku tok
While its download is complete again it ask to additional patch download which became stop. Wastage of time and worthless game I seen ever.

Ravindra Sharma
Not support reshmi note 5 pro no account back up after factory reset you lost everything and you can’t recover your progress again and start from leval 1

Neeraj Kumar
Wwwoooowwww it’s feel like I’m having real war and getting the chance to fly a chopper. Awesome game but don’t be addicted 😍😊😊😎

Rita Stevins
The game Is good but why Are custom missions online? I miss those days when custom missions were offline and double reward mission kept changing every update, I’ve been spending almost 200$ in this game but I won’t spend no more if u can’t fix custom missions to offline. It’s not everyone that has access to wifi please fix custom missions to offline

Anna marie Harlan
Thanks to the update it’s much easier now not like before which is impossible to beat the game you literally have to buy gold to buy planes to win

Otubu God’spower
The old version is far more better than this one, you can’t use the gold and it requires internet to play custom mission

Hum Tum
I’m not happy with this game i lost my all data when I’m restore my fone

Rahul Raveendran
No new aircrafts or levels. Only adding updates to upgrade aircrafts which costs more money💰. We need new levels and aircrafts not money wasting upgrades.

Lai Pratap
Can you guys please fix this game it has a lagged glitch where the aircraft and the aiming marker points down or up AND ITS SOOO ANNOYING PLEASE FIX

Jay Hrones Inciong
I bought 100 diamond and it hasn’t arrived yet. It’s a bit unsettling as a purchaser so if you could do something about purchase and delivery time please do so.

jonathan pancho
june28,2018 update problem,,,, update done, but additional patch not downloading, i try it many times but stil not downloading even i have a good wifi interet connection,… plsss fix, i mis the game

Danny Johnson
So so good it has a lot of effort into this to make it a very good good game I play it for hours and hours so thank you so much for the great game that you made also can you please make 2nd game of this helicopter game for all of us but Last time for a thank you

Vijay Vishwakarma
This game is my favourite game but since from 1 year ABORT MISSION button is not working due to that I’m unable to purchase new weapons..

Kamal Singh
What the rabbish . I thinks i am going to remove this game again . I never get gold by completeing episodes . Then how will i get new gunships . Make your this game improved . And try to give my gold back

vahid jafargholi
Hello, l live in iran and l am playing this game for4 years till now, but now l can’t open this game. why? Please help me. Thanks.

Syed YT
There suddenly grew a problem with this new update. In the custom missions the time cool down for these missions are glitching out. Example, I do a mission and I finish it. When I come back three minutes later for the same mission, it’s time restarts saying there is still a cooldown… fix it plz

Daniel David
This game isn’t working in my phone….I gave it 4 stars because I have played it before please I need a reply an this game before you can play u need to download another extra file…if u don’t have data don’t download it cause u will waste more.👿

subhojit mondal
Super game but….gold coins calectd very Heard… I think all levels gold coins give up players that’s better…idea… So pls improve gams

Akshat Parasar
It is a gr8 game but the gold should be more easily available. We have to wait for a long long time till we get sufficient gold to buy gunships. Thats so sad . Pl work on it. Only then a gamer like me will give it 5 stars

richard kagoye
I have just lost my F35 lightening ll A during the game online. I now have to buy it with gold that I do not have. I have also tried to play gold online but I have got nothing and my dollars taken. This is cheating. Why don’t why make playing gold offline like before

Anupam Jha
Hi, Joycity corp Overall your game is good. I am facing some problem regarding rewards. I haven’t get any rewards as I completed episode 6 and 7. I also send e-mail to the developer but I didn’t get any rewards. Please fix it

App user
Cannot start the app Hello joycity corp. Im a big fan of gunship battle 3d. But recently after another and another update this app becomes more using 2gb ram phone but whenever I tried to launch the app, it suddenly closed and return to home screen.can you please fix it for me please??? Its been a long time I don’t play the game but I want to play it back today. So, please? Dont let your fan down. Hope to hear your reply soon!!! Thanks if you’re reading this reply.

App user
A very good game. Everything that the game must have was also in here. But there was something wrong: Its so difficult for me to earn gold to buy stronger gunships

funmania ##
Hello joycity corp. I liked the game very much, insane graphics, good gameplay and controls and a large variety of airships. I suggest you that you can make your own made gunships in a separate deck that can be bought with dollars. Please add double option of purchasing gunship by gold or dollar…

App user
Thanks for giving us something dat will keep us awake, the only thing which is left is to add more controls on how to land and take off, but apart from dat the game is excellent!

Luis Salazar
Bro i install it and i dont whant to aggre that you can use my acounts qnd when i say no it takes me to my home screen

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