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Go Plane

Let the missiles approach without touching you and dodge as many as possible to win points!

Go Plane by VOODOO

Go Plane by VOODOO

-Easy to grasp
-Hard to master
-Greatly Addictive

Drift car city traffic racing



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User Reviews:-

-Cool game, great material design! Everything is great but the fact that you have to pay $3 to get rid of the excessively common ads. There should be something else that comes with no ads, because I am not going to waste $3 on a game just to get rid of ads. I am just going to delete it. At this point, I am going to play “Missiles!”. It is much more developed and has little ads. The no ads in-app purchase is not going to get you any money!

-Like the game hate the ads. I understand that you need to put ads, but did it HAVE to be this frequent? 30 secs of ads after every single round of game makes me NOT want to play anymore let alone buying. If you want consumers to buy it, make trial experience fun not frustrated.

-I never post any rates or reviews but I will say this game is super fun and it keeps your mind going and your adrenaline High. Also tjink about adding more perks like flares or personal missiles. Guns maybe to shoot 360 degrees around you for extra protection. There could be added fun but for now it stands as my favorite as is.

-This game is actually A LOT of fun and a pretty good time killer. I don’t mind the ads so much but It did get kind of annoying. My only real complaint is that there is NO SOUND. And for a game like this it needs music and explosions to make it a great game.

-Well it’s kinda good. Just A LOT OF ADS like you get a ad then you wanna get a plane you get another ad! It’s not really a game it’s YouTube so if you like ads you should get this game, also when you wanna get a plane it takes forever to unlock or get progress on it. Not much planes either. So I don’t recommend getting the game

-The game is fine, but there are so many ads. All of VOODOO’s games are shameless money grabs. They’re repetitive and get boring after the first day. You can’t even play 3 rounds without countless amounts of ads.

-Boy if you enjoy watching Ads more then you enjoy playing the game, this is the app for you! Don’t download it – the ads in it are EXCESSIVELY frequent and it destroys the enjoyment of the game itself. What should be an addicting game is far more frustrating then anything being forced to watch the full 30 seconds of Ads frequently.

-Could be a great game if the controls were not so garbage. I have no idea how to do slight turns because if I try, my plane does a complete 180 into a trailing missle. Just make the controls more consistent

-It is really good and addictive but the adds are VERY ANNOYING. Every time I (for example) want to get a new plane a 30 sec add comes and it gets VERY frustrating. When there was the vibration it was also anniying but I found how to take that away in the settings. When I figured out that there is no sound it got worse because it NEEDED the music and sound. I heard that a few people cant get over 5000 but well ur wrong cuz I got 12000 and someone I know got 40000 or 50000 sooo….

-For all the people complain about ads just trun your wifi/data off then there you go problem solved and this is my review. Well if your looking for a game to kill time this is the one wish it was more to it like get power ups gun ect wish we had them but we don’t. no sound only vibrant but that don’t bother me cause I don’t use my sound

-The adverts are way more annoying than any other game I have played… would be much better if there were lives… if you want a good example of a fun game without too much intrusion.. take a look at golden boot… thats 5 star!

-I could give 5 stars this game but this game does not have nice sounds effect. It just vibrate when you made rocket blow and that’s it. It could be better if these guys added some more sound effects

-Good game great idea. Shame it is ruined by ads after every time you die. I play less games now due to them all being ruined by ads. Ads do not persuade me to visit or shop they make me avoid sites even more if they are constantly rammed down your throat.

-I love it quite a lot but there are too many ads and NO SOUND. The only thing that happens when things blow up is your phone vibrates. And seriously, there’s an ad after every single game. Fix those problems and it will be a 5/5 in my book. Also, it’s a little buggy sometimes. I won’t even have the game running and it will tell me it crashed.

-This game definitely has potential but as many here state; the ads are terrible things to deal with. I also purchased the no ads option and did not get anything. I still get ads. Please help with the situation. I will raise to 5 stars.

-Controls are awful. Can’t set zoom level. And the worst part is the overwhelming ads! “Played” for 10 minutes and almost half that time was spent watching ads after my plane was hit. Without the ads I might spend a little more time with the game but first impression is that it’s boring long-term and definitely not the “most addictive plane game” on Google Play.

-Great game! Just wish you could unlock more planes and that they did different things. I only had this game for a bit but already unlocked all the planes except for playing 7 days in a row. Great game and kills time.

-You only need to take around and the missiles never get you. Good control but would be better if you add alternatives control mode. I give 2 stars for annoying ads. Sorry..

-Seriously I cannot remember the last app that had his many ads. This was too annoying. Would highly recommend not to download this until they fix it.

-It IS a good game, I know. However, many people mention about ads that interrupt the gameplay but if you do NOT want ads in your life anymore, just turn off your internet connection and give the game a solid ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

-Really nice game. Shame about the excessive amount of ads. Also could be a lot better if there was a button where you could fire and fight back no need for extra points just the option of having some extra destruction.

-It’s ok but really there should be some sort of sound for this, all that happens when the bombs come at you/hit you the phone buzzes that’s it. Also does there need to be so many ads,I know you have to put them in but is that many really nessacary. Every time you die you get a 30 second long ad plz make it so there not every time you die make at least once every 5 times you die that’s all I’m asking for. I love the game but the ads just pisses me of

-I would have given 5 stars if there was smthing to upgrade or progress in the game…but still its a good game. I am seeing many people complaining about ads, what we need to understand is that developers make games to earn money and if the game is free then only way they can earn is through ads or in-game purchases. So ads are no problem for me.

-I think this could be a really good game. I wish you could collect flares or something from making bombs blow. Also add like a sensitivity control. I like to slow down the turning in this. And way to many add man. After every game.

-Saw an ad that said only 1 percent of players hit 1k points. Played exactly 3 games high score of 1289. Not really impressive

-To all the people complaining about ads. This is a single player game. You are going to be flying a plane anyway, so go into airplane mode. Simple fix for a simple problem.

-I’m giving a 4 because it doesn’t have leader boards. I need something to strive for. Controls are horrible but just takes some getting used to. It’s a learning curve. After draining my battery twice from playing this game, is say I’ve mastered it. My best is 19,974 after 3 days of playing.

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