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by Gloud Games


Play PC games on your phone & pad.


GloudGames android app

GloudGames android app



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User Reviews :-


-Great ! .You have many game .but If you make more server .it will be great! And another thing if you can do .if all game can import from iso file or whatever it will make this app greqt for pocket gaming.abput payment if you make the game permanently still live with account owner by buying the game or pay every month untill account owner pay as the game cost


-To be Honest, I really like Cloud System for Gaming. You can play games even in busy time. Some reason that actually regrets is You need to Subscription to Services as Yearly or Monthly. Also seems like every game is NOT Permanent, using Currency System a.k.a Coins as Play time or trials. Well-made. But staff only response local people on same country. 4/5.


-The best cloud gaming app i have ever seen. But there are 2 problems for me. First is that you guys should make more server. Second is that you guys should add the most popular title Gta 5 game on it. Then it will be more fun to play cloud games. That’s all for me.


-We need gta IV and gta v first demand Well I like your idea of gloud games but if u can get fix lagy ness of controls that will be very good on I don’t know maybe 1 Mbps that will be perfect


-I would have rate this app 5stars because it is great and one of the best emulators i have ever played but the devs of this game has gone way off about the games it is almost like you will pay for you to play, the 30minutes trial is so early and really encouraging you to pay for that game for you to play if the devs will just give us a freebie like one free game for lifetime it will be good and please do not overprice the games.


-Umm need help here my tab samsung galaxy is that when I open the app theres a guest button and signin/up the problem is I cannot press the two buttons pls help and I will rate 5 star


-In night time in India from 7:00pm to 5:00am the network is coming bad or worst and the game is very interrupted PLEASE! SOLVE THIS ISSUE DEVELOPERS!!! 😭😭😭 AND WHY WWE 2K16 IS NOT FREE IN GLOUD GAMES


-Fix logs the game is so good i really like it but i need wifi for it but i super love it rating it 5 stars im gonna tell my friends this app so this app will improved congratulations creator of this app,.. And please make an svip free trial for 1 week thank you


-Yeah this is something cool and different.this may be the future of gaming.but I would like to make 2 suggestions: 1)improve lag and needs faster speed for games to work. 2)put games like GTA 5 in the list.


-I think this company will be big company if hear all problem , we need permanent game to play. And english subtitle ,,, u will be big company in the world if u hear us. And i need pc version… Is gonna be awesome


-Very good but all we need is a less resolution than 360p or 360p is great for Gloud Games … if you guys provide 360p resolution then all in the wrold wide can play this game without any lag. This is a very best app for gaming that you guys have luanched for gamers . We apprshiate … thanks


-This app is really good but there is ONE thing THAT REALLY bothers me.Language.Can’t understand anything. Change it to English and the In-game language too and I will give this 5 star.please

-Hey Gloud Games, please change the time trials to permanent after buy a games so that some players can play their games permanently… Please make it, im too poor to buy some coins or play time trials… Can you make it for me?


-Please can you change in game languages because I don’t know Chinese or Japanese I know English And Too much ads pops up


-This is amazing! I have ever played pc games on android! but gloud games has everything! I can’t believe that it is free it’s good I can play all pc games on android


-You should add some permanent free games and english language. Maybe Indian serves? Or atleast SEA ones? 360p resolution will be welcomed!


-Wow what a app we can play any PC game but one problem please add GTA IV and GTA 5


-This is so amazing😉 from lost year I was trying very hard to get this app and now it’s on my app store, 🙌 thanks friend I hope u keep up the good work.


-First u gave us 5 times add very happy 😃,then two times still ok😑but now 0 not happy 😤😈😈😈😬

-Sir your work is great but plzz sir game is not work in slow internet connection plz do something for this problem


-I love this app but in update pls make it English if you want more people download this pls make it English, I can’t understand when I play DRAGON BALL,FALLOUT and more so I really hope you will make it English


-I played WWE games but the controls are bad and I can’t play properly because of lack of controls please fix that problems 🙂🙂🙂


-Wow thank thanks thanks thanksssss Thanx play store wow u r great u launched cloud games wow wow This is very best app for playing games


-Its Really Great but can you pls add wwe 2k18 and pls can you offer us just a discount 20% to buy games and can you pls make the games english thanky if you reply


-Please make the biggest update games will be played freely no waiting for que also please all free


-Best app but add English language , make it free to buy game and add GTA 5 and max Payne 3 I even can’t play games with coupons because it always show game time is not enough buy the game and it needs VIP and VIP needs real money fix it or I will less 2 more stars


-Cool The Emulateur of Xbox 360 and Xbox One is So Cool But You can’t add all games Free to play That make this app very awesome and you get 100 million Download if do it Trust me


-It is very osm but some changes as more taks to get coins


-Add english version games..then it will be perfect.. Hard to play the game in chinese…. Couldnt understand a thing..


-Add english version games..then it will be perfect.. Hard to play the game in chinese…. Couldnt understand a thing..

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