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Galaxy Force – Falcon Squad

Galaxy Force - Falcon Squad

Galaxy Force – Falcon Squad

Game Category:-Arcade

Galaxy Force – Falcon Squad


In a near future, human conquered all planets in the Solar System, thus became the mightiest race in the Galaxy. Sensing the potential threat, all other races rallied their armed forces, bending on destroying the human race.
Humans had suffered from a sudden attack, losing many colonies in the process. You, a hero living in seclusion, now return to ride your own fighter aircraft in the battle against evil Alien Forces.
The game has classic pixel style.
Defend the galaxy from alien attacks, we need you!


– Gorgeous Pixel graphics that reminding of old school games
– Super-easy control, so easy that a tutorial is not even needed!
– A LOT of different enemies!
– Tough and fierce Boss battles
– Various upgrade options
– True space battle experience
– Challenge your friends through PVP battles!

Download Galaxy Force – Falcon Squad:-

Download Galaxy Force – Falcon Squad ( 452.1 MB )

User Reviews:

Rohit Madhavan
Great fun

Antwoin Wiggley
Fun game something to do to past time

Elude Stalwart
Lots of powerups and boosts early on makes this feel great!

Danielle Williams
I like this game. It’s a great time killer and honestly improves my focus and agility.

App User
it fun and exciting

Jazz Man
Great graphics, awesome replay value, and brings retro back in an fantastic way love it!

James McCormick
love it, its fantastic to play.

Matthew Saunders
All in all a pretty good game

Eddy Scarberry
its beter than some ive played before.

Paul Knox
Best one I’ve played

Dharmendra Kumar
Very interesting game

Cyber Link
Its good for small gamers

App User
amazing, i honestly thought this game was pretty anmoying from ads in other gamed but now that ive experienced it i havent taken a break, i recommend to everyone.

App User
fun easy game to pass time

App User
It is nice game. It video game

Damian Cross
Awesome game inspired by 80’s arcade

Adriana Du Plessis
great game very challenging i like it alot

Richard Laing
good shooter game just started playing and it seems fun

Christopher Harrison
love how addictive this game is. great time killer.

blake powell
Really fun and a good way to kill time

Bas Driessen
I like the old school games like this kind of game. It brings back the old memories 👴😂

App User
very addicting. great time killer. just a cool game!

Dev Agarwal
This is a good game because the shorts are good.

Doug Anderson
easy to lesrn, great fun,great graphics

Aiddon McCarthy
Nicer graphics on menu would be good

Sunil Arde
OSM Game! This game is my life favourite game 🗡️I Love this game⛏️amesing 🛠️

Irfan Ullah
It’s amazing when you have time 😉

Jarrod Harris
A lot of fun! Great graphics! Challenging and entertaining. Best free game I’ve downloaded in a long time!

Jarrod Harris
A lot of fun! Great graphics! Challenging and entertaining. Best free game I’ve downloaded in a long time!

App User
Awesome game…… Made for real players

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