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Flow Free
by Big Duck Games LLC


Game Category:- Puzzle

Flow Free is a simple yet addictive puzzle game.

Connect matching colors with pipe to create a Flow®. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap! Free play through hundreds of levels, or race against the clock in Time Trial mode. Flow Free gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between. How you play is up to you. So, give Flow Free a try, and experience “mind like water”!

Flow Free

Flow Free


Flow Free features:

★ Over 2,500 free puzzles
★ Free Play and Time Trial modes
★ Clean, colorful graphics
★ Fun sound effects

Special thanks to Noodlecake Studios, creators of Super Stickman Golf, for their work on Flow Free! Enjoy.


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User Reviews :-


App User
I think you should have more daily new puzzles, like one of each size that changes daily. It also would be nice if each pack went up to 200 instead of 150, as well as more opportunities to get more hints without paying for them, like after finishing each phase or each pack give us just one more free hint, but also make it so if you’ve already done the oak before then you can’t go back and redo it just to get a free hint to save for later down the road.. I truly believe that would make it all the more addictive and give people more incentive to keep playing up to the higher levels.

Tommy Jacques
Love it! Been playing this game for almost 2 years(currently at a 645 day streak for the daily puzzles) and have loved every puzzle from every pack! The ONLY complaint i have is that i wish Big Duck Games would come out with new packs a little more frequently(currently have gotten perfect on every single pack). But that complaint is no reason for me to give this game under a 5 star rating(:

Jennifer Stephens
It’s fun and addictive and once you get it the bigger boards it can be pretty challenging. I love that you don’t have to work through the levels in order, they are all unlocked. One thing I noticed that should be fixed is when doing the 4 minute time trial, an ad will start before the 4 minutes is up and the game doesn’t pause. So you don’t actually get 4 minutes.

App User
I have become addicted to this game. I cant stop playing. I don’t know what day or what time it is. Everything is blurry. The only words i can speak any more are the colors im trying to connect. Ive finished one section of the game in a day. My family is in despair. “Come out!” They say. “We havent seen you in days!” They say. “Blue…… yellow…. red…” is what i reply. My family is crying. Im crying. I cannot stop. I must continue. This game is a 9 out of 10, would ruin my life for again. Very fun and addicting!

Nexus Black
A fantastic app to waste time on, the app gives you a load of free content and the choice to pay for more if you choose. And the ads are minimal, with only a forced ad every so often, but not enough to annoy or interrupt gameplay. The gameplay being simple and challenging, with a variety of challenges to hold your attention. Over all great game, worth having as a time waster even if it’s not your thing.

Random Account
Nice game, it doesn’t set some idiotic requirements to win and one only has to pay for 5 extra themes and some mappacks which I won’t get around to since this game has so many levels. What’s weird though, is that unlocking all the themes at once is cheaper than unlocking each one individually.

May Bradshaw
I think this a good game cause it gets ur brain working and it is not that complicated which is good sometimes. As well as this, there are loads of things u can do and i recommend this game to anyone who likes a challenge. I also like this game cause u don’t have to pay to be good at the game or pay for anything. THERE ARE HARDLY ANY ADVERTS!

Cara Lea
I had a 196 day steak headed for that 200 day. Dropped my phone. Needed a new one. Logged into my old account on my new phone… have to start over. So in essence, while I wish the data had carried over I did play it near 200 days straight so take that as you will.

Brian Voetberg
The one problem I have is a semi-consistent one. It isn’t every time, but most times, when I open the game, it’ll crash, but I just have to reopen it and it works just fine. If there is a fix to a consistent crashing and then working kind of deal I’d love to know. Otherwise very fun game

Lyon AI6F
The game itself is fun and challenging . The ads are too aggressive. The hint button is too easily bumped especially since you are charged for hints and the price seems to be a rather steep for a game. Update, I submitted my concerns and their customer service was outstanding. That alone is well worth 5 stars

Thomas van Eekelen
by far the best mobile game available. With new packs releasing often, daily challenges, and the unpredatory business model this game outclasses many if its peers by a long shot. Game developers can learn alot from this simple, but amazingly made game.

Christian Boyd
Well, it’s an amazing and simple game. Definitley addicting if you like puzzles. I have every pack beaten including the ones you gotta buy and the newest one along with a 300+ day streak. One of the best puzzle games out there.

Paul Taylor
Really enjoy the Flow Free Games. Have bought three of them. But the 13×13 grids (and higher) are too small for my fingers. I tend to wipe out paths that I already have drawn. Why not have a button that locks in these paths so that they cannot be erased unless you press the Clear all button?

Onyx Stardust
This game is great! The only downside is on the tougher puzzles sometimes I’ll go through an already done flow and mess up my perfect score so I have to start all over. That is particularly nerveracking when it’s the last flow of the puzzle.

Tom Treadwell
Finally completed every pack. Took a long time which I enjoyed. I don’t want a puzzle game that can be beat in a week or two. The daily puzzles are a nice thing to wake up to and get my brain going for the day. Bring on some more updates.

NOLA Gaming Gal 424
This is one of those amazingly addictive game apps that you can’t quite explain WHY you cannot keep from playing it – yet you CANNOT KEEP FROM PLAYING IT! I rarely spend money on in-app purchases since I’m on a very limited budget, but I gladly did with this one. The designer is a soul after my own heart as they ask for reasonable amounts rather than assuming people have a hundred dollars to waste on a game app! Keep up the awesome job, and you’ll have a forever loyal fan in me! I’m adding more of your games and will continue to do so as long as you’re willing to make them. 🙂

Zip Foxtaur
I can’t stop playing this game. It’s quite a pleasure to solve level after level, and there are so many. I’ve literally been playing for years, across so many devices. Still holds my attention.

The game itself is like a 4 or 5 star worth game but every time after completing a board, the next board button is at the same spot, so, of course, i get used to clicking at the same spot. Well then every once 7n awhile at that exact spot, a ‘watch ad’ button appears and the next level button gets moved so i every now and then, accidentally click it. I feel like this is done intentionally.

Timothy Meyer
Great game to pass the time, highly recommend: lots of ahort quick puzzles to keep you entertained. Maybe its just me or sometimes the controls can be a bit off, but I would recommend as a mobile game.

Paulo Felipe Jarschel
Forcing honest people to take their game out from the store because it contains the ENGLISH WORD “Flow”? That’s a new low, even for copyright trolls. Companies like this should be extinct.

Kimron Edwards
It is very addictive and mostly captivative. Can you look into the cloud sync- I am not able to resume my progress. I use Samsung galaxy a 2, if that may help to resolve my problem or find a cause.

David B
Love the daily puzzles! I like to play to relax. You can choose the level of difficulty you want based on how much of a challenge you are in the mood for. The ads are very well timed and not overwhelming.

Jacqui B
This game used to be very challenging. I don’t know what happened, but all you have to do now is hug the perimeter. It used to be that I had to google solutions sometimes. None of the puzzles are difficult now. Same types of solutions over and over again.

Robbit Bobbit
Was 5 stars. Not anymore. It’s unfortunate most users won’t be aware of this underhanded addition. It uses your data downloading ad files, even if you’ve paid to remove ads. These files sit on your device taking up space. App leaves cached advertising junk on the device. It never did this before. I paid to remove ads, yet they still push the ads to my device, whether viewed or not. Sadly, another company where greed took over. This is occurring because they added an option to view ads to get free hints. Whether or not you view the ads, they’re downloaded. This deposits a large amount of garbage on your device, and wastes your data. This is even worse than the animation update they were forced to fix during their last failed idea. When will people learn to leave well enough alone and to stop being driven by greed. Now they’re screwing the users who paid to remove ads. Always looking to squeeze that extra penny, at any cost. If I don’t want to view ads, that means I don’t want them downloaded to my device. This problem now exists with all versions. Original, Bridges, Hexes, and Warps.

Cathy-ann King
I love this game. I am just sad that i have finished all the levels and i have no more left. I like having the streaks but i would prefer to have at least 30 of them to do for streaks or to have more levels created. This is the only game that i wouldn’t uninstall but i am getting a bit bored waiting for more updates of levels.

Francis Couture
Simple and addictive, fairly priced as well if you wish to unlock all the levels and remove the adds, which I believe is well deserved for this game. I’d rather play this than Gatchas with flashy graphics that drain both batery and wallet. Give it a try. Tons of free content!

Renua Anetekhai
Everything is awesome. I have played this game since I was about 8. This game is life. If you don’t have it, then what are you doing??!! If u do write a complaint it’s cause you love to so that. Nothing is wrong.

Haifeng Yang
Can we have a simple undo button? It’s rather annoying to start all over again after I cross another flow mistakingly. Otherwise I love this game from all aspects.

Satnam Singh
I liked the game for my kids a lot it has very nice reasoning technique but today I saw ads a lot… And few of ads were very unpleasant, there for i have to remove it from my phone.

Mike Weller
Addicting game. Ads aren’t too intrusive. Relatively low cost to unlock everything and get rid of ads all at once. Overall, great game. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a game where you can waste minutes or hours.

Robert Williams
When they say it’s addictive, they’re absolutely NOT WRONG!! I love this game so much and can’t stop playing it – it’s now my #1 fav game.

A really relaxing game! Flow Free is by far one of the most relaxing but slightly challenging game I’ve ever played. I love everything about: the ads are no problem, fun graphics, tons of levels and categories of play style to choose from, and most of all RELAXING! When I’m depressed or angry at times, I go straight to this game and start doing some levels, and it calms me down and takes my mind off of things. It’s definitely helped me and I definitely recommend Flow Free to those who would like the relaxation but challenge, and to help get their mind off of things. And even if you get angry at the game by getting stuck on a level, Flow Free allows you to use as many hints as needed so it brings you back to that relaxing state of being! And if you ever need more hints, you can always watch a quick ad! Flow Free can be so relaxing, it’s time consuming! I can never put my phone down! As an Android user, I’ve never had bug problems or glitches so it’s been easy sailing through the game; they’re always on top of that! Flow Free is recommended for all ages and everyone should have it! Everyone should check out the game and find out for themselves if Flow Free is worth playing!

Suzanne Cakalic
Addictive and great brain exercise. Love the game but it would be even better if you were able to purchase unlimited hints and have a way to unlock levels within a set that requires you to complete a level before moving on to the next level. Unlimited hints would be my choice for an updated version. Also, if you have used a hint (most of which you have to pay for, especially if you have purchased a pack and have thus removed ads) it should permanently stay in the puzzle. I mean seriously, if you paid for it you should be able to keep it.

Ryan Paul Chon
Its not most innovative game out there. The game shines from its straightforward and simplistic concept. The developer have created a classic that gets people addicted to playing it.

App User
Perfectly polished execution of a simple game concept. Each puzzle is quickly but satisfyingly dispatched, generating desire to do another. A rich set of the puzzles are included in each level pack, plus each day an additional three to twelve new puzzles appear in the daily challenge. When a puzzle is partially solved, the game uses a very smooth path-finding algorithm that lets you drag a finger through the twisty gap without displacing existing routes, very nicely done. The only downsides are that after paying to unlock and remove ads, a second set of badgering starts to try to sell you more cosmetic game features like different color palettes. I understand the authors are trying to find every last bit of revenue for their admittedly fine effort, but it seems a bit crass to have a “full game” unlock that immediately proves to be somewhat less than full.

App User
Really enjoy this game when I get stressed out. It especially is great because my concentration must center on the game. So you older folks try this!

App User
It is AWESOME . I think everyone should have this game. It’s a great puzzle game. It doesn’t have a lot of ad’s. I love the game. I will NEVER delete this game! And you can get the game for FREE! You need no 💲!

App User
Its a nice game,time killer game .I think think this game may make mind sharp .but one thing ,if they increased the number of hints then the game will be still more interesting

Niek Dijkstra
My all-time favorite game on the smartphone, along with all other versions of Flow. There are so many levels, you’ll be busy playing for months to come, and there is a lot of replay value with the daily puzzles that change every day

App User
I’ve played the exact same game boards for 3 yrs now. PLEASE change them and make them HARDER. IT’S BORING.

Bloom Samidare
This app is amazing! But it gets slow at times. It gives me something to do when I’m bored

Really good and when I am taking a break from a test or some hard Math work I can go to this app and get me calm and collected great app, don’t even have to use WiFi or Data to play, this is the same with all Flow games! 😍😍😍

App User
Best game ever. Im not by any means a gamer at all but I could sit down for atleast an hour before im done. Wish they would make more!!

Simon Frazer
Had this one the other phone and loved it, but my brother’s friend broke it so I haven’t played it in for ever. Love game.

Elizabeth Taylor
Love the game but, when I click sign in to Google Play it will only let me create a new Player ID. I already have one but it won’t give me the option to just sign in.

Justin Johnson
Distinguishing a perfect game and a regular victory is pointless and frustrating, especially when the undo button only allows for one undo instead of an indefinite number. Game is fun and challenging otherwise

Super simple and highly addicting! Picked this up again recently & blasted through 500 levels in the same day. Highly recommend this for de-stressing & relaxing. Really does the trick for me.

Juanita Walle
I love this game, but just yesterday my game crashed and I’m sure I’ve lost my almost 200 day steak. So I’m pretty bummed about that, but overall great game.

Amy Sampson
Love this game. But when I play it will either kick me off or connect a dot that I haven’t even touched yet or disconnect one that I have.

Alexandra Popov
Awesome game! I moved to a new device and at first I thought it wasn’t restoring my purchases, but it did. Sorry for rating one star XD. I love this game a lot.

Teahna Hill
Pretty good. Love it, however I wish there was an online competitive version! It would be awesome to compete to see who can do more puzzles in a certain amount of time or who finishes first.

Shawn Hamm
I can not justify more than two stars on an app that allows you to accidentally spend money. Put a freaking confirmation dialog on hints. Not only have I unintentionally used up all my hints, but its ruined any satisfaction gained by solving those puzzles without hints.

Tobe Anyansi
Lots of puzzles, but if you figure out the tricks its not a challenge to beat, though its a great time sink

App User
I love this game. When ever I’m bored and I have free time on my hands I play this. Its challenging and kinda hard Download this now

Very predictable must add more options… And adds in between irritate too much..just bcz of more add I will not play.

Cerys Billingham
Love this game, have to start again every time I get a new phone but it’s fun, gets the brain working and is a good way to waste time 🙂

Laura Serrano
This was awful my friend was playing and got mad how after the hardest level there is no more but ones you have to pay for so don’t get the appp.

Taft Chrisawn
Very simple and very addicting. Always been a fan of Big Duck Games, this is one of the best ones. Lots of levels and a good time waster.

Best game ever made. This got me through school this year. Sad to say I am out of levels:(

this app is challenging, fun and promotes problem solving. its great in a sense where your looking to solve a map by connecting like dots together in a way wich occupies the space available.

Taddie Kelly
I dont normally play games, but this one has me hooked! It has elements of chess, tic tac toe, and battleship in it, and is really relaxing and fun. 😄😅😘

A great game to puzzle through. No ads costed 3.99; for me, that’s a luxury I can afford. Easy mode is great for kids; adults should start at medium

App User
I absolutely Love, Flow Free, cuz, it’s A great exercise 4 my brain. So A BIG thank U so much 4 creating this Amazing game, from ME!!😎

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