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Flip the Gun – Simulator Game
by Playgendary

Enjoy brand-new realistic physics game: make weapons fly using their recoil. Shoot and fly as high as possible! Ultra-realistic physics game, where you can try yourself in shooting. Shoot wisely with AWP and pistols, make fantastic burst with automatic weapons or blow it up with bazooka!

— 15 cool physics-based weapons
— unique game mechanics
— shoot using weapons from your favorite games and movies


Flip the Gun - Simulator Game android app

Flip the Gun – Simulator Game android app


Unlock and try all amazing weapons and make your gun reach the worldwide high score!

Download Flip the Gun – Simulator Game from Play Store :-

Download Flip the Gun – Simulator Game From Play Store


User Reviews :-

The playgendary team…….you all have done a awesome job with the game. It’s so addictive,easy and it just feels so good playing it. Love the physics, love the gun…….it’s cool just messing with the guns. This is a phenomenal game. I would really love more guns n they should all be purchased within the game…please. and thanks alot playgendary

-Great game simple but really fun. However, only putting four stars because I didn’t find a way to turn off the vibrating in game. So if there is a feature enabling thing my review may change and secondly waaaaay too many ads

-This game is okay. It is addictive and fun, but there are a lot of flaws. The vibrations get on my nerves, and there is no way to turn them of. The game is too expensive. Diamond membership costs more than Spotify Premium monthly. That’s ridiculous. The prices on membership need to be lowered, and there needs to be a settings to turn off vibrations. Other than that, it’s a good game.

-The game itself is fantastic. The only problem I have with it is that every time you shoot your gun your phone vibrates. I haven’t found an option to disable the vibration for the app, either. This is definitely a five-star game, besides for that.

-It’s a good game with remarkable graphics. HOWEVER, there is WAY too many damn ads. There is an ad every time you die which is ridiculously stupid therefore you’re not getting that 5 stars

-Enjoyable time-waster with a bit of skill-based tapping. The major downsides are 45 second ads(forced ads do nothing to convince people to buy their product, and sour the intended experience of any app they’re in), and certain items are locked behind subscription paywalls and microtransactions. Still, if you don’t mind the occasional 45sec ad, it’s still a pretty fun take on the tap-jump style of app.

-Really unique game idea, good grapics that are stand out from everything else and all together super addictive. I gave it a 4 howevwr beacuse it is definetely not perfect. Well done though 😄

-The reason I give this game a 2 satr is because almost ever thing is over price with real life currency like 24 for a golden gun and then just to use a laser pistol you want me to buy a diamond membership like come on guys you can do better then that if these are fix then I will change my rating

-Concept is good graphics are good too, its truly entertaining in the first minutes but gets really boring. It says that the physics are ultra realistic, no their not at the first place. Because the knockback here is too much and hence the controls feel unpolished. The vibration is causing physical discomfort which can’t be handled by all. The game goes from 4.5 stars to 3 in 30 minutes. Uninstalled for now, if you work on it more you’d be getting more installs faster than I’ve got bored.

-Neat game with good graphics and physics. Game is smooth, no issues. Only problem is, the vibration setting. Its kinda annoying and puts me off a bit. Thats the only bad thing tho, should put an option to disable the vibrations. As for improvements, im pretty sure having gun skins is a MUST. And new skins, means new bullet colour and visuals. Just a suggestion, but hope it does happen one day. Overall, solid 9/10 for a time waster 🙂

-Initially, game is a fun little time sink. Controls feel good and it’s not bad on the eyes. However, the game is so bogged down with ads, that you’ll find yourself getting frustrated quickly. The in game currency takes forever to farm, and the first few unlocks that don’t require real world currency, are just variations on the same pistol, so the game play doesn’t vary unless you decide to pay actual money.

-Fun concept, but after each game you have an option: watch ads to double coins or continue by still watching ads. – The subscription is about $8 USD per week. Yup. $8 per week. So that’s about $32 USD per month. Did I forget to mention it renews automatically once every month? Not per week. Per month.- Don’t bother playing these Pay to Win games…

-Simple which makes it far better than most games. Developers didn’t try to over deliver on game with complex controls or gameplay. Game controls is relatively easy to pick up and compliments the style of game. Would recommend to mates

-Would give 5 star except that: CANNOT MUTE GAME & WAY TOO HARD TO GET MONEY FOR NEW GUNS/ITEMS. also would be cool if each weapon could be upgraded in some ways: bigger clip, laser sights, higher velocity ammo, etc. But again, would require it to be easier to get monies or cheaper priced items. Will always update reviews based on game updates.

-Porque no le puedo quitar la vibracion? Donde está el botón de configuracion? Aunque tiene buenos gráficos y es entretenido , el que no halla configuración daña la jugabilidad (para mi) y para algunas personas el rendimiento porque hay gente que tiene dispositivos táctiles de bajo rendimiento

-This is a very good game and amazing graphics but it would be better if there were more guns and more tasks to do and add things like upgrades for guns to make them more powerful, all those things will make the game a lot better!

-So it’s a pretty decent game to play if your bored at school and want to get suspended after your teacher hears the nonstop vibrations, but where the blyat is my P-90?? I sent invites, 10 in total even though you need 5, but I still don’t have it! Pretty sure these people are western Spys…

-Would like if there is an option where you can turn off vibration which will be better for battery life. Other than that it’s a great game.

-Good Job Team, I Suggest Adding More Weapong And I Prefer Historical Weapons And Please Can You Add The Trigger Animation ??

-This game is the funniest thing you can play and to the people who made it I am a YouTuber and I like to sponsor this game

-The game is just very fun and in my opinion, addicting. I love shooting and this is a good filler for when I’m waiting to go shooting. The concept from what I’ve seen is unique and original, I’ve seen nothing like it ever. Good job.

-I think you should improve the sound of some guns or it would be boring… Some guns doesnt worth the game coins. And add more guns please.

-I love it but you must make another one it can make it even better like it or hate it it’s the best out to like it

-Just a cool unique idea for a game which makes it fun. I love the focus put around the game design. Great game overall and a perfect time killer.

-Great graphics,controls and really addicting my only complaint is that you have to buy some guns

-Too much ads. And button “Tap to continue” make me feel like be cheated. Instead of play new game, it play ads.

-It is really fun And i think you should keep up the great work i like yalls game and i think you should get more

-I like the game I like the graphics it’s kind of like bottle flip but you got flipped the gun and pull the trigger at the right

-I mean it’s a pretty nice game I would say it has a lot of guns I like the game and congrats for the playgendry team very nice game

-Great game! Very interesting and challenging concept, but it needs some work when it comes to settings and vibrations.

-Its an alright game, if you can get past an ad after every time you play, and adds that you cant skip. You will also need to realize theres alot of paid content for this game, the membership i would never in my LIFE buy because it costs more weekly than netflix or spotify monthly! And thats ridiculas because you only get some gold and guns. Thats it. Also dont hope to get on the leaderboards as they are hacked and have hacked players. Ive confirmed this at the star section at the very least because having 1000 and even 500 stars is impossible mathamaticaly unless there are some secret guns you get once you get every gun in the game. Also some of the guns cost money which is another bad thing. The game overall is a good time consumer, something i can play, but also something i care very little for as competitive aspect has been lost, there is no comparing scores with friends (as far as im aware) and it costs money for some things. All these bad things set aside its a nice game, decent time waster, and easy to pick up and let go on a moments notice. Could use different backrounds though, and also a soundtrack would be nice to see to. And maybe some gameode variations. Very simplistic game, but good controlls, and has its ups and downs. Therefore it has earned a 3 in my opinion. I hope this review helps the customer buying, as well as the developer watching, and i urge them to try to add subtle things, however do so without ruining the simplicity. Good day

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