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Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free
by Fun Games For Free


App Category:- Simulation

Unleash your inner maverick, become a pilot and CONQUER the skies! Get yourself the best plane and go HIGHER!

+ Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations
+ Tons of real-life planes: from single engine props to SUPERSONIC JETS, from airliners to military aircraft
+ Fun and challenging missions: emergencies, rescue missions (save children, women and young boys and girls!), rough landings, fires, races
+ Immersive scenario: explore a huge open map with tons of surprises in free flight mode
+ Intuitive mobile controls and an ADDICTING gameplay

The best-rated Flight Simulator on Google Play. And it’s a FREE GAME. FUN is absolutely guaranteed!  Download the app for free now and don’t miss amazing NEW CONTENT on periodic UPDATES Not decided yet if you’re UP to the CHALLENGE?

Forget dumb repetitive games. In Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free, your duty includes racing against time, control a fire in the middle of the mountains, and land safely on a tiny airstrip (or even on an aircraft carrier warship)

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free


● Play it anywhere
Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free does NOT require any internet connection. You can enjoy it in the subway, or while traveling on a real plane, or in the car on the road, or during services in a temple (or maybe even on toilet!)

● Limited data usage
Our free game will not consume tons of data from your mobile plan

Download Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free Game :-


Download Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Freer Game


User Reviews :-

Riley Pilot
So I love the app but in free mode it will let you play.missions.. In a couple of the missions I have noticed it has given me 200 passengers to bring to a airplane boat (forgot what its called) and you cannot land a plane big enough for 200 passengers on it! No room to land without the wing getting clipped off by the tower and no place to take off from it! Other than that it is an awesome game

Donny Vitch
Pretty cool app. I’d like it more the planes/jets could be personalized with personal/or existing airline company names and if you could play commercial type flying modes. All without having to level up or earn money or pay real money for. Like a free fly mode. Oh,oh… and that there was real life situations that happen as a result of no fly zones and stuff. Otherwise it’s pretty cool so far.

brandon weiss
I took a few month break from this game awhile ago. But it. Kept showing up again and again in my suggested games. So I finally redownloaded the game and so glade I did. This game has experienced so many improvements in graphics quality general user friendliness and usability. The creator’s of this game have also greatly increased the rate of digitalized responses and reaction times!

Sir Ender Cat Xxx
A really good game to play if your board and have nothing to do. Its proberly one of the best flight simulators on mobile devices ive ever played. The graphics are acctually really good for a mobile game that runs smoothly. The controles can somtimes be wonky but youll get used to it. I love to play this game i really enjoy. The best thing about it is that, its FREE! Good job ‘fun games for free’ ☺

Vincent Tyler
Was able to start playing right away because of the level of simplicity and yet you have to learn so you can challenge yourself in the more advanced campaigns that soon come up. The game will leave you finding out that a couple of hours has passed in a blink of an eye because of the fun you’re having. I really just started the game so I will come back and update this in a few months as I advance in the game.

Thunder Heart Wakinyan Čanté
It’s a sweet flight sim with lots of cool details. I’d love to have more weather options and a cockpit view would be more than welcome. Also the airport lights/landing strip lights should be on all the time. I’m just waiting to play the legend stage… I’ve been waiting for a long time now for the legend stage of this game… getting bored! Switched phone and lost everything… can’t get all my stuff back. Uninstalled this app as I don’t want to go though all these levels again

nutan aryan
The graphics and the gameplay is very nice . The controls are easy and so are missions. But there are very short number of missions and the planes cost to complete the mission is very high but pay is very small . And in the free flight mode sometimes it tells us to land a plane with 300 passenger on it on an aircraft carrier. I think it is impossible to do. This game needs an update with more missions and more airplanes .

Maria Talley
This is a great game and the controls are really simple and easy. It is easy to progress through the game but you do have to buy some customisations and other areoplanes. It would be better if it was busy with other air vehicles and that you could be able to move around the airport, e.g; coming out of a parking space and being guided to the runway. Different types of weather could occur not just sunny. Rain, snow and wind would make it more realistic but apart from that it’s a fabulous game!!! It kept me addicted.

Steven Latham
This is the most addictive flight simulator I have ever played. The game is fairly easy to progress through without having to spend any money. If I had to find one fault it would be that you can’t reverse when on a runway which means some times you have no option but to crash your plane as there is very little room to turn around.

stephen duarte
Wish the actual flight speeds of the aircraft were accurate. Seems like a let down to have the speedometer show much slower speeds than the actual aircraft fly. Also some turbulence when flying close over mountains would be cool. Also more gratifying sound would be cool. When you upgrade to a bigger or faster aircraft it would be fun to feel and hear your new plane sound more intense. Vibration would make this app much better too. Great app though. You don’t have to spend money to upgrade. Just some time doing missions which makes me willing to spend money. Don’t like when I’m forced to spend money. I always delete those apps. The ones that make it impossible to move forward without spending money. Great app!

MK Games
Really an awesome game but some tips to make it better. 1. The cargo delivery missions should have a payload condition as to how much the cargo weighs and there your cargo planes capacity might come into picture. 2. Picking up passengers from air craft carriers in a passenger planes is impossible as they won’t land or take off so it’s of no use giving passenger missions in which over 100 passenger have to be transported. 3. The destination can be highlighted by a different icon floating over the airport. 4. Indications of the runway as to in which direction the runway is facing. 5. During night the lights appear after a really long time, it can be tweaked to appear a bit sooner

Brels Railways
Far better than flight simulator 2018. This is far more realistic in flying landing and take off and mission to complete. Great little game that you always come back to. I would also say that you should be able to taxi the runway. If your in free flight mode and complete mission in a jet if you have previously landed toward the end of the runway then this makes it impossible to take off again on new mission.

Bonnie Allsupp
Game runs smoothly. Missions are fun and relatively easy. Only problem is the fighter style jets certainly do not handle or react to inputs as they commonly would. They are almost difficult to handle in turns. These machines in real life react to very small input and can turn very tight with minimal banking or input. Perhaps this can be changed on a future update? As well the airplane engine sou ds themselves could be a lot louder save the jets. But over all a great game for all ages! Even got my 78yr old grandfather in to it. Keep up the good work developer!

Tibor Blomhäll
I really got addicted to this game. Impressive graphics that still won’t kill your battery. Fun missions. The physics is so-so, more arcade game than real, but it makes the planes easier to fly. But the in-game purchases are just ridiculous. I would consider paying one tenth of the asked price. Fortunately you do not need to buy anything to be able to advance levels.

Steven Pfeiffer
So are so good. But I’ve only been playing it for about 20 minutes. Will update my review if needed…. I just went to login again. I’ve been playing this game for a while and enjoyed it. However after plane from months and making a lot of progress… It has deleted everything and take me back to the beginning. I will be uninstalling the app.

Jonathan Johnston
ITS AMAZING! But the only problem is how much they cost (including real money). LIKE SERIOUSLY! THE FIRE FIGHTING PLANE WAS $20,000-$40,000! And when the Super Bong 747 was 50% off it originally costed $35.99! THEN IT COSTED $20.99 FOR THE FRICKIN 50% OFF!!! Plz tell me you are going to fix this later this year. And also tell me when the update is done. Plz and thank you.

Sumant Panchal
Best game ever but some problems, first in free flight there are only two planes exept me. There are only two planes that can land on both land and water the planes are cargo 415 and max cargo 415 there should be more amphibian planes. All the missions are small and easy. There should be more planes but they should be little bit cheaper.The weather in free flight does not change and even the time.Please add my three favourite planes antonov 225, airbus a380,concorde. Best of luck to whole team.

Miles Morgan
All in all a very good casual game. This one is for those who do not want to see a cockpit during the flight or constantly need to adjust controls to fly. Fun challenges and plenty of open world missions in free flight. Purchases are quite expensive in game but if you are willing to spend the time you can get a comparable one with in game credits you earn. As others have stated, you cannot land the bigger aircraft on the carriers or you will clip the wings and crash. Really nice time passing game that will keep you coming back for the next level.

James Clarke
Really like it but I am at a point where I cant progress without spending lots of money. $46 for a plane is insane. If it was a few dollars to stop ads and let me progress without having to do hundreds of tedious missions I would keep playing. Was fun until that point. Do people actually spend hundreds of dollars?

neeraj sharma
This games give you 3 novice missions (5 mins gameplay) to complete and then asks you money to play the next mission, wow! Dude you don’t deserve money for this, there are far more better ways to spend cash and get entertained. Don’t waste time. I went by reviews. Uninstalling.

Jc Cortese
I am actually a private pilot, though I didn’t have the chance to accumulate enough hours to earn my license. I also have several editions of the Microsoft Flight Simulator(tm) for PC series, along with a yolk & rudder peddles to make it more realistic. Their flight sim program is widely considered to be the top dog among all others. This app, though not in the same league as the afore mentioned, is still quite fun!

Dakota Aldama
Ok first off. The game play is really fun and nice for adding a free play BUT!!! WHY make the planes so damn expensive?? What the hell? $39.99 for 1 plane? Guys this is a mobile game and not a PC game lol. Change the prices to $5 and I’ll buy some planes and change my review. How does this game have so good reviews?

Arron Ridding
Good game all in all. Persevere a little on the free play and you’ll find it’s very easy earning a ton of coins by popping balloons, use the learjet, it’s fast and very easy to handle, honestly I can get about 1 million coins in 5 minutes on freeplay (25k per balloon on last level) and 1 million coins costs £69 to purchase… Do the math… You don’t need to spend money. It’s realistic enough to be difficult but stays fun by not being impossible. Not too many ads. I’ve done all the missions in about 3 days and not spent a penny. needs a bigger map and a few more missions.

devesh jain
It’s an ok game, nothing special and full of silly goofs. As you get to the harder levels, prices of planes become insane (eg. Beach king costs 15million) even though the payout for the mission is nowhere near it. There aren’t enough levels either and most people complete the whole game in 4_5 days. Some missions like landing 200 passengers on an aircraft carrier are impossible. For new players, try and buy the leerjet, it’s the best plane for free flight mode

Patrick Ruder
This is a good game, but the controls with actual turning is absolute crap. You end up barrel rolling the plane if you turn too sharp, which more than a few times require that sharp of a turn. The gyroscope is okay, but the rate of turn with a 60 degree bank is far too slow. It’s easier in 2x speed than in 1x.

K Clark
Cool game. But I remember when you obtained planes based on completing levels, and with coins earned. It was MUCH more fun then! I’d completed just about all levels. But now you can’t complete some missions unless you BUY the recommended planes?! Which as earlier stated are ridiculously priced! THAT’S A TRAP!! NOT COOL!!! NOT COOL AT ALL!!

A Google user
This would have been a good rating but I got all kinds of airplanes and start the game one day and I am a rookie with nothing. You can’t get 5 stars when that happens. Get me back all my planes & we’ll see

rob heathcote
Im only giving this one star as thats thats the lowest it can go, if i could give -2, i would have. This gave is a have, you can onlygo so far before they expect you to pay real money, if it was only a couple of dollars, that would be ok, but one plane i saw was $59, how can that be justified. I deleted this rubbish ripoff game after about 5mins, dont get it,soooooo not worth it

Brent Seewalker
The actual game play is amazingly addicting!!! The first time playing and you get hooked! The controls are user friendly. The mapping is really great, but it could use another map for a different scenery. All the planes are fun to fly! The 2 things I don’t like is the last level are the missions are over priced; and again the actual planes you can purchase are way over priced. The planes should be under $10

Daxel Hertz Gallano
Good simulator but the planes don’t turn very well. It needs rudder control or perhaps auto rudder. It’s hard to land with a bigger aircraft because you cannot see the runway. Maybe an ILS or views from cockpit? It needs runway headings. The runways don’t even have numbers. It needs good taxiways to line up to the opposite runway. Some airports need it to avoid taking off to mountains. It is good if you could add flaps, I don’t care if the heavy’s don’t have spoilers. Also, the airspeeds are unrealistic but that doesn’t matter. Overall it’s an okay flight simulator.

capt. Abood
I finished all levels and havent paied any real money.. its a great game and fun to play but still waiting the new coming soon levels to continue. I am expected cross country flights, unexpecred force landing and even harder missions to become more challengable.

Timothy Alexie
At least give us airbus to fly with why you so greedy??? I flew plane one time and it I already being asked if I want rate it no or yes well hope you enjoy my rating then. I was thinking we get to fly airbus and learn to take off and land… ughh disappointed really THIS APP TRYING MILK YOU FOR CASH SO BAD.

Anthony Du-rose
Top rated flight sim. Dislike there’s no option to use on screen control, it’s all move phone around type control. Final nail in the coffin was when there asking £45 ( yes that’s forty five pounds sterling) for a “bong” not a Boeing, 747 jumbo..

Audrey Waite
This game has really good graphics, smooth controls, and fun missions. I have all of the planes (except the ones that cost real money) and I have three stars on all of the levels. But I am concerned with one thing. WHERE IS THE LEGEND LEVEL??

Really nice game. Good fun and love the handling. There is some room for improvement however: a second island or some realistic map of the real world would make a nice addition. And maybe a rudder and flares. Besides these I can’t think of anything better!

Michael Peters
It says free but the only free thing is free mode and a few planes, everything elsa takes $$. Story mode is a force buy to make it off first zone and on every zone. Prices r outrageous flying is par and graphics r 50/50. Game play needs work and more things need added. Overall this game sucks the big 1. Enjoy my uninstalled list

Johnny Alvarado
Gave this game 1 star becuase I lost everything when I switched to my new phone today even though I had my Google account linked. I had all missions finished with 3 stars and alot of planes and over 2 mil currency. THANKS ALOT DEVS! TOTAL GARBAGE UNTIL YOU GUYS HELP ME OUT!!!! The game was actually alot of fun and I was waiting for the new content. THIS SUCKS!!!! I’M SO PISSED!!!!

zodiac 596
It is the best flight sim game I have played till now, undoubtedly!! But I just can’t complete the Intermediate special mission of Air Race, I keep the accelerator full and the speed 2x times, but every time I finish 4th, I tried many times and have almost given up! Could the admin please help me out?

Brian Major
One option I wish you could offer is a choice to cut back on the noises such as when collecting balloons so I can hear the plane more. Unless you turn volume almost 100% you barely hear plane and stuck heating loud balloon collection noise. Great game overall though. We’ll done!

A Google user
I love this game so much!!!!!! The only thing to improve it is if you could customise your planes. Otherwise brilliant I have just had a look at the reviews about prices. There is a hacked version you can get off the Internet that doesn’t cost a penny. You have unlimited money and all the planes that cost money are free!!! I do prefer the challenge on this one though.

John M Freligh
Horsecoxk game. Just a vehicle to watch commercials. Spend $40 for a sh1tty phone app plane? Crazy. The controls suck and you have to watch 5 minutes of commercials to “fly” 1 min. Garbage waste of time. Don’t believe the fake 5 star reviews.

Paul Binns
I have not played this game much, but what I see I like very much. Intuitive, beginner friendly make it enjoyable and fun. This is a great stepping stone to other flight-type games. Runs well even on a very limited Kobo. No freeze-ups; minimal lagging!

sammy0511 Case
I only did this because the game tells you to rate it 5 stars for free updates. Arent all updates free? You dont think they might be trying to purposely mislead people do you? Naaaah they wouldnt do that right. Maybe this is how it got a high score. Its a REALLY average game.

A Google user
Mainly a great game i do enjoy it alot. One thing thats annoys other players aswell is that you cant reverse down the runway so you do have to sometimes blow up your plane because you dot have enough distance for take off. Please add in a reverse control. Thanks

Don Gallegos
My four year old and my wife loves this game so i desided to play it too and i love it. After having back surgery two months ago, i couldn’t find something so relaxing as this game. It feels like i am flying a real plane and my knee’s get weak. Cannot wait to fly some more. Good bye pain hello plane.

Steve Morley
Only on mission 2. Seems fun so far. Update: I have completed all but the last special mission and now saving coins to purchase the required aircraft. I think the game is great. I had no issues with ads, but played offline, through necessity. The process of earning coins through free-flight missions is fun and fair for a free player. I managed to purchase all (but one) aircraft with coins earned in this way. Thanks so much to the developers for outstanding gameplay and generosity. Great job!



A Google user
Airplane designs are nice and detailed. Ground graphics is not crystal clear. Guiding missions many times are impossible without buying cash for real money in order to purchase the required airplane for particular mission. Airplanes driving is not realistic, it is optimised for “videogaming”. You cannot look right, look left therefore the landing is very difficult. At the beginning you have lightingframes in the air to navigate you at landing. The game is addictive at the beginning.

A Google user
I love these types of games where the landscape and a lot of other things have blockiness i enjoy. I’d really love to see a militarised version along the lines of Pacific Navy Fighters-Combat Edition. I love playing Flight Pilot Simulator when i’m relaxed and vice-versa. playing Pacific Navy Fighters-Combat Edition when i’m more in the kind of mood. Make it so….

Adonis Seno
Please make the airports more realistic and add a lot of people just like in real life. And also make the doors of all airplanes open and close OTHERWISE THE GAME DESERVES 0 STARS!❌❎❌❎AND RESTORE MY PROGRESS BY ADDING A BUTTON SAYING RESTORE PROGRESS ! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? START UPDATING!!!!!

A Google user
I love the game will give the final star when u add a cockpit mode on approach to any airport u cant visually see the runways in the big aircrafts leads to alot of blown landings because u cant see till its to late. And the best paying mission with passengers asks to land on aircraft carrier with 200 people no plane small enough to do it with that many other than that games perfect

Thomas Miller
The control is horrific. If they can figure out how to make a game where you tilt the screen to turn and what not, then they should install a joystick option on the screen. The controls are pathetic. Oh, and everything about this game just begs you to pay actual money for it. All of their “recommended” planes, are out of pocket expenses. Its a joke

Mehrban Qurban
Was great until I nearly finished the the first level, Then wanted me to buy a plane with real cash. Not good. Why not the money you have from the game. Seems like a ripping off game. Don’t download load unless you ready to part your hard earned money

Money grabbing game. Just wanted to buy a Flight Simulator game & you have to keep paying to fly short flights. Uninstalled. Going to try to get my monies back. It will be the last time I get a Google Play Game. Google is turning into a RIP off.

A Google user
Great game even graphic kinda weird not like the best graphic of the year but its ok. Easy on control the plane. Some of the game need internet but its ok, you can play offline in other level and also in Free Flight. The hard part is to buy other plane need internet so kinda feel bad. Loved the game by the way.

Geve Narielwalla
So very simple, but awesome game play and superb graphics. But very expensive if you want to jump to more advanced aircraft. Are these Jet Fighters achievable with playing through every stage and affordable with coins earned? Never boring I predict, excited to go ahead. Congrats. …best simulator ***** five stars Two days into game and the control on left for takeoff and speed is jamming

Bryan Edwards
Love the game and graphics. Great job. Being a truck driver, I don’t get to enjoy my home pc simulators much. Now I can get my flight time in while loading and unloading. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

Kathleen Azcoma
This game sucks, you know why? The controls were to lazy to work. And plus when I was doing the Air Race the other plane got a head start even when it was still counting down!!

Henry Guest
Great game, thoughrouly enjoyed. Have had the game for a little under a week and have already completed it. Hopefully ‘Legend’ Rank is released soon! I would also love varied points of view, for example inside the cockpit and directly in front of the plane. I feel the ability to move the point of view with your finger is nice, but it makes it tricky to land large aircraft on runways as the plane obscures your view. Secondly, there is no point in having high capacity planes try to land on Aircraft Carriers, as the wings clip the control tower and it is impossible, both on landing and takeoff. Finally, I would love an indication of runway orientation, perhaps with a symbol above the airport during missions, and please make most of the planes purchasable using in-game currency! Other than that, this is a great game and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting for a good quality flight simulator for free!

jeremy sanford
The only problem is that damned motts apple sauce commercial where your forced to listen to that kid smack her food it keeps freezing to the point you have to force close the app and theres another commercial that does it as well i want to say its a wwe game commercial and its dumb to have something that small ruin such a great app and dont you dare say its my phone because i just bought it yesterday. Other wise great game you just need to fix that.

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