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Fire Gun: Brick Breaker

Fire Gun Brick Breaker

Fire Gun Brick Breaker

Game Category:-Arcade

Fire Gun: Brick Breaker

Are you ready to break all these blocks apart?
Arm your character to the teeth and destroy even the littlest objects standing in your way!

Fire Gun is a mobile shooting brick breaker game -not like any other. In which by choosing characters with unique features and distinctive guns, you’ll be able to tear apart any obstacle.
Equip your character with every type of gun imaginable. Even if you know nothing about guns, that’s not a problem! There are many flashy and eye-catching models. Try them all to see which one fits your style!
Watch your reflexes, though! You might have to think fast while choosing which side to swipe to. You don’t want to hit that block, do you?
Cover your character with a protective field to avoid crashing into anything which tries to stand in your way. Try your best to get all the power-ups which will add amazing features to your shots.
Collect as much points as you can and challenge yourself to see how far you can reach. Can you handle the speed?

Key Features:

– Lovable but powerful characters who will break everything in their way with a cute smile and a potent gun.

– Various weapons to decide on from. Each one with different peculiarities.

– Almighty power-ups which will amplify the power of your shot from two to four times and protect your characters.

– Accumulate as much points as you can to increase your shooting speed and power.

– Fast gameplay which will not allow you to take your eyes off your phone’s screen.

– Delightful graphics displayed in a light-sized game, your phone specs will not be a problem.


Download Fire Gun: Brick Breaker:-

Download Fire Gun: Brick Breaker ( 68.5 MB )

User Reviews:

Red Velvet
Great game. cute characters smooth gameplay worth the download

J-Lyn Kim
simple yet interesting

Yumie B
a really simple game, yet quite addictive.

Asuma Yuri
Every upgrade the blocks are getting stronger. I finally found the game challenge that Iooked for long.

App User
If you like simple shooting games where you have to decide where to smash blocks to make it past them, then this is the game for you. Having a selection of girls and upgrades makes you keep playing over and over again to get better and get further. Seriously quite addicting :p

Meatha Gundam
the 1st brick breaker that i love because of the character

App User
i love this game i did enjoy playing it at first it was kinda hard but when you get used to it it will be become easy and enjoyable i would recommend this game to the others i hope this game will become popular some day

KweshtinMarc Studio
really fun game to play when bored! LOVE the idea of the mote blocks you destroy rhe more money is made! Easy to get money and guns and can upgrade really quickly!!! Best endless runner ive played so far!!!

Very fun game ,Cute characters

There’s a lot of games like this, but you guys have anime girls. so 10/5

fun idle game, more characters, try to add in more features such as each character has its own superpower

Pharoah King of Plot Armor
Very fun to play. Ads are understandable since that’s your way to profit from the game.

App User
It’s awesome, Very addicting

Shiro Kuro
this game is just like what its name. Fun and addicting. The graphic is just nice and cute.

Neko ken
this game is super cute!!

Maro Frandi
Simple game, quite addictive. Good if you’e waiting or little time time to kill.

Surkano 1003
The game is cute, very nice and clean. No flaws, no nothing. I have no recommendations which means if there is anything you wanna add, that would be great. It is literally the best endless runner game I’ve found so far.

Ardee Timbancaya
Nice.. Very Addictive 😁👍

App User
its so amazing game in 😍😍🙌 the world

Honey Bee
nice game… entertaining…

Night Crow
Very entertaining!

This game is great, the characters are cutes and the game are very very cool, great for wasting time. i could play this for a day. keep up the good work…!!!

Phong Nguyen
easy to learn and have fun

Jonathan Garcia
its so nice i love this game

nicko padilla
cool, great app to bore no mor

App User
becouse im powerfull so fast

App User
the cracter is so cute. and the game is so great i love it

Russian Bias
nice game,very addicting

Dipika Dhara
i just ❤😘 the graphics…i am in love with this game

very super game l like very much

App User
nice and it is not like the other games all those games are boring i love this game and beat fever also is the best game ever

iPlays GT
So Fun! The Charcter Is Very Cute I Like MiMi So Cute!

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