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Fieldrunners Attack!
by Subatomic Studios, LLC

Hold onto your helmets – the award-winning Field runners series returns! From exploding Popcorn Chicken to the mighty Megabot, it’s time to assemble the ultimate army as you fight to build your empire, and conquer rival players from around the world!


Fieldrunners Attack android app

Fieldrunners Attack android app


Recruit heroes, train troops, add defensive structures and manage resources to transform a quaint town into your own impenetrable fortress of mayhem. Whether you’re defending your turf, conquering the land in the campaign missions, or ripping through opponents worldwide in multiplayer skirmishes, there’s loot and glory to be had at every turn.



• Addicting full control strategic combat gameplay
• Take charge and attack in the Fieldrunners universe!
• Manage resources to turn your town into an impenetrable fortress!
• Recruit and upgrade powerful heroes, each with their own unique abilities!
• Tear through enemy bases with tactical real-time attacks
• Test your might against 60+ campaign missions!
• Climb the ranks with your friends by waging war on players around the world and stealing loot
• Field an army of Soldiers, Rocketeers, Tanks and more military marvels!
• Defend your turf with deadly Gatling, Cannon and Flame towers – as well as other Fieldrunners favorites and all-new defensive turrets
• Transform your towers to adapt against a variety of threats, be they man, machine, or something else entirely!


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User Reviews :-

-Everything is great about this game. The graphics the animations and the gameplay are all solid. Very well made game. But there is one thing that pretty much ruins it for me. The ammo. Who thought that was a good idea? Limiting the amount of times you can attack per day? Get rid of it.

-Great game, every detail is just right. I can’t find myself giving 5 stars, because there are some glitches that actually affect me. Every time I open the game, some structures are no longer where I left them, leaving open spaces in my base, where enemies take advantage of. I get attack hard because I’m an easy target after my base design gets changed by the glitch. I would also like to have the Replay option on defences, so I can see what happens during my defences, and see my


-Until you fix the problem with it crashing/forced closing at loading screen on Moto G4 plus I unfortunately can only give you 2 stars once it is fixed I may reconsider my rating.

-Beautiful job subatomic, needs optimization/force closes when opening sometimes/laggy when switching through menus/Android 8.1.0

-i dont know why game developers giving limit of the day to play? you didnt want people to play your game often? really? hahaha uninstall

-After reinstalling 3 times the game finally started to work seems pretty good different take on the normal strategy game thumbs up 😉


-Good game been waiting for one like this but be good if u coulad all live on same map clan ect


-Remove ammo limits and fix the glitch which causes the words repeated which i typed come again.


-My troops run in a little circle. I couldn’t move them anywhere so i lost the battle. Please fix the issue.


-Love it… Add more and more…. Things…..and remove or increase ammo limits.


-wish that have replay button for the defense against others players

-Wheres my 150 gems after login in facebook???


-Great game other than that it’s a pay2play. Wish it was merit based.

-It is a very cool game ?


-Interesting game


-Better than clash of clans I love it best!!


-Good but similar to all the other base building strategy games. Liked the old Fieldrunners. This is still fun though!


-This is very nice i loved it the animation are good and the graphics also but you have to do balance update for it and make animation more smooth

-After defeated my very first enemy it stucked after all.please fix the problem.


-Great game but I just purchased the cluck Norris bundle and I didn’t get it please help me refund my money thank you


-Crashes sometimes and energy rebuild takes too much time to attack again


-AWESOME. 1sr strategy game that you can control your troops. Very nice


-Very nice control’s are different but I love it

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