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Educational games for kids
by AppQuiz Educational

Best educational app for children of all ages. 12 games in one:

– Learn professions and match the relations.
– Learn to recognize more than 100 animals including their sounds.
– Solve mazes of increasing difficulties.
– Guess the sound of musical instruments.
– Solve puzzles with fun images and stimulating music.
– Learn to draw in 4 steps! like a personal art teacher, it will teach you how to draw dozens of different objects and create amazing pictures.
– Children can choose their options by themselves
– multiple levels of difficulty, increasing the complexity and fighting against time.
– stimulates the intellect, overcoming challenges and difficulties.


Educational games for kids android app

Educational games for kids android app


Also by playing this game you can acquire the following skills:

– Improve children’s skills in memory, concentration and development of knowledge.
– The game is adapted to be handled easily.
– Is specifically designed as an educational tool for interface of preschoolers and up.

 ・Suitable for right brain exercise, the graphics right brain activation. Improve the observation of the brain, cognitive ability, concentration, memory, creativity and imagination.
 ・Improve the response speed and the coordination of the brain and the body. Exercise visual ability to observe the dynamic objects.
 ・Simple and convenient, easy to operate. Suitable for children, the elderly, their families and friends to play together. Very convenient to use.
 ・Improve children’s memory capacity, and ability to concentrate. The development of children’s cognitive skills, and improve the level of education.
 ・It can also be used as the best educational tools to help children. Help training and observation of the child’s brain, cognitive, concentration, memory, creativity and imagination to improve. Reaction speed and coordination of the brain and hand. Exercise visual ability to observe the dynamic objects.
• self-teaching (educational)
• the app includes lots of drawings such as: cartoon characters, animals, cars, toys, planes, flowers, and much more!
• each drawing is divided into 4 steps which are easy to follow.
• starting from a few lines, you’ll end up with a complete picture.
• You can create your own drawing and draw right on the screen.
• parents can use it to give drawing lessons to their kids.

Play and have fun learning numbers in different languages.

Children can have fun playing for a long time.
– Keep children entertained with fun sound effects
– The game is adapted to be handled easily.
– It’s specifically designed as an educational tool interface for preschoolers and up.

Download Educational games for kids from Play Store :-

Download Educational games for kids From PlayStore


User Reviews :-


In it I want to unlock another games but it doesn’t unlock. When I try to remove adds but it doesn’t remove. However I get rid from this.

-It’s perfect for testing the level of minds of kids

-It is awesome it helps my child learn and she loves it to

-I loved it so much because of the levels

-It’s fun for my sister 😂😂

-This game is amaxzing. My child is learning to do lots of thing.

-This game has a lot of ads! My kid keeps pushing them as there isn’t an exit button once the ad starts!

-Every time I try to get into the other games it keep saying to remove the ads, when I try to remove the ads the games remains locks. It have nice games ad my two year old likes it a lot this is frustrating for him and myself, please tell me how to get rid of the ads

-Fun game and my three-year-old likes it, but one of the fullscreen ads played a barely bleeped recording of Gordon Ramsay dropping a bunch of F-bombs. Not cool, guys.

-I think youll should give all the games to us and improve the quality

-All games are interesting but only problem is some of all are locked ……..

-IT’S good one for the kids to learn and play easily.

-Would like to purchase a add free version

-Love That game is so amazing,so cool,awesome and beautiful

– I promise my son I will open all the games if he got all A’s in school he did but it only works if you connected to the internet if not they have the lock and cannot be play and my son is sad because he can only play when waiting for his sister to finish her class of taekwondo, and then he has class so he gos really sad because he can’t play it all the games he is 5 years old

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