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Dungeon Survivor II
by Leiting Games

Official sequel of classic popular adventure game Dungeon Survivor.

Dungeon Survivor II – Dark Tide is a simulation and dungeon adventure game.This time, you will lead your daring mission to the no-man’s land, have an unexpected fantasy adventure in the ancient and mysterious continent.


Dungeon Survivor II android app

Dungeon Survivor II android app


Story of the World:

– Be the Ruler of the Sanctuary, the eschatological Manor, guide your people and warriors to fight against the fallen Country.
– Upon the journey, you’ll encounter different people.
Will you draw out the sword or reach out your hand? That is for you to decide.
– Little, helpless and pathetic humans gather together to battle against the Black Tide.
Every decision you make is of vital importance.

Class & Adventure

– 6 main Classes with more than 50 sub-classes, each with unique personality.
– Easy but flexible team formation, Mixed? All Melee? All Mages, whatever you like.
Your Imagination is the only limit.
– Diverting strategy setting, play a sure card and win the battle!
– Vicious creatures, quirky traps, weird strangers-the world is always full of accidents and surprises.
– Find the powerful Monster and beat them up!

Battle & Speed

– Real-time PVP with hand control. let’s duke it out in the Arena!
– Heading to the leaderboard for the CROWN!
– Marching on the Lost Castle and unlock the Arena!

Classic placing and gain mode

– No pains but gains
Place and gain resources every time you enter the game.
– Wit and adroit like you, even with limited resources, can definitely build up a prosperous Manor.

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User Reviews :-


A surprisingly good game and relatively easy to pick despite the lack of any guide/tutorial. I would have given it 5 stars but not being able to play same game on several devices brings it down. Fix that, and some of the English grammar, and I’ll up my score.


-Pretty good for finding it on Facebook. I’m liking it so far, but there’s no tutorial or anything like it, so you’re on your own figuring things out. Some item descriptions aren’t in English, and the text after you gain things in combat for gold and souls goes too fast. Still don’t know what it’s saying. Would recommend though just for a quick thing to do when you’re bored and have time to kill.


-There is the basis of a good game here. However the fact that the grammar is atrocious makes it very difficult to decipher what areas you should be investigating for certain quests. I find myself having to just randomly walk around hoping to come across what I’m looking for. I enjoy the game but feel that this matter needs addressed to avoid wasting time aimlessly walking.


-A surprising find, i really don’t expected this game to have this level of quality. This game successfully give me the feeling of discovery and exploration while in expeditions, and i feel compelled to build and better the manor. But a disappointment is how there are no differences between characters other than their classes and aesthetics.


-This game is great takes a little wile to figure out but it is no way a pay to play you have the option to buy gems that help u acheive things faster. Its not much of a grind either to acheive things that are less common with that said the classes are somewhat confusing finding the correct skill set and play style can be hard


-English translation is a bit funny to read. It’s still understandable though. There’s no tutorial so you have to trial-and-error things out at the beginning but after all of that, the game is pretty addictive. Hope I can play it w/ friends or as a clan in the future!


-I want to give it a higher rating because many aspects are quite good. However, seeing how much it costs to simply change a character’s name (even for the first time) makes me realize this game will likely try to nickle and dime me even more later on. There are some minor grammatical issues but nothing serious. The game is reminiscent of Darkest Dunegon but it’s different enough to be its own thing. Sadly, it tries to get greedy with my pockets more than I’d like.


-What a surprising good game, somehow it manages to keep me up logging at it daily to train my heroes and do some quest, a thing that would be really amazing would be cloud support, so you can play the same savefile on two devices, didnt found any game breaking bugs and so far the game didnt pushed the shop into me which was nice. All in all a 4.5 out of 5. Can t wait to see this game evolve and age.


-A hidden gem. Premium currency is handed out in enough amounts to buy important things. Easy enough to figure out but a lack of a tutorial could turn away some. Only reason I took a star away because musketeer class line has high dex and str scaling skills..??


-3 out of 4 members of the team died and the last one cannot carry the weight and I’m stuck because I have maximum load and I cannot leave the fight drop cannot collect cannot leave. I can’t do anything. A big problem that should have been anticipated.. fixed


-Great time killer and sometimes I find myself playing it ay home, my only annoying bit is when you have to cook to refill your food supply, could there be an option to cook a stack of rations or meats instead of doing it one by one?


-I really like how it throws the player in. Tutorials can get over played and having no idea what’s going on makes it feel, how do I day this? More surreal.


-Great game. Fresh. I’ve read a bunch of reviews saying that the game is surprisingly good and I was still surprised how good it was. There is room for improvement naturally but the great combination of familiar and innovative will leave me playing the game for quite a while.


-Great dungeon crawling! Old school with tons of expansion space. Translation is not great, but not that hard to understand, plus support replied in minutes with good English


-Fun time killer but I lost two back packs randomly unequiped n are gone n I can’t make them auto attack the strongest creature or pick one for them to attack but still a great game


-So far it is indeed a very good game. One little helpful feature I am missing: it would be nice to always see the food I need to return home. At the moment I am counting, to make sure I have enough yo return


-Awesome game. First thing I have found on my phone that is worth the download. Well done devs! Not just trying to get into your wallet.


-A big thanks to the Developer to respond and change the game to adress my concerns – changed my review now, as the game works as intended, has no more strange permission settings and is really fun 🙂

-I dont know why but this game download it self in my phone, and it was moved to my game launcher so I believed if it was a game, and when i tried it out tje game was Super Legit!

-Good basic game, plays similar to darkest dungeon but more casual. Can the developer please respond to this message; how do bind my account to play on different devices


-Awesome game! Will you put more race from dnd universe like dragonborn, tabaxi, etc…? It would be really cool! Aniway really nice game keep up the good work


-3 teams got wiped out. So angry. Can include an option to revive the whole team? Spent hours playing and got killed. Back to square one. Will quit this game if my new team get wipe out again

-Really interesting game Quick question, how do you change the auto-attack? I can’t seems to turn the auto-attack again

-Very new to the game so I can’t speak for the later content. So far I like the style of the game and it especially reminds me of old rpgs I played as a child.


-Amazing RPG worth my time and money and love the active developer. This is how you create a great game and community.


-A lot more interactive then the first one. The story is good and the controls are easy. Fun game.

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