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#DRIVE is an endless driving video game inspired by road and action movies from 1970s. As simple as possible, allowing the player to pick a car, pick the place and just hit the road. Just be aware not to hit anything else.

No matter where we drive, no matter what we drive or how fast we drive. We simply chose to drive. And you?


Download #DRIVE:-

Download #DRIVE ( 69.0 MB )

User Reviews:

Dylan Scott
super fun. hard, but fun

Paweł Burza
Best game ever! Highly recommend!

Robert Testa
I thought this was gonna be another runner game but it turns out that the car doesnt auto-center. You don’t get that many mobile games like that. I really like this!

Andy Vargas
This game looks just so gorgeous! and its so much fun! really well artistically planed! should ad more dramatic/spectacular crashes, or the ability to rotate a bit the camera after you crash to peek around, the environments are really gorgeous would love to see everything! so much great job! for artist and programmers and everyone !

Lucas Staniec
awesome, play it u will love it

Spectrum_ Target
the game is actually really good! the graphics are gorgeous, you could work on the controlls a little bit and make a better UI menu.

Cosmic Boy
Game plays fantastic! Once you get used to the controls and find your favourite car theres no stopping you. In the length of time i’ve played maybe an hour or two I’ve already unlocked another track and bought 3 of my favourite cars. I feel the mechanics and reward system are well balanced so far and with some minor tweaking will be perfect. Collision detection seems fair and is defendant on what size vehicle you drive. The visuals, audio and voice overs are A+ looking forward to playing more

Paweł Kostecki
Cool design and great art style.

Liam Knightley
Really fun. Nice shaders and art style. I really liked the article you posted about its development on!

Jason Crawford
The theme of this game is very well done, it has few mechanics that anyone is able to pick up and doesn’t require much time to play. 100% recommend giving it a go.

App User
I Really Loved the Game Also I Loved How You Put The Subtitles And The Talking Voice Especially When I lose (That’s What I Needed 😂) Great Game 👌

It’s Saraf
noice game, but it would be much fun if I could go backwards. You know… breaking rules… btw you don’t wanna play with the cops… 🍩🍩

Mohammed Albaqer AL-Rubaye
addictive and well designed.

achmad khiyaril
this is great game for adventure race

Jacques Steenkamp
a Damm good game, don’t change anything.Thank you for this.

Mark Silvers
Im having a blast with this game so much so that I paid to remove the ads.The controls are responsive,clean graphics.I will be enjoying this gem for a long time. Great Job To The Development Team😀👍

Dinuka Bathiya
Perfect game i ever seen..

App User
controls are nice and smooth

Shubham Singh
This game is rock,freaking awesome i really appreciated it.You ought to download this and I’m sure that you’ll probably go crazy

Vasanta K
TRY TRY TRY UNTIL YOU SUCEED is the meaning of this game. wah! what a game it is! I tried and tried and I got how to play. This game is exactly a correct game for rating 5 stars. You also download this game and try until you succeed

A s t h e t i c a l y P l e a s i n g
An amazing game for racing fans. Controls arent hard at all, you just need to learn how to steer. Graphics is just as amazing….. highly recommend this game for racing fans. ads arnt a prblem if you disconnect the wifi.

anmol sharma
THE BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED ON ANDROID, I wanted a game like this for years Thank you so much for creating this. But, i have some requests… 1. please add a tilt control support, touch control is kinda hard for me as i’ve been playing mobile racing games with tilt controls 2. please make that coin pickups icon smaller, it is huge and it kinda makes it difficult to see whats going on in the later levels… please bring these 2 changes in the next update

Arsan Karimi
The game is very cool because the driving paths are …😎.

candace mallow
great game its addictive

App User
This is awesome and best game good grafics and control

Vamik ccxr
awesome, great work you guys. love it

This game is fun, Not much about it but it still a good and Fun arcade game, the Voice is what make this game a bit unique

shiv khatri
cooolll interesting animation i think have too much fun then more then the expectations

this games is so cool I like this car games please create a new game

Archimedio Kusnadi
the graphics is the surprise! gorgeous game, excellent controls

Bartek Hyra
Everything is really good, new updates makes it even better :-).

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