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Drift Car City Traffic Racing
by Rest Studio

Drift car city traffic racing game
“Drift car city traffic racer” is a real simulation racing scenarios and the development of a superior quality limit parkour racing stand-alone mobile games. This is a very passionate racing game, where you can drift in the city, destroyed traffic. Cops high speed pursuit that this is your best choice if you like fast racing and furious drift games.

It is free to play but in-game currency, to buy items such as diamonds, VIP and gift, will be require payment with real money. But best news that buy items will be AD free in game!

Drift Car City Traffic Racing

Drift Car City Traffic Racing

Super fast racing game with high quality engine, ride on against professional racing rivals. Run as fast as you can, upgrading your car so that keep the best power, speed and durability. Only you have the skills, honor is waiting for you in racing events.

Drift car city traffic racing features:
-High-definition 3D images
-Super sense of speed
-Realistic simulation engine
-Create your favorite models
-Free car racing gameplay.
-Police chase
-A variety of vehicles to choose any of you
-Drive fast & collect power-ups to boost your speed.
-Smooth control with percise steering

Drift Car City Traffic Racing

Drift Car City Traffic Racing

Drive your car with best skill in the highway and racing with your rivals, experience the racing life!


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User Reviews:-

-Make it more better the controls the graphics and do u guys know GTA V , make the cars look like real thx!! One more thing I love the game!!

-Not how I thought it would be, but I like they Music & the Visual as well

-I think you guys should work on graphic amd design otherwise everything is good.

-A little more. Like multiplayer play agenst each other online ECT. ect. Anyways it is good.

-This game is fun a d no this game is. Otherwise Ute so why would you ask that

-No problem but you should make it little much better


-Top game in the world

-Easy to understand great graphics fun play

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