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by FourThirtyThree Inc.

Authentic DC Comics Experience! Action RPG, DC: UNCHAINED!

One unsuspecting day, an army of Parademons lay waste to Gotham and Metropolis. The Super Heroes & Super-Villains each fight off the Parademons in their own ways but quickly suspects there’s a larger conspiracy looming from behind.  They each begin to investigate in their own ways and as they inch closer to identifying the culprit… From Super Heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash, To charismatic Super-Villains like The Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Lex Luthor, Fight for the fate of Prime Earth as your favorite DC Character!


DC UNCHAINED android app

DC UNCHAINED android app

★DC Super Heroes & Super-Villains Are Coming! DC: UNCHAINED!★

# Fight as Superman, Batman, Joker and more!

Save the day as the members of the Justice League, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman!
Or, follow the story of exciting Super-Villains, including Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Lex Luthor!
The most iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains of DC Comics are at your disposal!

# Exclusive DC Comics experience awaits!

Follow the original story inspired by the DC Comics storyline!
Enjoy the exclusive artwork illustrated by DC Comics artist Paolo Pantalena!
Complete your DC Comics experience in mobile platform!

# Immerse yourself in authentic DC Comics World

Smash your enemies with a mallet as Harley Quinn, and finish them off with Batarangs as Batman!
Relive the legendary battles with your own fingertips, using iconic weapons and abilities!
Will you be able to defeat the Enemy bent on destroying Gotham City and Metropolis?

# Stronger together – who’s in your dream team?

Form a formidable team by joining the forces of heroes and villains!
Any combination is possible – form the dream team of your fantasies!
Will your unique combination prevail? Prove your strategy!

# Vast array of contents – it’s the ultimate mobile DC experience!

Follow the story of DC Comics, and fend off the enemy’!
Discover the unique side stories of the Super Heroes and Super-Villains!
Join forces with your friend, and fight for greater rewards!
Rise to the top! Pick your best three to challenge other players!

Access requests for gameplay (Game services restricted if disabled)
1) Only for game installation purposes, this application requests access to external memory.


Download DC: UNCHAINED from Play Store :-


Download DC: UNCHAINED From PlayStore

User Reviews :-

Best (or only one done right really) presentation of DC characters on action yet. Also the only DC game on mobile to feature more characters than the most obvious few. Looking forward to expanded roster. If it never comes I’ll probably come back to give 1 star or something :S

-Needs a bit of work on the controller as it tends to lag at times. Need to give us a chance to uprade characters. With the drop rate of family cards and the exchange policy( need to use 2 cards of one family type to acquire another) it is becoming very difficult to upgrade the characters.

-The game is fantastic great graphics, addictive highly recomended.. but the problem is its hard to upgrade the characters coz of lucking upgrades items like silver and specially gold cards pls fix dis..pls give us chance to upgrade our characters tnx..

-Gameplay was good and graphics are amazing like cartoon style but one thing is plz change pvp matching battle, bcoz my level is 4 and opponent level is 7 or 8..? it is very difficult to beat that opponent and I always losing matches,in next update plz solve this problem and increase the chance of obtaining silver and gold cards…thank u

-Very good game with stunning graphic and cool character, but the major problem is why I cant login to the game using google account, at the first time I was sign up with the google account, and after finishing the stage sometimes the game crash and there is a pop up message that said cannot conect to server, try again. When the pop up appears there is no another choice except log out/exit from the game. Thats very annoying thing that you must fix asap!!

-FINALLY! A well made action game of DC! The game play is superb and the best part of it, there’s a live pvp in this game. On the other hand, the pvp system was pretty hard for low level player or even with those who have slower connection, because I end up losing before my character moves. But overall, this game deserves 5 stars. Keep it coming, keep adding playable characters with balanced game play. Thank you. 🙂

-I love this game since I started playing with it BUT when I realized that I’m playing for almost 2 weeks and there still difficulties to upgrade and enter to the game. I really love DC characters and this is ONE of the best DC games I’ve played. I’m hoping you guys will make this game more awesome for us. Thanks! God bless 😇

-Good.. good.. good game, i gotta a little Bit annoying with control cause a little lag.. but its ok I can play it auto.. so I really like this game.. make it easier to get char unlocker because I wanna complete 1 of hero family

-I cannot enter the game and it displays xigncode 3 illegal program found -535×23170. I don’t have root access and can’t find the app responsible for this error.hated that i spent hours on this game

-Love the graphics, best for an RPG. A massive let down is upgrade materials are hard to get once you finish the initial stages. Arena matches are hard, match up is not fair. Feels a little repetitive too, since game only launched might see improvements in the future. I’m hopeful

-As DC fan this game is awesome. Maybe need a little tweaks for the gameplay so won’t feel like repetitive after some time playing. Hoping the future character rooster will be lit. Justice League dark characters will be lit 😁

-I think changes need to be made. Controls and graphic are brilliant. If you are a DC fan then you will love the characters in this game but it is hard to upgrade heros which make it cheap and worst

-All is good and I cant say anything bad at all! This game is so addictive and the graphics are excellent. I appreciate the effort of the developers at making this game almost perfect. Anyways, its a bit hard for players to drag a character to a character slot, it would be better if a simple tap on the character icon then a highlight which emphasizes locking to that character will appear and tap to the desired character slot to register the character selected by the user.

-great graphic,nice gameplay and storyline.but most hardest things are difficult to get more money,even if play in campaign or other events.need to fix that and also add more characters from heroes to would be great.otherwise ive no problem at all.thanks for the game.i love it

-Best in graphics and gameplay. The shadows rendered are the sign of accomplished game apps. Art concept is original and so do with the battle effects. Reward system seems to be balanced but can proven in few days….

-It’s really fun and have the comic book charm to it,(a note for the developers,In future will you guys add new characters,if so can you guys please add DeathStroke,Batgirl,NightWing, RedHood, Reverse Flash,General Zod, Brainiac, Dr Fate, Blue Beetle, Firestorm and also can you guys add new families like the Shazam Family,Green Arrow Family, Teen Titans Family and the Hellblazer family)

-one of the best mobile game I think. the only thing that I dont want is the silver and gold card are hard to obtained. but all in all this game has a potencial. make it better to your next updates. 😊

-Well all I can say right now is I love it! Well needs more game mode in the future as well as characters as well but over all I like the game as it is for now keep up the good work devs!

-Hey DC unchained. Once again please make green arrow have a good skill. The reason i like DC is because of green arrow. Make Stephen Amell skin for him. Will give u 5star if you able to make my wish come true.

-I think this is a good game with high graphic but sometimes when i reach the end of quest the game said my connection is not good so i must use my mobile data and i cant use my wifi even my wifi have strong signal can you fix it? Thankyou

-This game is what I’m waiting for. I love Marvel Future Fight and I was hoping there was a way to have a DC like game play of Future Fight and here it is. I’m excited too zenjoy the game while it’s new and fewer character. Would be honored to be part of this game as a pioneer.

-I love this game. Im so excited and satisfied playing this, there’s a ton of fun here. Real time pvp! Thank you for making such a good game! The game also work so smoothly on my phone too! Graphics: 5/5 Game play: 5/5! Love it!!

-Edit* Before i given this game 5*.. but then , when i played this game almost a month.. i realised that this game is veryyyyy hard to leveling up and so many upgrade.. WHICH u have to pay a lot of amount IF u want your characters to be powerful.. If you kinda person who has a lot of money,then this game suit you.. and not to mention about the gameplay.. u HAVE to WATCH until the end of every mission (same mission) to leveling your character.. Sooo.. again.. if you have ALOT OF MONEY AND ALOT OF TIME,this game is for you.. thank you *P/s:- not to mention the PvP.. good luck guys..because its damn hard.. you will always defeat in the arena.. 👍

-This game is a gem. Much more optimized than the similar Marvel’s Future Fight. The controls, graphics are smooth. Just need a few more heroes/villains.

-Gw suka tapi ini kenapa sering banget invalid login. Tolong di benerin, mau main jadi susah tau hadehh…..

-I love this game so much and in my opinion its better compared to the marvel one but im not sure how to get the skin ticket or gold family ticket and please let it be offline

-this game is entertaining! i like chat bubble between characters in battle kinda fun to read them hope they have a lot of it! but this game lack of strategy to play with, this is basically power up ur hero and u r good to go (any hero will do).

-Awesome game specially if you want stuffs. It’s kinda hard since you have to grind a little bit, but once you got what you need then you can enjoy and have fun.

-Loved the game , but grinding resources takes a very long time , I hope you guys make it a little easier to grind things .

-The game has a good interface, and good graphics. But it tends to lag at times, I don’t know if it’s just my phone or it’s the game.

-Awesome This game is really good ..but now we cant get anymore resource to tank up more heroes after guide is completed …u need to make some modes so we can collect golds cards and other things like MFF tho this game has potential to surpass mff …I left Mff and joined this becuz it is better then Mff. But u need more content so we can rank up more chars not just first three with the help of guide ^.^

-This game is so good. All the vivid graphics, intense gameplay, so far, the best game from DC. This game literally provides console quality graphics and gameplay as well. Enjoyed it a lot, and still enjoying it too. Keep up the good work!

-I am enjoying in game but please do more characters ilke Dr fate,captian atom,red hood,killer forst, revised flash and more please thanks

-Its a very good game and a great time killer. 4:33 has out done themselves with this game and I definitely recommend it to fans of DC or RPGs in general. Although I still do wish that the skins would be permanently equipped and not be on a time limit. Overall great experience with it so far

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