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Darkness Rises
by NEXON Company

Game Category:- Role Playing

Darkness crawls throughout the land and within it lurks a horde of ferocious demons ready to breach our gates. The path ahead will be grueling, but you must persevere and descend into hell itself to destroy this evil before it ravages our world.

Darkness Rises is a revolutionary Action RPG that blends gorgeous graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss battles, all within the palm of your hands.

From the earth-shattering Berserker to the magic-wielding Wizard – choose from a number of classes that fits your playstyle. Decimate fearsome monsters with a flurry of powerful skills or unleash them in the arena against other players. Conquer the darkness before it conquers you.


Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises


Key Features:

Engage in challenging boss battles that will put your skills to the test as you venture deeper into the abyss

Experience stunning visuals that will truly immerse you into the world of Darkness Rises

Use the Soul Link ability to seize control of monsters and turn your enemies against themselves

Gather your allies and guildmates to explore menacing dungeons and discover rare loot

Recommended Specifications: Android 6.0 or higher / Galaxy S6 or higher
Minimum Specifications: Android 4.0 / Galaxy S4 LTE

■ App Permissions Information
In order to provide the below services, we are requesting certain permissions:

[Optional Permission]
– Optional permission does not affect gameplay.
Storage: Attaching screenshots for customer service
Phone: Allow your phone number to be collected for promotional text messages
※ This authorization only applies to certain countries, so numbers may not be collected from all players.

[Permission Management]
Android 6.0 or higher – Settings > Applications > Select App > Permissions
▶ Under Android 6.0 – Update OS version to retract permissions; Uninstall app
※ If the app does not request consent for the permission, you can manage the permission by the above steps.
※ This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device settings.

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User Reviews :-


Joseph Plato
After constantly trying to log in to this game, beware. Even if you have unlim data and one of the most current devices, this game will run fine for only a couple of hours, but then you’re forced to bring constantly being on wifi. Tried troubl this issue with customer support and 3 times I was told it was because I had too poor of a connection or I have too much stuff running which neither is true. I have full connection and nothing secretly running. If you’re looking for an rpg without interruption and are in it to win, this game is not for you unless you have a portable router on you at all times. Will change my rating if they finally change their conne restrictions, but for now, I give fair warning.

Collateral TrashPANDA
I didnt know what to expect when I preregistered for this game. At first I thought it’d be carbon copy of every mmo rpg game on the play store but this one different. Its free yet it feels like a full fledged game youd find on gaming coasters. The voice acting for the characters are top notch. Great talent. The gameplay is smooth but with an occasional stutter here and there but it might just be die to internet connection and the loot system is basic yet diverse. I highly recommend this game

Kristen Anderson
I am loving this game so far. It doesn’t play, or feel like I’m playing a game on my tablet. The quality and gameplay is just as good as many mmo’s I have played on my PC. When I saw it was from Nexon I had to give it a try. I have played some of their games on the PC and enjoyed them quite a lot. This game does not disappoint. I have downloaded and tried a number of mmo’s on the mobile platform, but they all seem to be just more of the same. None of them have really stood out to me as anything great or worth writing a review about, until this game. If you are looking for a PC quality mmo with amazing graphics, very fun combat and gameplay, I highly recommend giving this game a try!

Nathan Harrison
Thx for fixing my account issue, now the only thing that keeps me from 5 stars is its takes lots of mb, I’m fine with it some may not. But the real issue is that it really eats my battery. Is it fixable? Something I’m doing? Or is it just the game? And why am I only limited to my country guilds and allies? I highly recommend being able to join and interact with America and Europe instead of just Asia players. And why is dyeing gear and costume random? I like to be able to choose. Other than that all good so far.

Kevin Khu
The game is very fun and amazing in graphics. Do expect to have a phone with high processing capabilities because this game will push it to the limits. I don’t play many wctoon phones games because of either lack of quality or lag but this game seems to have it all right outside of the fact you cannot play when you’re not on wifi. If it’s not connected to WiFi, there’s 0 chance I can get on. I wonder if anyone else has that issue?

Mint0x _
Alright. A while ago I pre-registered for this game, intrigued by how nice the graphics looked in the pictures. Now that I’m playing it, I have to say it’s awesome. The graphics are good, fighting is fun, audio seems pretty good so far, and even the pictures of the characters when they’re speaking looks quite nice. The only thing I really have to say is that the cutscenes are kinda laggy for me, but that might just be my phone. Anyway great job developers!

Ferdy Selamad
There is a bug that needs fixing. Everytime when we changed our unlocked Skills & add them into the slots of Hero, and played a stage using AUTO mode, the Character’s AI doesn’t use the New Skill throughout whole Game. I have to admit that i gave 5 stars because The Graphics Are Fablous & Visually Empowering! I love the Graphics & game Mechanics of this game irrigardless of what Class u are. Cordially yours, Eddie

Dylan Fountain
It’s a decent game. I pre registered and got decent starting equipment and such which is always nice since most games cant seem to get that right.. It seems like it has had a large amount of time and effort put into it even though at some points it can seem very similar to other games in the same genre. But honestly I would of much rather seen that effort into other things such as pocket maplestory. An android version was released then taken away and all the fans are still just waiting for that. And I feel like they are just playing this in the mean time because of like a why not kind of factor.

I pre registered for this game awhile back and saw some screen shots on the game and liked the armor from the select a character screen. Even tho you don’t get it off the bat, it’s quite easy to get gear and costumes. This game is very free to play friendly and definitely isn’t after your money. It’s an amazing game and I think everyone should try it. The whole dungeon system is very well thought out as for the skills are unique for each class. Great job on making this game. (Also this game runs on almost all devices on low graphics which still looks good, so you guys who are nervous about the game not running, try it out cuz it will. You won’t be sorry!)

Mike Jones
This game is awesome.. Epic battles with demon hordes in a fantasy medieval setting. Build your character up with weapons and armor, enhancements galore. I wish the levels were longer and more in depth though. All around this is a pretty solid rpg type game with real-time battle elements and great grachics. Out of all the mobile app games I have, I play this one the most.

Clarence Lee
This game is fun, and amazing with a good character customisation option. At 1st i tought that this game is the same as other phone mmo with fixed character model, but i tought wrong. And also, the animations of girls in this game is ❤🍄 (you will not be disappointed) But… the thing is…. i cant get a ‘A’ rank weapon! When my friend got it at his 1st box of rank ‘C’ – ‘A’ box, while i got a rank ‘C’ out of it. But anyways this game is fun.

Dexter J
This game looks like in every rpg 3d style game aspect but for the first time i got hooked when playing this. A lot of bonus and reward, very generous to newbie and freemium tho and the most important thing, it’s very light in low res, that’s the most important that no other game can do it and maintaned thr good graphic too. Good one developer, would 10/10 introduced to friend about this game

Casper Wood
The game is amazing for what it is; I really do enjoy it and the best part about this game is that you don’t have to spend any money to enjoy it! The story really caught my attention and probably is the best feature this game has to offer. My only complaint about the story is that it was kinda short. I was hoping for a longer story, but it was great while it lasted. All other game features are nice; but are extremely repetitive which does get boring after playing for some time.

Arnel Colar
If you want a console-level gaming with superb storyline then this is it! Darkness Rises lets you play console-level gaming right of your phone! Pros: Excellent graphics Superb storyline Separate story and adventure mode. Satisfying clicks. –> You’ll know it when you try it. 🙂 Console-level difficulty. This game won’t spoon feed you! Cons: –Will update this when I get to higher levels.

Esa S
It’s another ‘drain your phone’s battery game, as expected NEXON Company’s game. While the auto play more placed in a right place, i was more expect it more like dungeon crawling instead ‘repeat this stage’ gameplay. In another hand, it’s good for freebie but very encouraging to micro transaction. Find a Friends and Guild may change the way you look at it.

Sandeep Singh Mavi
Amazing masterpiece of a game. Hats off for creating such a story driven rpg with epic graphics and amazing voice acting. But please do add some extra enemy variations. If possible please add extra side storyline for extra events or rare weapon reminded of the potential of android platform and please for the sake of gaming do not let greed overtake this masterpiece game. Highly recommend and also add a separate archer class storyline with more characters in storyline.

Maria The She – Wolf
I LOVE this game. Seriously 10/10. I have tried so many mmos on phone and they’ve all been the same. This one really does stand out on ways of having such beautiful graphics and fun, easy to learn addictive gameplay. Only suggestion I can give is more teamwork modes you can do with friends on your friendlist. But seriously, GREAT GAME. I definitely recommend it.

That one girl In the background
I love it so much, but I feel it is missing two very important aspects. 1. Jumping 2. Like a few lobby areas where the characters we create can interact with others characters and sort of walk around and chat. Like open world, but more enclosed. Other than this, it’s so great! It’s super satisfying slashing up monsters and it runs so smoothly! Edit: If you could make character editing free or at least cheaper, that would really add to the game

matthew Smith
Why I love this game: 1. The only thing you can pay real money for, you get tons of for free 2. Graphics are amazing 3. The Menu/Interface is clean 4. It’s deep upgrade system that is not complicated (You don’t end up with a bunch of items you’ve got no idea how to use). I have been playing this since it launched in other regions, a have all 4 characters are leveling up quickly and haven’t spent a dime, but I’m gonna cause I love this game and want to support it.

Jung Soo

Benjamin Gallego
I’m a huge console gamer, and I never thought I would get addicted to a mobile game. Its really well balanced, and diamods are easy to get through missions for the chests, but even then you can wait and get a free chest, so I have not felt lile anything is blocked behind a payed wall at all. The gameplay is really fun amd the dungeons are short and sweet. Highly recommend this game

It’s a beautiful game. Everything is simple, and the RPG element is still there. You can obtain everything and it’s a very even playing field here. There’s even some new types of gameplay present here with the executions and the monster controlling parts. Although my only issue is there there’s some weird triangular stuff on my screen which kinda hinders the experience. I tried changing all graphical settings but to no avail. Can you help me out with this? But kudos to the devs. Brilliant game.

Keven Tejada
Graphics are amazing. You can change the color of your outfit and have another costume on top of that so many choices. You can edit your character looks before and after to make them unique. Controls are like a console, easy to use and press. Focus on updating stats which the way it’s set up you can run through levels like crazy. You progress quickly. Lot of gear to unlock, always look for the better gear to use. Liking the story so far, voice acting is decent.

gnarlydiamond 6
Love the game 10/10. Has a great storyline. I like how you have to do adventures to unlock more of the story. I really love the graphics, I was looking forward to playing just by the pictures and ads. when I played the first mission of the story I automatically fell in love. The combat kinda reminds me of God of war with the executions. It really makes me wonder how you could improve a game like this in the future. Keep up the good work.👍

brent arbuck
Deffinatly worth the download. Over the top amazing graphics, rpgs aren’t usually my thing but this is really funny and easy to play. The only thing is it seems really involved with all the upgrade options. Also having to go through a tutorial every time I created a new character seemed unnecessary, would be nice to skip the tutorial after the first character some how.

Anonymous Gamer
The game is good, but I feel like you are forced to buy/recharge to get loot. Even at chapter 6 you’re getting N and D level loot. I already have a full C set (all maxed at enhance) which makes those two lower loot levels useless. Please raise the drops from the Adventure mode Chapters 6 and above to be atleast Grade C loot. That’s my only complaint about the game. Other than that, the game is great. Great graphics, great controls, challenging raids, good PvP, and very cool and unique ideas such as the block/counter feature in PvP. Well done!

The game is better than any other games on the app store in my opinion. I’ve been playing 2 weeks non stop and see myself playing for years to come. As long as the developers keep updating and putting new content this game wont have a downfall. This is the one and only game I’ll be supporting and hope they keep up the great work. Graphics, gameplay and customization are all beautiful in this game. All we need is more classes and hopefully they change the gender lock on classes. 10/10 for me

really great game with amazing attention to details. even the shop animations look sick for different rarity items. I just think there should be a more broader multiplayer system, right now we have hardly any coop and pvp “missions” so ai would like to see that expanded.

Jaice Brown
I rarely get into these types of games because i find in the beginning, the devs make us way too powerful. You just press buttons and there is no thought required, and I get bored. I then tend to uninstall when im just plowing through the initial content. Even the beginning of the game should be somewhat challenging,thought provoking, and engaging. I find that flaw present here as well, hence 4 stars overall. The rest of the game is beautiful, which is why i bothered to write this. The animations are sharp, controls fluid. My sorceress FEELS powerful, and I look forward to watching her grow.We shall see how long it keeps my attention.

Takashi 210
This game is glorious in it’s own right, it truly feels like an actual console game that I’m playing. The controls are easy and well executed to really be fun, the story is amazing and it’s received my full attention to know more. The only real problem I have is the game slowing down and having these slightly lag like properties, it’s hard to really enjoy the gameplay with how slow it can get. I don’t know if it’s my connection or other apps running at the same time, I just hope an update of some sort comes for this issue.

Neon Billboard
I’m hella surprised by how great this game looks, with that side this game feels like a mobile version of Vindictus… I can’t wait for new classes and new features. Just lvl 7 and already have nice gear and didn’t spend a dime. Not a big fan of nevin since the shut down of dungeon fighters online, but I just may forgive them with this game

samantha haraughty
I know i am putting only one star…even woth such amazing graphics…… 🙁 The game keeps shuting down and won’t let me play it. I was able to make a character but that’s it. An i was really excited to play it. I have an LG treasure which is android. So why it not working i do not know….so please if there is a way to fix please do or help me to do so?

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