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Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past
by Pretty Simple

Download now and discover who murdered Mrs Stanbury …

Go back to the 19th century and solve a series of murders in this captivating hidden object adventure game. Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring suspects in for questioning and analyze evidence to catch the killers. Are you ready to prove your  detective skills?


Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past android app

Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past android app



• Investigate crime scenes in a city from another epoch

• Examine clues and analyze samples to look for evidence

• Interrogate witnesses and suspects

• Bring the killer to justice


PLEASE NOTE – Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past! is completely free to play, however some game items can also be  purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Under our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years old to play or download Criminal Case: Mysteries
of the Past!


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User Reviews :-


-Dear Pretty Simple, I am a Criminal Case player, and I love this game! This was really enjoyable, great and fun! I hope their  will be a 5th criminal case, and it will be named CRIMINAL CASE: ANIMAL PET INVESTIGATION …. Please… And the killer will  be predator, and the victim would be pray, and all the officers, deputies, the doctors, and the other investigators will be all  Animal pets…. Please… This is only my request and suggestion.. I hope you will read this… And i hope that my suggestion will be realize or to become true.. Because criminal case was very good and fun… I hope you understand me cuz i am only a 13  year old kid and I love animals so much… Thank you… I hope you can read my


-This is all I needed: another Criminal Case game to take up my free time! I love the whole four of them. The the hidden objects tease my brain to no end. Each game is intriguing with an original story line. I do have my favorite crime scenes, and plenty of friends(all over the world) whom play as often as they can too!


-It would be nice if you level up and get full energy but your energy had some if not all left before you got it restored that you  just increased by the full amount, the way it is now I lose energy when levelling up because it doesnt add any more to the  110 that is standard. I dont think it is fair to those of us who play daily. I never know when my pet will find that last batch of XP and cause the level up to happen. If I am over the 110 already, I don’t even see the new energy. Some concessions need to be made for this. I love the game though, it is fun and challenging.


-I love this game. I have all of the criminal case games & love them all. The only things that I don’t like is that when when ur energy gets refilled, it only adds to what u have, instead of adding an extra 110 to what u have. The other thing is that u can’t buy none of the hamburgers, orange juice, chips or anything with ur tokens


-4th instalment of the Criminal Case games. I love playing them all excellent time wasters intriguing story lines. I’m well & truly hooked on the whole series. Gainsborough, Pacific Bay, Save The World & now this Mysteries Of The Past…….. all brilliant


-Well this game is really really slow if you want to play for free (I estimate at least 6 mths to finish all sections). I estimate it’d cost around AU$500 to finish quickly. It’s an interesting game requiring memory.


-Great game like the rest of the Criminal Case games! One thing, I watch the 30 second video twice, but the 20 energy never was added, now I have to wait ☹️ That’s the only thing that needs to be corrected


-When we move to another level etc. we get to share OJ or fries with other players. However the sharing is one sided as I do not receive the same OJ or fries I just gave my friends. That is not “sharing” and I don’t like it. Other than that I love this game.


-Poor game. It’s set in Victorian times, but haven’t bothered to change font etc to match the era. It even said to look at your ‘tablet’. The first case was stupid, with me guessing the wrong killer. This was because one of the suspects was wearing a jacket identical to one found at the murder scene. I therefore chose the suspect without the jacket,because no one would have 2 identical jackets! But apparently I was wrong! Stupid game and sloppy attention to detail.


-This is a very nice and well done game. The only thing is that when you watch an Ad for 20 free energy, it isn’t working. I’ve watched it but gained no energy at all


-Damn you Pretty Simple… damn you & your ridiculously addictive Criminal Case games!! How about the next series to be set in space? I’d be VERY curious to see what your creative geniuses could do with that concept!!


-I love this game so much. The only thing I dont like is how long I’ll have to wait for them to examine stuff and to get it instant, I’ll have to pay for it Other than that the game is awesome


-Why charge is required Everytime we want to play the crime scenes,it’s very irritating and with this we can’t play For 15 min or we should buy to refill up!! What the hell.Cant u just make the game to play without any charges!!!!?


-It was written that I will get 40 energy by signing in with Facebook And when I did that the game just restarted I didn’t got any energy I waited for five minutes then also I didn’t got any energy. Then I logged from Facebook and when I signed in I had lost all my energyI loved playing all the Criminal Cases. I have finished playing Gainsborough & Pacific Bay now I’m on number 39 in World Edition. It’s my favourite game.


-I loved playing all the Criminal Cases. I have finished playing Gainsborough & Pacific Bay now I’m on number 39 in World Edition. It’s my favourite game.


-Wonderful storyline and beautiful graphics! I’m so glad this mystery hidden object game was released on its own. PS: To anyone looking for teammates there are several groups on Facebook that have players.


-Just completed previous criminal case would have been nice if all the work levels etc would have transferred from the previous games. Don’t like starting from the beginning again.


-Nice to be involved since solving Criminal Case.didnt take the save the worl d one as I was demoted and had to start again instead of carrying on as chief of police.


-I appreciate with the animal lover kid i also want this type of criminal case game hope you will bring this at last stay happy stay cool dear pretty simple😎


-I have 4 of the Criminal Case games and I love each of them. They have good graphics, easy game play, reasonable wait times, and good story lines.


-I have played 2-3 versions of this game. Never get tired of it.It helps with coordination, stimulates your brain. Hoping to keep playing.


-I love it i love murder solving games and i love old times so this i love, my only problem is you cant spend your coins to fill the hints


-It follows the rest of Criminal Case games in that it’s creative, and keeps you coming back for more every time you solve a case


-It is a great game with wonderful feature and the energy bar is the great way to test your patience because it will take 2 minutes to make one energy and all this game works on energy. But one suggestion is that we can have gems to boost up the lab test and everything that takes time. Because

I have no patience 😂😂😂😂that’s why I love thee nergy bar and I want to eat burgers to get quick energy but it needs real money 😐😐😐😐so u can’t. Love this game. 😀😀😀😀😀


-This is the fourth in a series of Criminal cases. Absolutely in love with all of them. Finished 2 working on Save the world. xcited to start this series of crimes. Simply the best.


-I love this sort of game! I’m already playing 2 other Criminal Case games. Keep ’em comin’! Jodi


-I love ALL the Criminal Case games and I love that there is always a new one every so often! Keep up the work and always make more!


-I really like this criminal case. Cases from the past is really fun and I hope you keep putting these games out.


-Energy are not enough itgot finish with hurry and get charged vrey slow this much all remain nice keep eye on this defect☺☺☺😊😊


-Love all “Criminal Case games. The games are all excellent, I can’t get enough of them !

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