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Counter Terrorist – Gun Shooting Game
by Million games

App Category:- Action

Counter Terrorist – Gun Shooting Game in this classic hardcore FPS games that lets you complete combat sniper stealth missions. Explore 30 stealth shooter levels with 3 themes like Desert, Port and Snow. Be the top shooter commander and hunt all who are hiding in strategic locations. You are a trained hunter SWAT special counter terrorist attack forces agent, your job is to kill the suspects right now with the attacks.

As the levels progress, the mission gets tougher and the rewards get higher. So equip yourself with the best gun and hunt them down to be the top shooter. Search for targets based on radar instructions; completing missions within a specified period of time. Use your huge reward to unlock your favorite from a variety of options like Shooting guns, war weapons, assault rifles, main / auxiliary weapons and Sniper rifles. The battlefield is full of crisis, all kinds of cutting-edge weapon after another, whether you can escape all the attacks, to complete all the challenges.


Counter Terrorist - Gun Shooting Game

Counter Terrorist – Gun Shooting Game


Counter Terrorist Gun Shotting Game Features:

-Realistic 3D shooting battlefield environment
-30 maps, 3 themes
-Top-notch sound effects
-Radar vision positioning the enemy’s position
-Immersive action filled missions
-Play anytime, anywhere (offline gaming enabled)
-Realistic combat mechanics
-Huge weapon artillery including 10 Guns, 5 Assault Weapons, 5 Sniper Guns

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User Reviews :-

Rajesh Thakkar
Moving control are not working fast aim with teliscope is fine .give more moving control option.unistalling it .after clearing ground game stuck give arrow for walk and run .joypad is no joy

shaik ali akbar
hhshg me know what you want for dinner babe you are still interested please nakko y me a year with the y to the same and death me a call at office Depot to get it family are well in the morning bache se baat w me to come over there and I will not be home till late for me nai hai to be home until w u me know when what you time you are iii

App user
Worst game .I wasted my time and data. ” Do not download”

Shane Trueblood
It is a good game but I just started playing it

Albin K Saji
Worst game….dont waste your time and MB

abhishek bharat
Kyu itna ganda game dalte ho yaar paglo jaisi

Sookye Lee
Wow , start with 1000 coins and no gun, the cheapest gun need 1500 coins, this game sucks, can’t play without pay

Govind Bisht
We Have To Pay For…..Play… This Wrong…..Dicision….to Take..

App user
Bahut hi bekar game hai, control bhi bekar….

App user
I think the only way to make money online with people sharing similar interests of the people who are you going to

Harsh Kapadia
WAYY TOO MANY ADS! I’ve never given a game such low ratings…Oh n Btw, the controls are anything but smooth…

Adil Uddin
Sanju ka video surveillance system that will help us with this in a way that is garib dost the first time since his wife was the first half 30th the air force has to wear it for you and I think bad bad at bad at least I think bad bad bad bad at bad bad bad at bad bad bad bad at least I have been working hard on the same time as I am sure the first time in india to nice day today so will get a chance to be part of the first time in a fan of education in the first time in india is the first time since I think I have a fan of education and training and the first half 30th to wear a fan

Sonny Leija
Bad and you dont evan get money and everyone starts shooting you. but the real game counter strike is way more cooler and theres teams

App user
Fight against computers science fiction and effort into your browser window tint and it to be honest opinion is not working nutty the same way too long for a it to me as soon and effort you are interested and would you have received it yet if the weather has the most

Sourav Patra

App user
It is very boring and even to reload the gun we have to give money do not download this game

App user
I frist thought it was awesome but lets face thw reallkty its not its just A BIG WASTE OF TIME

App user
Hdgu Ndje very good games for your games I liked it very much

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