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Caravan War

Take complete control of an epic empire and defend it at all costs in the medieval fantasy tower defense strategy game, Caravan War. Collect a variety of resources to build and expand your empire by establishing friendly caravan trades or launch colossal raids to seize all kinds of goods from other caravans. Battle with others worldwide via online multiplayer or fight solo in an offline campaign mode. Can you build the best kingdom of all time?


Caravan War android app

Caravan War android app


Key Features
– Take control of an epic empire and defend it all costs!
– Set up mass tower defenses to strike down all foes that infiltrate your empire.
– Build and lead a powerful army and launch colossal raids to overthrow enemies.
– Trade a variety of resources with a well-equipped caravan.
– Compete with others via online multiplayer or take on a solo campaign.


Caravan War is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.
If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Caravan War.


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User Reviews :-


-At first I got a clash of clan type vibe due to some mechanic like throphies and graphics. But the game is widely different and in a fresh new way. It’s basically tower defense where you play both the defender and attacker roles which is done very well.


-Love mini games, also building tokens to obtain chests… please keep updates coming! And would love to zoom in more but I dig the overall quality of the game… when can I use my convoy to attack towns and castles?!?! Later on in the game?? Thanks!! And I would buy more gems if the price was reduced… fyi


-Simple fun time waster. Has enough different about it to set itself apart in the big mobile game industry. Gives a little strategy and also isn’t a super money hungry game. I got some advanced units before it even offered to sell it to me for real money.


-Mixed feelings on the changes since early access closed. Mostly good changes, but it is so heavy Pay-To-Win now I am a bit disgusted. It is an overall decent attempt at a PVP TD game, but some basic stuff was left out to balance the pvp. Basic stuff like a partial refund when destroying towers during an active match, no refund at all means a very limited tower deployment or upgrade strategy. The style of PVP is a bit forced and is suffering already from P2W. The graphics and mechanics are very good but the limitations are not balancing it out.


-Same again, nothing unique, i have just been bored by playing thee kind of games, always the same thing but in a new package. I understand the hard work but sorry.


-Hallo Mr. Developer, i have some bugs. 1. Notification on mailbox can’t disappear 2. [String data], i can’t revenge and I can’t accept my new member 3. Chat section doesn’t work so well But I want play this game. Even at my office. Hihi Thank you


-I like that it is kind of a mix between Clash Of Clans and tower defense! No annoying ads, neat graphics and a good bit of stuff to manage.


-The game it’s starting after initial installation, it got stuck on Hiker Games logo, i tried uninstalling and reinstalling….still no clue…. please fix this…


-Fun game! Occasional “hash” error that requires killing and re-opening app to fix. Great casual progression system. Enjoying it thus far.


-Always says ‘Can not verify googleID.. I always retry it but nothing happened even i update it for fix the bug nothing happened!


-After an attack “unable to connect”. You’ll have to close and open the app again. Lots unbalanced troops specially for healers.


-I top up for nothing but the game still not bad to give a try. But still worse when I top up money for nothing


-Since the last update (25.02.2018.) my screen get’s frozen at the very beginning (at preview of Hiker Games logo), can’t play 🙁 otherwise awesome game.


-Awsome game i loved the gameplay and i suggest adding daily quest for gold and card and gems it will make collecting gems easier 👌👍


-One star less because of the tutorial its horrible having some flashing arrow stuck on your screen for 10 mins and another star gone because it needs more realism make it look like the place is actually growing with little people running around not just upgrading buildings


-Make it a bit more realistic, improve the convoy editing while moving troops around because it kind of goes all over the place…overall Insanely well done . Period


-I Love This Game But When I Install This Game , Game Always Said Me To Restart Game Coz Of Google ID Cannot Rectify Overall Game Is Very Good But Plz Fix That Bug


-P2W!!!! Chances Chances Chances……….. Have to struggle alot to beat Campaign to get new towers and to beat Bunch of healers and better defense units Before opening chest, Be sure to Pray to god first or you will get Junks Coin production is really slow


-Great game, no build waiting times, lots of strategy, a mix of tower defense and rts. Really is a game with a lot of effort put into it from non greedy devs. Well created hiker games.


-Love it. The concept is awesome. Mixes units with tower defense and multiplayer.


-I bought gems but never got it Even send a bug report but no reply from the group. Don’t install this scam.


-Nice and fun game but i hope i can have more place to put my tower n not so restricted

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