New Android Game ”Call break Multiplayer: Card Game” Download Game Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Version 1.5, Game by BlackLight Studio Works

Call break Multiplayer: Card Game
by BlackLight Studio Works

Call break Multiplayer brings classic and popular Card Game with online multiplayer feature to the Google Play Store.


Call break Multiplayer Card Game android app

Call break Multiplayer Card Game android app


Game Rules

Call Break is a strategic trick-based card game played by four players with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The
game is widely popular in Nepal and some places in India. The game is very similar to other trick-based game
especially Spades.


In Call Break the term:

“Hand” is used instead of trick,
“Call” is used instead of bid.

After each deal player have to make a “Call” or “bid” for the number of hands he/she can capture, and the objective is
to capture at least that many hand in a round, and try to break other player i.e. stop them from getting their Call. After
each round, points will be calculated and after five rounds of play each players five rounds points will be added as a
total points and player with highest total point will win.

Deal & Call

There will be five rounds of play or five deals in a game. First dealer will be chosen randomly and after that, the turn to
deal rotates clockwise from first dealer. Dealer will deal all 52 cards to four players i.e. 13 each. After the completion of
each deal, player left to dealer will make a Call – which is a number of hands( or tricks) he/she thinks will probably going
to capture, and call moves again in clockwise to next player until all 4 players finished calling.


All four players, starting from the player to dealer’s right bid a number of tricks that they must win in that round in order to get a positive score, otherwise they will get a negative score.


After each player completes their call, player next to dealer will make the first move, this first player can throw any card,
suit thrown by this player will be the led suit and each player after him/her must follow the higher rank of same suit, if
they don’t have higher ranked same suit then they must follow with any card of this led suit, if they don’t have this suit at all then they must break this suit by the trump card( which is Spade of any rank), if they don’t have spade also then they can throw any other card. The highest card of the led suit will capture the hand, but if the led suit was broken by spade (s), then in this case highest ranked card of spade will capture the hand. The winner of a hand will leads to the next hand. In this way the round continues until the completion of 13 hands and after that next deal will begin.


Player that takes at least as many tricks as her bid receives a score equal to her bid. Additional tricks (Over Tricks) are
worth an extra 0.1 times one point each. If unable to get the stated bid, score will be deducted equal to the stated bid.
After 4 rounds are completed, scores are summed to help players set a goal for their final round. After the final round,
winner and runner-ups of the game are declared.

**Localized name of the game:

– Call break (in Nepal)
– Lakdi, Lakadi (in India)
– Ghochi

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User Reviews :-


-Wow it’s perfect multiple game I do it first winter


-Awesome Game play. I am loving it 😂😎😋🎉🎆. Was looking for this card game, for a while.


-The game is quite impressive. Had a wonderful time playing with all other players. Cool graphics, and simple rules makes it much better than others. Best Indian card game


-Great game play, very good design and sound controls. Loved it!. Highly Recommend to at least try it once 🎏😇


-So boring game😎😎

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