New Android Game ”Business Inc. 3D:” Download Game Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Version 1.0, Game by Octigo

Business Inc. 3D: Realistic Startup Simulator Game
by Octigo

Sell your flat and invest in a mobile business in a strategic game called Business Inc. 3D. Perhaps you’ll lose the roof over your head, or perhaps you’ll be an incredibly rich buffalo. You will certainly gain new business experience This is NOT another idle clicker. You can get bankrupt if you do not control your costs and employees performance. But then you can start over, because this is only simulation. 🙂 Employ employees, carry out dozens of projects and earn money on famous mobile games such as Flara Bimbo, Angry Fans or politically incorrect Race of Races. Pick right games and stay ahead of your competition to win the market. Think strategically, do not tap, like in real business.


Business Inc. 3D Realistic Startup Simulator Game android app

Business Inc. 3D Realistic Startup Simulator Game android app



Train your employees, pay them bonuses, equip the office with dozens of useful items such as a billiard table and coffee machine.

Business Inc. 3D is a new edition of Business Inc. game, which is additionally enriched with many new features such as offices and 3D characters, the ability to purchase equipment, completely new projects and employees.

Tapping endlessly leads you to nothing in this game. You must consider profitability, cost, risks, staff, competitive pressure, missed opportunities, and make right decisions to win. Business Inc. 3D is not an idle clicker game.

How to play:

1. Your goal is to earn as much money as you can and develop your company.
2. Assign your first employee to a project and wait until it is finished.
3. Monitor its profits and cancel the project when it starts bringing loss.
4. Hire more employees and upgrade your office when you have enough funding.

Main features:

– Hiring and training employees
– Selecting profitable projects
– Running projects
– Facing staff and project risks
– Managing startup company
– Upgrading offices
– Purchasing office equipment
– Chasing competition
– Managing financials
– 3 levels of difficulty
– 3 rates of speed of the game
– Online ranking
– Company value chart


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User Reviews :-


Good game overall but needs more projects to do not same ones over and over again it gets annoying, also needs more objects to purchase and add to office. Great game otherwise.

-Love it! Only one minor bad thing. All the spelling mistakes but cool game

-Thank you! I LOVE this game. If adding more in-game info and moveable office furniture will be great! Anyway is highly addictive game.

-An amazing improvement over business Inc but there is always room for improvement 1) We must be able to customise the various additions we buy in the room 2) Making the hand movements of the employees more realistic 3) An option to reduce unnecessary animations (opening the various menus) as well as to adjust the graphics as it is a great eater of battery 4) Dynamic background music

-Its good. . . But needs some work. With some tweeks this could be an amazing game. Im not saying this game isn’t good its far from it its actual pretty nice with simple controls that you understand in minutes. 8.5/10

-Great game but I would like for more specific in depth things like the option to make your company public so that you can have stocks or having people specilize in diffe rent things

-Pls tel me that its not real time here

-Good game, needs a lot better tutorial.. or just have one in the first place

-Need more projects n things to do. Some type of notification when projects are loosing value probably

-U cant upgrade office even u have sufficient money this is an issue

-Yes its a nice game but it will be more nice when some features are added in this game

-I love this game its awsome and addicting sorry if i spelled it wrong but the game is kust so coooooool

-Very Good so far! Little recommendation though.. a little background music would work wonders for this. Keep up the good work!

-It’s fun and well balanced just that the beginning hard because it’s kind of confusing what your suppose to do

-It’s fun to play the English is not always clear in the scenarios given but overall I like it!

-Only issue is the constant crash of this game or restart other than that pretty addictive

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