New Android Game ”Burger Shop 2” Download Game Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Version 1.0, Game by GoBit Games

Burger Shop 2
by GoBit Games

In Burger Shop, you successfully created a universal chain of restaurants and found fame and fortune… Until one day, you found yourself in a dumpster with a bump on your head, your restaurants boarded up, and no memory of how any of it happened.


Burger Shop 2 android app

Burger Shop 2 android app


Now in Burger Shop 2 you must rebuild your restaurant empire, adding new twists to your menu to entice new customers while uncovering the truth about what happened to your original restaurant chain.Grab ingredients from the BurgerTron 2000 to create tasty food items to serve hungry customers in this fast-paced food making game!

• 120 Story Levels and 120 Expert Levels!
• Challenge Modes and Relax Modes!
• Server breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
• Over 100 different food items!
• Over 100 trophies to collect!
• Unlimited play!

Burger Shop 2 offers endless play with four different play modes!


• Story Mode – Rebuild your restaurant empire, and solve the mystery of who or what destroyed your original burger chain.

• Challenge Mode – Play lightning fast one-minute rounds – but don’t lose a customer or it’s all over!

• Relax Mode – Serve food without any pressure or stress. Customers are infinitely patient.

• Expert Mode – So, you think you are the Burger Master? Put your food-making skills to the test!

Available in 11 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Indonesian, Russian, and Japanese.

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User Reviews :-


HaHaa! I have hijacked my partners phone just to play this game! Burger shop 1 AND 2 are the best games out there! Clear graphics, smart humor, goofy characters…just a lot of fun! Challenging but not so much that you can’t enjoy it. I’ve been a fan of Gobit for years and years…you guys are the best! Thank you for putting BS2 out on Android mobile…Bee boo beep!!! Kristen C.


-I have played the first game ‘burger shop’ long time ago using my PC.. And i love it (thankfully, i found the game here in playstore-while playing the game it bring back old memories 😊) so I am super excited when I bump into the 2nd version.. So far I am in love with the game, still keeping the same format from the original one but adding new food choice and new customer.. Thanks to the developer.. I am really hoping if you guys can come up with the 3rd..


-I love this game. It’s a great time killer. The only feature I don’t really care for is the flicking feature because I can click something to grab it but it flicks it instead and does things I don’t want to but other than that, it’s great.


-This was my favorite game on the pc. I literally have played this thru so many times and never got bored. So happy to play on my tab. Bring on burger shop 3 please!


-DIDN’T THINK IT COULD GET BETTER!!!! Thought nothing would beat burger shop one…. So wrong. I started this and completed all of story mode with three stars in a couple of hours. ADDICTED!!! Going to complete the rest!


-This is a great game and I like to play it keeps me from being angry and sad so to keep my mind at ease I play this game and I enjoy it sometimes I get stressed out I get said I get upset and I get angry about a lot of things in my life and this came helps me relax and a joy something for once so I honestly think you Google Play Store for putting this game out I don’t think you realize how much you’re helping me get back to being my old self so from the bottom of my heart thank you so much cuz I am enjoying it


-Awesome time waster! I played the first one like 4 times and I was so excited when this one came out!! Great for wasting some time while waiting. And super fun!


-It’s a great game that you can play whenever because you don’t have to wait until your energy refills or pay cash to proceed further. Thanks for the new menu items and upgrades as well.


-Great, more interesting version of the original Burger Shop which I love and still play all the time. And the food still looks super realistic. Great game!


-It’s A really cool and fun game,It passes some time away from being so bored. I really enjoys playing Burger shop 2.


-More challenging from the first one.. If u like to play the first game u definitely like the scnd.. It’s become harder and harder 😋😋😋 i enjoy it very much


-I used to play all 3 on pc when I was younger! Genuinely glad they came out with the second one, and I can’t wait for the 3rd! So good I’d actually pay!


-I enjoy playing this game it keep your attention and you play hard to stay on top it is alot of fun. Come on play with me.


-I have been waiting so long for this game to come to the play store! It’s one of my all time favorites!


-Love the new look and the defrent meal and store line dam good game help me relax after stressful day


-I really like this version of Burger Shop 2. It mixes it up a lot more than the first one. Very fun to play.


-I love it it’s better than one but y’all need to have milk and cereal and bowls to put it in up grade it please


-The people appear very fast when we reach the second level and I that time not able to do and off my mobile .they order a lot of things if anyone will play he or she will not be able to win.


-I love this game.It’s not that hard or not too easy.Amazing and very interesting game.I have waited 2 year to play this game.Cause i couldn’t find it at first.But now i am playing this game and enjoying it.


-Wow,I don’t know that there will be a sequel of Burger Shop!Time to rebuild my restaurant chain and investigate who sabotaged me for that!!😊😊


-Thank you for FINALLY putting burger shop 2 in the playstore!! Played the first one forever ago and have patiently waited for the second! Even better then the first!


-I love this game I could play this game over and over again. When will there a Burger Shop

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