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Bottle Shoot
by Droid Hermes

*Over 10 Million Downloads and over 1 Million Active Installs*

Bottle Shoot

Bottle Shoot

Do you like shooting and broken glass sound ? Blast bottles, play mini-games, and compete all over the World !

The 3D effects in the game are very cool!

Bottle Shoot is about shooting as many bottles as you can in the fixed amount of time. Only if you can do both will you become a real Bottle Hunt Master! Every round is harder, than the last. There is also bonus level you can break the bottle without obstacle such as bombs and shells.

If you like fun and addictive games – Bottle Shoot is for you!

Game rules are fairly simple. You have to throw the stone by swipe your finger to break bottles.
There is also combo to get higher score.

★ Photo-realistic bottles
★ Realistic sound of broken glass
★ Global leader board

Download Bottle Shoot game form PlayStore :-

User Reviews :

-IMPORTANT👇 łnstaII “VEARN” App Enterr (ALNA) to Start Earnings So far so good. Fun way to get Money. Won’t make you rich but the extra cash is helpful. It’s also the best exchange rate on points. vEarn points equals vc instead of like some of the others where it takes vEarn points to reach vc etc….Also, TOYOCASH App very reliable in paying you when you redeem to Paypal. You can choose assorted giftcards as payment or transfer to Paypal for cash. Your choice. I love these guys thanks for adding some fun to my day.

-Nothing more relaxing then the sound of breaking glass. It seems there are still alot of people installing. Usually when rates are no longer put in order. Often the game has been left to run itself. This is an amazing game. Genius in it’s simplicity. A simple update would go along way. Trust me the people installing are loyal fans and likely been playing since released.After hundreds of hrs of play the music and girl gotta change.

-One of best simple game I have ever played. The braking of sound is very nice. But the bombs are tho most big problem. I absolutely hate it. I think not only stones but some other materials should also be given to break the bottles. Good game. Nice play!!!

-Awesome but …… Ooo the game is too goooood. shooting, I love it. thanks for making the game for me ! I only give four stars because the girl is stupid and stylish and the sound always makes me angry and why does the stone rounds like this and it dose not work really good but it is stupid and it dose not work really good but it is not bad too and it is so easy to play

-Little annoyed with…bombs I would give five star if there wouldn’t be that bombs …… If we throw the stone on bomb we r out. I get bored in starting over even if I do much hard work to pass the levels.😕😕

-Intresting game It made me to download dis games cz i find it lyk m cracking my foes face… lets enjoy its more intresting ven v clear levels. Easy to play

-BOMB😈⏰ Actually, the game is very good but the bombs r the most biggest problem. When the shield comes it is no problem at all only the stone comes back. But sometimes one bomb and at the same time another bomb comes at the same time and that is what annoys me.

-This game is really nice but I used to get irritated because of the ads on the top. I can’t see the remaining time or my score because it is covered with the ad. Also I try to remove it but it doesn’t fix I request to fix it otherwise I like the graphics n all….. I recommend to download this game……

-Really fun bottle shoot game! This might very well remind you of arcade style game play. You must use your finger to flick a large stone toward a row of bottles, breaking them one at a time. You must beat the clock while getting faster and more accurate. But watch out if a rubber shield appears as it will cause your rock to bounce off. And watch out for bombs that might sit down next to the bottles. If one gets hit, it blows up and the round is over! If you play offline, it will hold your score until you play online again and will then send it in for you.

-Excellent game, I just have one issue with the game that is gnawing at the back of my skull. In real life if a bomb exploded next to a glass bottle – the glass bottles would blow up as well. Other than that – i really enjoy the heck out of this game.

-Best game It is the best game I have ever played but the problem is that I cannot play next level until the time is up. It’s my request to the creators to please do something for that.

-HELP This is the most addictive fun game l laugh, l cry, l get mad, l hate you, l love you.. it’s soooo addictive, I’ve never played a game like this that l just can’t put down at all. Never be bored again.. Definitely download and smash then bottles

-Good game but the problem is with bombs. I completed the target score but when the stone hit the bomb it showed that I had lost. It is very annoying. I request the developer to solve this problem.

-It’s ok. I like the simplicity of the game but it is a bit monotonous. It’s a useful waste of time. It has it’s moments when it comes in handy too, waiting for your doctor just as an example.

-I love this app, it ‘s always on my phone,no matter how if I bought another one, it’s a game you can play no matter what your doing,or where you are.its really fun,addictive, it’s one of my all-time favorite.Thanks to the app maker, for such a game, and making sure there isn’t much change’s made to it, because some games are upgraded so much, it’s like playing another game.God Bless 😍😇💛💜💙.

-Good game for times when angry but it makes me more irritated whenever bomb comes and if u shoot’accurate I always lose so pls improve to that point but for now I will giv u five star

-Bottle Shoot This game is very simple, but very addictive. After your first round you find yourself saying one more. And you’re hooked.


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