New Android Game ”Bhabhi (Get Away) – Offline” Download Game apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Game Information, Game by Emperor Ace Studios

Bhabhi (Get Away) – Offline
by Emperor Ace Studios

Welcome to India’s most popular & most ever played Bhabhi card game .

Bhabhi Thulla – Get Away is a great game for cards lovers. Bhabhi is very addictive and cards loving game. Commonly played in Pakistan,India,Bangladesh,England and United States of America.The major aim to GET AWAY by playing all cards. And the Looser will be the one who will fail to get away his/her cards and remain holding cards. In Pakistan,India and Bangladesh game used to call as BHABHI. While in European or rest of the world game is known as GET AWAY.


Bhabhi (Get Away) Offline android app

Bhabhi (Get Away) Offline android app


Bhabhi is a complete game it will surely make you addictive because of its huge amount of challenges.

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Awesome Features for the Best Bhabhi Gaming

✔ Challenging Artificial Intelligence.
✔ Statistics.
✔ 3 to 6 Players Room.
✔ 3 Game Modes : i)Classic ii)Challenging iii)Pro.
✔ Select Avatars from mobile phone gallery/camera & update username.
✔ Select Room of particular bet amount,game mode and number of players.
✔ Game settings includes i)Animation speed ii)Sounds iii)vibration.
✔ Resume uncompleted previous game.
✔ Leader board.
✔ Royal Tables.
✔ Create customized room.
✔ Daily Bonus.
✔ Hourly Bonus.
✔ Simple tutorial to help beginners get in the game fast.
✔ Much more…


Different Modes to Entertain Yourself

You can find three types of Bhabhi .

– Thulla games in in this version. They all offer a unique and effective gaming experience.

-Classic is for the Bhabhi card gaming enthusiasts out there. You can jump into the world of classic Bhabhi games, and challenge the smart computer players. It’s the best choice when you need to pass your time.

-ChallengingYou will get more cards then your opponents. Obviously, you have a chance of winning big when you bet big. Pro This is toughest mode you gonna play in this bhabhi game. you will get far more cards then your opponents.


Download Bhabhi (Get Away) – Offline from Play Store :-

User Reviews :-


-Believe me I never ever see this type of free complete game in my whole life.Best time killing offline play and no need to buy something just wait if you loose every thing and within 2 min maximum time you will get free initial coins to play. Thums up for this game from my side.


-I want to play this game online and also play by creating private room Pls reply me..


-Plz make it online its very good game i am enjoying a lot


-Nice game. Play with your friends from far away.


-Plz make it online its very good game i am enjoying a lot


-Great game play…..please connect to facebook friends please give option for online game play..🙌


-Nice game but plze add playing online with frends feature


-Nice Time Pass Enjoyed This App Good Work.


-If this ge is online then it will be a highly enjoyed full


-Really enjoyable game. Wish they had multiplayer mode.


-Good mind tactic to be the first position in this game


-Please improve 2 things : 1. Give some price to third winner also. 2. Make it online so we can play with our own friends too.


-Its fun but please give some amount to the third player as well, its a lill unfair for the third winner


-Very impressive not boring plz try online playing


-I am the king of this game now my game coin balance is 11crore💪💪👑👑👑

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