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Animals Puzzles For Toddlers
by Best Kid Games

Kids love puzzles and want to play with animal toys like cow, dog, cat, fish and more. Animals Puzzles For Toddlers is an educational and entertaining game. It is a simple, fun game for toddlers and kids!

Animals Puzzles For Toddlers

Animals Puzzles For Toddlers

Simple and intuitive, your baby will have lots of fun for hours! This educational game will help your toddler to improve skills in problem solving, logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory.

Easy to learn and to control:
– Touch the screen and drag the animals on the right place
– Interact with all the balloons on the screen when a puzzle is solved
– When a puzzle is completed, tap the next level button

– High quality puzzle game for toddlers and preschool kids with animals
– Easy to use and control
– Learn to recognize animals
– Simple for toddlers and babies
– Toddlers develop their fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces
– More than 80 animals in the game: camel, iguana, snake, shark and more.
– It is %100 free app

Fun and enjoyable to learn and play with great puzzles. Enjoy it!

Download Animals Puzzles For Toddlers game from PlayStore :

User Reviews :

-To many adds! Can’t even finish a puzzle with out atleast 2 adds popping up. Very frustrating when a child is trying to play and it keeps sending them to the app store.

-The object of the game itself is good. My son, who is 2, loves it. However, there is four matches per level. After each level there is a stupid add. This game is for toddlers. Why is there even ads in the first place? Downloaded and uninstalled the same day.

-Unable to close the app if launched. Expecting for kill???. Back button popup sucks. Remember it is Android, not iOS.

-My son enjoys this but the adverts are annoying. There are too many and they aren’t even child related or result in apps being installed as a toddler will press. The option to pay a for a no ad version would be good.

-Ads everywhere. Not able to play unattended and not very user friendly for my toddler. There’s better ones out there

-After every level ads pop up every time …NO GOOD IF MY TODDLER GETS ANNOYED WITH THAT!

-This is intended for small kids. There should be away to buy to get rid of the ads. It is not safe for my phone, as it is.

-The adverts on every round is ridiculous. Uninstalling. The graphics are just clip art so have no uniform style. Lazy

-Too many adds. This is for a toddler! They play one round and a huge add pops up. What are they gonna do?! Click the add and then go where they shouldn’t. They got like 2 seconds to pop balloons.

-Those ads pop-up like crazy. As if a toddler knows how to close pop-up ads. This app is made for toddlers with a parent/carer sitting there to help close pop-up ads every 5 seconds. Already uninstalled.

-So many ads after every move come one

-More puzzles 25 is not enough.

-How to browse between levels ? or reset the levels ????

-Nice game my brothers like this games

-Ads that stay up on most screens. Ads that pop up between content. I shouldnt need to stay with my son to make sure he isn’t installing new apps while hes supposed to be playing and learning. Having to take the game away to close ads isn’t fun.

-Very nice game my lil bro love it

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