New Android Game ”Angry Duck – Angry Chicken – Knock down” Download Game Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Game Information, Game by Hunt mobie

Angry Duck – Angry Chicken – Knock down
by Hunt mobie

🐔 Angry Duck is a knock down game of shooting and targeting other objects in Angry duck. The goal is to knock down all target using a slingshot and angry ducks. The physics used in this Angry chicken game is very accurate and interesting. You will surely enjoy it.

Angry Duck - Angry Chicken - Knock down

Angry Duck – Angry Chicken – Knock down


🐔 Game Features:
► Improve your sniping skill with crazy duck game and 200+ levels
► Simple, drag-and-release crazy chicken for the slingshot and knock down target
► Possibility to shot angry chicken with more knock down at the same time
► Hurdles may be some wooden flock, stone barrier, angry duck and others
► Free game. Free crazy bird .

🐔 How to play Angry chicken:
► To take control of angry chicken and shoot with it, you need to press and hold your finger on the slingshot to outfit it.
► And move your finger to the right and left to pursue the target angry chicken, move it forward or backward to assign, the power.
► And unleash your finger to shoot crazy bird and knock down.

🐔 It is a free app. Slingshot shooting crazy chicken can be challenging!!!!!!

🐔 Let’s start the adventure with slingshot angry duck.



Direct Download Angry Duck APK (22 MB Size)


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User Reviews:-

-Nice game ever

-My favorite game


-Thriller games

-It’s good

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