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Anger of Stick 2

Unknown enemies emerge in the city! Our Stick hero continues to fight them off with a wide array of deadly weapons as well as helicopters and robots, who can devastate all enemies at once!


Anger of Stick 2 game

Anger of Stick 2 game



Experience the game’s 3 different modes:

– Jump Jump: Where you must go up and keep jumping to avoid falling behind, while defeating enemies at the same time!
– Survival: Kill all the enemies and survive as long as you can!
– Doodle Runner: run for as long as you can, while avoiding hazards and collecting money to spend in weapons upgrades!

Special Features:

* Action *
Feel the fast action of Anger of Stick 2, with its realistic fighting and more than 130 combat moves! Perfom the newly added special air combo to defeat all enemies at one time!

* Weapons *
Use a deadly weapons arsenal and choose between the UZI, M1911, Grenade Launcher, Spas-12, SG550, Remington-870, Flamethrower, Ray-gun, Mini-gun, Bat, and the Sword! Combine these with the Helicopter and the Robot to overcome those doodle enemies!

* Map *
Walk through deserts, cities and forests in your quest to rid the world of these menacing stick figures! You can even fight inside buildings!

– An infinite combo attack is available with Hero air combo!
– Enemies can be handled by using robots and helicopters on the streets!
– To avoid attacks from enemy guns and robots you will need to press the button on the key to move to the left.

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User Reveiws:-

Enjoyable w/crashes & glitches Enjoyed this game for what it was but… after two consecutive crashes i gave up onit… The game seemed to clear all my progress (coins, weapons etc…) after a crash. ..very annoying! !!

-Anger of Stick 2 Anger is focused and directed USEFUL energy. AND I believe we all carry unique relevance that supports and speaks for itself and is cool and felt always by whoever wants to acknowledge and enjoy that whatever is interesting to them.

-We are the only one who can help me with this I got it all set up with the other one for the and I to come in and get a cop or for the other one I sent is the for It takes to say that you the receipt and it was the same I I do not have a copy of the for the receipt for the receipt I do not have …

-Best game ever,better than the 3 and 4 one But how about a new melee weapon? How about that the melee weapon does 2x more damage than the bat???? Like it cost about 2000 coins or 2500 idk but thats its ways better than the sword and bat

-Best Game EVER This is amazing i love the fighting skills and the speed of the game. ITS VERY FUN TO PLAY!!!! There are fan made anger of stick games but this one beats all of them by 1000000x

-This game has some glitches but if you can get past them its a grate game for all ages i recommend you get it with the others. Ps:If i could give it 4 and a half stars i would.

-Game is fun but is too outdated – crashes often I’ve had this game on my old GS3 that worked prefectly for phone. Now when I play on my lg g3, it still plays, however I can’t purchase or get free coins as it either freezes loading or crash. This game needs more optimization for it to be the best.

-DIFFICULT Very difficult to kill the enemy with the bat weapon. Hard to finish the levels. I recommend at least one weapon to be permanent and no repairing after buying it.

-Great game but…. Every time when there’s a crowd one hits me and i can’t get up becuz another hits me and it keeps on going,but great game.

-Great Game Game has pretty good graphics and animations. You can do all kinds of kicks, punches, and all kinds of acrobatics. This game us very addictive and is a great time killer and a perfect game to play in the car. There is no Wi-Fi required for this game. Overall, loved the game.

-Great Combat Although I may miss a few times, the combat feels smooth, and weapons feel right. The weapons should have a bit more power though. It seems that my fists are more powerful than the weapons in a lot of situations.

-good and awesome awesome stuff I have a minigun but I ran out of bullets and the I had to use my rifle to blow up the torquise robot fun game though you get to do survival mode,jump jump mode and doodle runner

-my favorite stick 2 is my favorite because u can fight with your fist and buy guns

-Really fun but could be better It has a simple concept kill all of them to WIn the level but if they’re was a story it would have a reason to keep playing and making the player wonder what’s ahead and it’s fun

-This game is the BEST. I would’ve given this a five star if you could actually see if your close to the end of the round or not because its a bit frustrating for me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this game so much because its so fun and easy and whoever dislikes this game is for sure crazy 😂

-PERFECT This is such a awesome game no matter what and it’s funny to all you do is just press the ”up button” to the person and it just knee’s them in the face its too good to be true I wonder how part 3 will be like and part 4 will be like? It’s just so awesome.

-Awesome game Could you remove the guys with the bat every time I get off the ground one comes and keeps smacking me back on the ground which removes my health quickly

-Kill that person This game is cool because I love violence and beating up people on games it may be pixels but its still cool

-Outstanding job but This game is one of my all time favorite games. However,if u could make the jump and double jumps less delayed that would be great. Apart from that, awesome job.

-This game is impossible. There are way too much enemies,too long levels but as few resources. Once if you run out of money you lost and the game makes you buy a lots of ammo and health but doesn’t give you medkits and hardly helps you. After about round 6,the game starts to repeat itself and everyth…

-It was a great time killer Graphics is good.. By my thinking u all should play stick 5 …. Really that was an amazing game …. And at last i m a big fan stickman games thnx for making 5 parts if this game .. And i m waiting for the sixth part to launch….. 😎😎😎😚😚

-I have the same one…but it is not that cool I Love this game is no longer not fun is it fun you will find out more than a few weeks and I love the idea of this game It’s like the 5th one of my favourite game

-Guns and fun It is fun playing anger of stick 2, I like how they have guns way better than

-Cool game but… I love this game so much.But… it will be better if u can level select the game,level 11 is insane,also I will give the last star. Hope u add a level select

-Ok but The enemies in the first level of the desert have to be fair I get killed so much to the bat enemy and robot enemies make them weaker

-I cant believe they made this one the best one out of all of them and there are anger of stick 5 and it is bad anger of stick 2 but still this game is the best i put five stars on every thing on this game

-Itd be cool if there was a gamemode to play with friends via LAN.And doodle run mechanics suck.Also,you’ll have repair melee weapons every freaking time which costs alot

-Interstate 183 and Anger of Stick 4 and 5 you should make the game bette you should be getting better because I play anger stick one and girls stick to Anger of Stick 3 inch dick and number 5.

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