New Android Game ”American FireFighter City Rescue 2018” Download Game apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Game Information, Game by UniBit

American FireFighter City Rescue 2018
by UniBit

If you want to work at a fire-fighter department or already job in rescue 911 you need to know how you control a top fire truck as the amazing fire truck in this game. From this game you can learn the parking and driving skills in this 3D simulator game. So put on your fire barged duty helmet for safety and get ready to drive your rescue truck as fast as possible with safety to the fire location or parking place. When you drive Indian Fire Bridge truck is carefully that you don’t damage or hit anything if any moment occurs you need to start the level again.


American FireFighter City Rescue 2018 android app

American FireFighter City Rescue 2018 android app



Fire truck rescue game 2018 is a cool new 3D fireman duty game that gives you the amazing chance to drive something else then bus, cargo truck or luxury cars. When start the game level game time is not on your favour or side, be carefully driving so don’t take a long path with searching the fire building or parking spot right position.  Fire truck rescue city game is a lite fire truck game that you can free download and play.

In this truck emergency game many rescue truck mission and you must be in a temple city emergency all the time. From this game you feel as a real rescue officer or fireman wait for the rescue call 911 in fire barraged department and be ready for quick action for save people life. In this game you can drive different trucks around the construction sites, parks, big city and even the beach. Drive 3D Fire truck fasten your truck seat belts and become a mad city truck racer on impossible roads and show you’re driving skills. Be the big hero or driver fireman save the live.

It’s a challenging and dangerous emergency rescue service where your mad driving or truck for rescue driving skills enhance and tested your extreme skills. Get ready to secure city fire building or vehicle location and perform you rescue duty as a brave and amazing fireman and emergency driver. Avoid the heavy traffic road that will make your cube truck duty more difficult than other parking games. When you drive rescue truck emergency siren on because people aware about emergency.

In this game many city places or vehicles are in fire you duty is to rescue the save people lives just like as a rescue 911 or American fireman. You can use you siren to aware people or traffic about the incident. You have to reach on the accident or fire location and control as soon as possible.
When you play this game you can use your parking and fire fighting skills to avoid damage or hit city vehicles. Then next on several different locations rescue 911 missions. There will be school, banks, shopping malls and even hospitals to rescue.If you want to make a fire man or fire fighter of this city then play this amazing truck simulator 3D game. This is a modern fire truck game.


Download American FireFighter City Rescue 2018 from Play Store :- id=com.uni.firefightergames.emergency.NY.rescue.apps&hl=en



User Reviews :-


-This is a amazing 3D fire truck for rescue game. In this game your job is to reach the impossible track fire emergency location or accident location at the minimum possible time.


-This game is AMAZEBALLS! God graphics and my bro loves it (so good for me so hewont desturb me.)£8


-This is good its not laggy or glichie has good graphics


-This is an amazing rescue firefighter game on Google play store


-Amazing game, nice 3d effect


-Is good game I. Like game


-Very nice

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