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☠ Rise of Pirates ☠
by Deemedya INC

Rise of Pirates is a captivating 3D multiplayer RPG strategy game, for those who just love a good quest, spiced with steampunk, magic and of course – pirates! As your ship is carried away to a deserted island, following a fateful battle against Her Majesty’s fleet, you must build your camp, gather resources and fighters and let the plunder begin. True, you have many enemies, ranging from British soldiers to wild animals and huge steampunk mummies… but fear not! Your valiant crew awaits your command!


☠️ Rise of Pirates ☠️ android app

☠ Rise of Pirates ☠ android app


On your quest, you will discover three fascinating game modes:
Campaign mode – explore the nearby lands and unravel the story of your ship and crew. Battle ferocious enemies as your fighters gain experience and strength. Adventure mode – boost your loot by investigating the neighboring islands and claim their riches. Fair warning; don’t expect those islands to be deserted… Boss Battle – when the mightiest creatures of the seven seas, such as the colossal Kraken, hear of your glory they will line up to challenge you in battle. Don’t forget to connect to Facebook and invite a friend to help you against them! You will also need to build your base of operation – your mystery island! From an armory to a gold mine, to a jolly tavern, your island can provide all you need. With numerous types of pirates to unlock and use, there’s never a dull moment in your realm. All those endeavors require a fearless leader… the captain! Develop your captain’s skills based on the experience they’ve gained, and construct legendary gear for them. Brew magical potions in the Voodoo cabin and equip your ship with awesome weapons and mercenaries to aid during battle.

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User Reviews :-


-The game has such potential but will lose a ton of players with the 30 sec ads after every fight. I don’t care if ads would be removed with any gem purchase but tone down the ad frequency for free players. Level 10 becomes a real pain since you can get there quickly but can’t advance since you then have to wait at least a week, if not 2 weeks for resources for building upgrades to be able to train to the next levels. In that time, the loot becomes crap since you can’t progress. Honestly, I’d probably would make a purchase but the bad taste of greed is making me going to uninstall. Who knows what kind of annoying


-Game seems good but only played for a bit since it forces a 30 second add after every 30 second battle. So i bounced.


-Arr, it’d be more fun than keel haulin’ some blackard whilst downin’ a tankard of rum! Yo ho me hearties!


-I love this game so much I would definitely share it great job creaters


-Good game but are after every match is way too much. Deleting


-Good Game But Add should be removed and The Story Should Be More Innovative.


-Is this game online? someone tell me before I download it?


-Amazing and the procedure

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