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ZERO SMS – Fast & Free Themes

ZERO Communication (SMS) is the smallest, fastest, most private messaging appfor best SMS/MMS experience! ZERO Communication (SMS) is smaller message products on the Google Play to replace your default SMS and MMS app. It supports rich themes, 800+ emojis, dual SIM, private box and MMS Group messaging. Also support popup new messages and block spam messages. Messaging has never been so fast and secure! You can even set individual SMS ringtone for someone. It has matched close in 50 languages.


ZERO SMS - Fast & Free Themes android app

ZERO SMS – Fast & Free Themes android app




ZERO Communication (SMS) provides the best messaging experience in your mobile phone.


1.5M size – smaller than similar SMS products, smaller than smaller. Themes and Emojis Support rich themes and 800+ emojis.


0.5 seconds – Fast speed with 0.5 seconds to messaging. Privacy Private box, protect your privacy anytime and anywhere.

Dual SIM

Supers support nearly 8000+ Dual SIM devices. Harassment interception Blocker smartly blocks blacklist/keywords and filter spam messages.

ZERO Communication (SMS) users saying:

“This is the best SMS app for my used. If you want a fast and safety SMS application, ZERO is you’re the only choose” –

William Hall Clinton

“It’s very fast and useful. It has been better than many of the other SMS app” – Jefferson Field
“Perfect, ZERO is perfect in my dream, small size and more beautiful theme for free; it’s getting better than better.” –

Ramon Macadam

“COOL! Can’t say how much I love it! Extreme simple it’s different from any other SMS application – so impressive-it worth’s 5 stars!!!” – Turner Carter

Download ZERO SMS – Fast & Free Themes App :-

Download ZERO SMS – Fast & Free Themes App ( 2.7 MB )

User Reviews :-


It used to be soo goodd! I want the old version of this with a sort of downgrade process such a putting the old themes back and allowing our message to send this time, I was not sure but as far as I remember I used the theme it was galaxies and it was lovely. I hope you guys are still around because this is rhe only sms app that comes clean to me. Thank you.

-Problem! I find my sms list to be arranged in numerical order and not by dates like someone who texted me now i will have to scroll down and find which is irritating. Sometimes suppose if i have not seen the number if sender i have to search by checking all the unread messages’ dates to find out who texted me then.

-Current Andriod huwaei y6ii not work with zero SMS. Please resolve my issue. It’s very helpful app to keep private your personal contact. Love this app but still facing trouble can not send sms

-Unable to block spam messages from sp Company spam messages cannot be blacklisted which means you still see unread spam messages showing up in thread. A gmail like message classifixation is extremely important

-My regular launcher on, Samsung Galaxy s5 left the actual number of text msgs, received yet unread; however, after downloading the Zeros SMS app, it does not leave the no. of msgs recieved, nd unread directly on ZERO SMS ICON, Which is very helpful in recognizing immediately–how many messages you have gotten, but not yet read, which is very disappointing!! If you can get this text will give a 5 all the way! Hope to get a response from tech support member Rep from Zero!!

-inally! I would replace Samsung’s default SMS with this, so tiny storage, hopefully there will be dates already on conversation view, because samsung has no dates! How will I know that date sent of my messages? What do I do with the time? Lollipop version is making me sick!

-No pop up window for private message Please fix this kind of issue I don’t know if someone texted me cause this apps don’t have a WAKE SCREEN FOR NEW MESSAGES button and it don’t have a pop up window for private message. Please fix this kind of issue I will give you 5 stars if you fix this kind of issue. 🙁

-Could be a lot faster It hangs frequently and have to reboot. I had gotten this because I wanted a small app that would message effectively with MMS options. Unfortunately there is no way to archive messages… and can’t delete threads if any are locked, but no way to find locked messages easily out of thousands of texts!

-Impressive for its size. Downloaded because ram was one third of default all the extra features makes it quite a win. Only wish I could change color scheme without downloading their launcher, as I use Zeam.

-Can’t receive picture attachment! This is a good app. Simple to use and elegant. However I will uninstall and go back to Go SMS because this msg with picture attachment dues not sir up on my Zero SMS which is a big shame.

-Not bad but I like the app because it indicates which of the two sims it came in on. However when I send via sim 1 I get a prompt asking which sim to send from cm13, in the app it gets a red error. When sending by sim 2 it goes without the promo, but appears to send by sim 1. Zenfone 2 cm 13 android 6.0.1, (a setting so you don’t select which sim it goes by within the app.will solve this.)

-It was great on my old moto x. It’s a lightweight SMS app but now that I’ve gotten a galaxy S5 I’m unable to see any multimedia messages within the app. I was putting up with it for the last few months but I’m in the process of finding an alternative as its just unfeasible to have to open my phone’s system messaging app to view mms.

-SMS blocker is not effective SMS blocker can’t differentiate between different senders with non numeral numbers (eg, banks, cellular providers, etc) and blocks all of them. It gives notifications for blocked SMS, hence no point in blocking.

-Very nice just one problem Why dont you update there is no update since the time its installed. Very very nice fast sms app. Just one problem that while sending a sms we are unable to attach a contact that we want to share on sms. That is a very important feature.Please add this feature and make it perfect

-Can’t voice record, can’t view pictures I send or receive, won’t open from shortcut when app is already running, freezes occasionally. Ilike the look and theme but falls short on a few key things unfortunately

-Bad Notification and Security Service This app very usefull for text messaging but its not secure. Private box once opened and then I use recent app this app doesn’t ask the password. And notification is not private . This app should give user to edit the notification by self mean dummy notification as privatespace app.

-I’d like to recommend chat heads for this app just like facebook messenger. This app was ruined until i got the new update because it is having ads which is very annoying.

– I’m really annoyed I love this and use it over my reg messages. Now it crashes when I try to write anyone and a it’s a HUGE data hog over 200mb. That’s insane. Please fix these issues. I will recommend this to friends but that needs fixed thanks.

-Go SMS w/o annoying ads. BUT it doesn’t block spam sms by a name of the sender (there is an opportunity to block by key words, but it doesn’t work).

-my emoticons appear on top of the keyboard, so whenever i click on that..smiley panel closes..cant use other smileys or icons..and yep whenever you reply with the pop up..sometimes the message isnt you type nothing when you check it inside the zero sms app.

– It was working fine with theme but a couple hours later it stopped showing the theme. I tried different ones but same results so I decided to uninstall it and try again. It works fine now but I would like to know why it did that.

Android lollipop… It won’t display any messages and it said I had to check the app permissions… I’ve tried rebooting and the app management yet nothing happened if you can fix this I’ll be happy to use zero SMS again

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