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ZenMate VPN – WiFi VPN Security & Unblock
by ZenGuard GmbH

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ZenMate VPN: The easiest way to stay secure and private online, while accessing the content you love.

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✔ Total Security & Privacy:

Secure all your internet traffic and your IP with encryption. Our VPN gives protection for you and your device whether you’re at home, on the go or using public WiFi. It will always keep you safe!

✔ Total Freedom:

Unblock the Internet with all its sites and and hide your IP by changing your location. Choose from popular locations all over the world.

✔ Turbo Speed:

Surf the web without limitations and experience the maximum possible browsing speed!


ZenMate VPN - WiFi VPN Security & Unblock

ZenMate VPN – WiFi VPN Security & Unblock


~~ Why ZenMate Core VPN is essential for your device ~~

Our VPN is easy to use and works everywhere – at home, on the go or in public WiFi – acting as your internet security companion. You can unblock the web and secure your mobile with encryption. Change your location and access sites in the web that are not available in certain areas – way faster and more secure than using a simple proxy service.

Hide your IP address and get more protection with the touch of a button! We keep your privacy safe and protect all your internet activities – including your apps.

We make sure no malware or hacker can compromise your data in a public WiFi. This difference to ordinary proxy services keeps snoopers from spying on your web browsing activities, downloads or credit card information.

~~ Disclaimer ~~

We do not publish our mobile applications in certain countries (China, Iran & Saudi Arabia) because unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the product will work reliably. Even if you are able to download the application, we strongly recommend that you do not purchase premium accounts from these countries. We are not responsible for lack of service and are not liable to provide refunds.

Download ZenMate VPN – WiFi VPN Security & Unblock App  :-


Download ZenMate VPN – WiFi VPN Security App (13 MB)


User Reviews :-

Jerome Tabary
Terrible… It looked good 2 years ago and was pretty much reliable until the last past months. Double charges on my account, and can’t watch my soccer games cause busted by websites…

Xisuz Khan
App absolutely does what it is meant to. Just one hitch. It doesnot work with cellular data, I dont know if its my device or app dont support it..

Petar Maksimov
Can you make it run not onley on a wi-fi. The Turkish adds are very annoying, every time when I use Bulgarian IP.

Ben Johnson
Zenmate does the job, but slows my internet speed down considerably! I paid for a year subscription, but don’t see myself using it to much because of the big loss in speed.

Steve Byrd
I will tell you more when I get a chance to use the app! Jackass developmers not writing code well to the point of actually allowing someone to use the free account option and not being forced to use a trial. ( I am not able to use it either). If you want me to use the app and possibly get a paid account later..Fix the free account option!

App User
I have had a free Zenmate account for years and have used it on my phone in the past, but the app now will not work without a monthly subscription.

App User
It’s hard to connect even with good internet but once it does it works very smooth. The good side is, there are no annoying ads, that’s why I’m still sticking to it. Improve the connectivity rate 5 star plus. Lol

Good choice for me before business trip to China. However, connection is not as stable as it is in ios. I was using both devices. 1 android phone and 1 iPad.

Montique Hamahona-Raerae
Keeps dropping out and is very frustrating! Never used to drop out as much as now

Wala’ Atweh
It works for one month only and then it stopped working after that and ZenMate support claims that issue is ISP issue and not related to them! And they refused to make the refund.

sajjad mehdi
I purchased it but some times it’s totally failed even from last week am facing problem it’s connected but hangs all application

Saša Šimunović
Two years after… No fixes for graphic bug of the shield icon flickering instead of pulsating when ZenMate is in portrait and landscape mode. No exit/close button.

icetrail logistics
FRAUD WARNING FRAUD WARNING FRAUD WARNING this app will take your money and not work. Google should knock them off the play store Policy is called useless document if customer is not happy! I’m a venture capitalist with investments in 21 companies hence my comments are qualified!

Faisal Zafir
It was initially good but now the speed has gone down.. Browsing can work little bit but watsapp calls don’t work

General Lee
Can change countries but says privacy not insured location not hidden in Android. Have to restart tablet to change countries. Works great in Firefox. Wish there was PC version for Linux.

App User
I have paid for one year subscrition but after using the app for a few weeks I noticed that it blocks texting on WhatsApp, freezes very often and in conclusion it is totally unreliable.

navjeet singh
Hi zenmate, After a long time i have installed your app. As i have a free pack with 3 location. Why you’re asking to upgrade to premium. Don’t download this app

th lee
More half. Years still. Not fix It my asus memo pad cant connect,when connect just show error only

Eugene Derby
I’m disappointed in the app It keeps saying connection failed. If got the latest version. I dont want premium if it does this.

Mario Barut
Don’t.. it’s a scam to take your money. I’ve been charged again from this company without any notification. Once signed up then they got you…you have been warned..

paul harbison
Once i got together with a tech at support that was able to reach through my foggy brain and help explain things, and stuck with me answering more questions, the app made sense and is quite helpful.

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