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YouTube Gaming
by Google LLC

App Category:- Entertainment

YouTube Gaming keeps you connected to the games, players, and culture that matter to you. Featuring videos and live streams with chat — including let’s plays, reviews, speedruns, trailers, and more from your favorite gamers and publishers — you can explore the games you care about more deeply than ever before.

With videos covering Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Garry’s Mod, and tens of thousands more, it’s all on YouTube Gaming.


YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming


• Watch videos from more than 25,000 games
• Experience live streams while chatting with other gamers
• Get recommended videos based on games you love

• Browse dedicated pages for every game, as well as publisher and gamer channels
• Explore categories from reviews to let’s plays, machinima, eSports, and more
• Favorite your games and channels for updates and easy access

• Receive live stream notifications to keep up with the action
• Join a community of publishers and gamers over 100 million strong
• Tune in to live streams of events like E3, PAX, and Gamescom

Download YouTube Gaming App :-


Download YouTube Gaming App

User Reviews :-

Great gaming app, really easy to use. I wish you could make chat full screen without the video like the twitch app does. Please add a feature where we can clip footage like twitch. Other than that thumbs up 👍

Casey Ferrer
Honestly it’s decent as most videos are just gaming ones as intended. However, it runs like the default Youtube app used too. There’s no advanced features like the over-app video their base app does.

Robert Yoon
One new feature is dumping all gaming subscriptions here so the regular YouTube doesn’t get cluttered. Another new feature is searching by game but it’s auto-generated and imperfect. Overall, it’s a subpar YouTube. Now there are “tabs” to scroll through and tire out your fingers like this is Windows 8. Annoyingly, random live streams, recommendations and more random live streams are placed above the subscriptions so they always have to be swiped through and insultingly, they cannot be removed.

Lee Woods
I would like to see the YouTube Gaming App offered on Android TV Devices; Nvidia Shield TV and Xiaomi Mi Box.

sarthak singh
It’s just stop streaming in between after recording 4minutes idk know it is not working in my device

I downloaded it wanting to live stream some mobile games and whenever I load the app, it doesn’t load anything but the YouTube gaming logo, the search button and the account button but nothing works. It won’t let me access anything on the app. I’m not sure what I should do.

Ehsan Charolia
While I live stream, there’s the bubble that keeps floating around on the screen. Is there a way to at least reduce its size, if not make it disappear completely? Because if I’m playing a game like PubgM , it takes up a considerable amount of space that blocks view and/or functionality. I understand there has to be a way to access settings to my stream quickly but I’m sure that can be done in a much better way.

Joe Dombrowski
I loved this app… Then for whatever reason, the subscriptions tab stopped showing subscriptions, and started showing a bunch of things I don’t care about. Bring back the old chronological subscription tab, and it’s 5 stars again. Edit: my subscription time-line is back, so I’m happy!

Sunny teh derp 😛
it kept on crashing on me and at first, i could stream just fine, but now im pissed off because it says “unable to connect to youtube” and im incredibly disappointed in the performance of this app. ive restarted my phone 4 times, reinstalled the app 3 times and it’s driving me absolutely insane. i loved this app at first, but now it’s let me down. it doesn’t make sense to me why it would do this. one star for bad performance.

akhilesh pradhan
Big bubble that floats when I don’t want it. Is there a way to remove it. If I am showing myself then it’s ok but what if I don’t want to. It takes lot of space. Please use brain before making such things

Haz Dwen
I am Ted Wiggins, I speak for the trees. And, the fact is, things aren’t perfect here in Thneedville, and they are going to get worse, unless we do something about it. Unless, we change ours ways, and we can start by planting THIS! *Dramatic Music Plays*

Zack Hines
The new update is trash. Before you had all of your subscriptions on one tab. But because there is not enough tabs for streamers (sarcasm) the tab used for you subscriptions are filled with streamers that your not even subbed to. So you know that’s great…

No one
It is good for watching live streams, the end. By that I meant that features from the base YouTube app are still not there! YouTube without double-tap to seek and other essential features is an absolute deal-breaker!

Juan Carlos Bagnell
This app and service has been broken for a while. The app automatically logs in my main Android account, but I use a different account to stream and produce videos on YouTube. I need both accounts on my phone. If I try to switch accounts, the app crashes, and the app stays permanently broken. I can only re-load the app if I clear out all the app data, which means it automatically logs me back in using the account I don’t want it to use. I really wish Twitch would let me stream from a phone…

Nathaniel Ruzicho
This app is probably the best app out there for gaming on your phone. just make sure you’re by your self because one person talks and the whole video is bad. unless you edit it out.

Nathan Bates
Was great.. but subscription tab is now a mess.. none of my channels are there and its all featured channels which is pointless,if i want something other than my subscribed channels ill use the search function….. i want my channels back please fix this

Can you please add in a new update where your own watermark is smaller for better recording. It comes with many benefits. Also if it blocks a button and you’ll have to move it, then it’s annoying. If you guys do… Thanks!

Twiggy Piggy675
It was amazing! One thing though, when I was streaming PUBG MOBILE I couldn’t use my ingame mic. Once I closed this app then everyone could hear me. Please fix this

Cyber Animations
It keeps crashing every time I try to live stream… Can you make it just a little bit better?

App User
Quite good actually…I’m surprised though this app does not users options to sub to YouTube channels during streams. Slightly pointless then also. Please was this functionality cheers

Christian Thompson
I can’t even load in. It crashes everytime I try to open the app. It worked just fine on a different LG K20 phone I had, but not this LG K20.

It was great, i can see all my channel’s content in the feed, easily accesible to find other content too. But i dont know what happened, my feed just shows bad featured channels which im pretty sure i wont ever care about. I want my channel’s content, not some featured bs.

Sean O’Brien
Pretty much useless…. You record a video, it’s all fine until you press ‘Stop Recording’. Absolutely nothing happens! Trying to Livestream gives me the error message like ‘cannot connect to YouTube’ or something like that,even with the strongest 4g connection possible. I thought this would be the solution to not being able to find a free video recorder, but no, it doesn’t even work.

Missing a critical function, you can’t rewind/skip ahead by double tapping either side of the screen like the main YouTube app, and it’s a pain rewinding the video without it. Also the options menu for adjusting video quality and such shakes and can make your eyes hurt if you look at it too long

nobles OwO
Basically people are complaining its a copy off youtube.. Thats kinda the point, its to help you with youtube so um… Its a good app and I recommend it (oof)

Chase Plays
Ok first of all obviously you have to sign in to google its YouTube people read also this is a lovely app and I can use it for live streams but for all the people that don’t have brains here is how to use it. It’s basically YouTube from a computer on your phone you can live stream record videos use a webcam use a mic and with other channels now with the regular YouTube on mobile you can’t live stream games unless you want to record a sucky way with your phone but you can’t do record games straight away like you have to do all the stough but with this it takes you right away so yeah 😄 people learn your internet knowledge.

tyler King
It records for at least 10 minutes before it just Stops on its own! Need to be fix don’t waste your time

I hate this it doesnt work my voice is always static and whenever i record or stream its always only a min. long and it makes everything record super fast

The Angry_Tank
Garbage! It records quite nicely but the fatal flaw is when you are done recording the gddm app closes out whenever you press stop. Why design an app unable to record multiple vids in one sitting? It makes no sense at all. Why do I want an app that closes out constantly. It needs to be fixed and fix right away. Until then it remains garbage. PS the settings never save either. You have to customize every single time. It’s stupid.

Adam Robinson
I hate it. Why do you have to put all of your information into it just to make a video. So not cool.

Nitesh Prasad
This app is garbage. Is google publishing apps without testing? Everytime when I try to login with my brand account it crashes immediately.

Long Vu
It’s broken, when I try to record or stream, the menu will pop up while I’m recording and it never vanishes. It blocks a lot of the buttons I need to press while gaming. Also the options button does nothing when pressing it.

App User
It only requires Wi-Fi and it does not work on normal networks so please guys don’t download it you have to use Wi-Fi for it and soory it doesnot eork on any network fakeeee

Mahmood Alam
I am not able to add audio in my streams without using mic. I want to play music in background but does not want to use mic. Mic creates noise.

App User
Will you please fix that bug where it keeps crashing just as I try to change my account? I get really annoyed and even tried updating my phone several times

Tammy McKinzie
I love this app I could watch videos like youtube. Oh yeah sorely Google made youtube this app was created by google

LeAnn Braddy
I love the new YouTube app because it makes finding gamer’s videos easier and less time consuming… Sorta😅 I mean I still spend a lot of time watching them, but oh well… The search was much easier and the quality of the video are pretty good too. The notifications for the different gamer’s is still pretty much the same as normal YouTube, but I won’t deny that I love this app much more. 💞❤💕😊

Ethan McGrath
I can’t record. It tells me I have bad connection but my connection is perfect I check it before i stream. Fix this and i will 5 star

Zero The Headgehog
Well done with this app I love yt gaming I DO LOTS OF GAMING I love doing gaming it’s my thing ALSO I CAN DO LIVE STREAMS

François Montagne
The subscription tab is now a failure. I can’t see new videos uploaded by channels I subscribed to. Remove the features from there. It makes no sense and fire the guy who sold you the idea it would bring more money because I will stop using this app until it’s fixed.

TheGolden Plan54
The app was amazing till the last update where they made the subscription tab only show recommended channels not the ones you subscribe to. To see video from someone you are subscribe to you have to go every single one of their channels and check if they’ve uploaded or not. If they fix it how it was I’ll 5 star this app.

Mikayla McRoye
Hello. I have downloaded this app two days ago. It was working fine the for some odd reason, it will not open. No matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall the app. I have even cleared the app data and cache many times to no avail. Is there a way to fix this? Also, on my other account, it will not show livechat either.

Major Flaw It Does Not Has A Internal Sound Recording Feature, which makes it a Bad App besides Its good features, also the streamers cant set the resolution, fps and bitrate according to them. Should be worked on this ASAP.

Matsutoshi Hoshigaki
The app used to be great until the most recent update. Now it forces new channels into your subscription tab so the only way to get updated from your subscriptions is to turn the bell icon on or go directly to their channel. Hope they change the subscription tab back.

cooltea28 lps
I like this app so far but there is some problems with trying to stream beacause it will glitch out and say cant connect to youtube i hope you guys can fix this problem

RichiBoi PlayZz
So It’s ok but please is there a way to make the webcam disappear. It takes up alot of space when im livestreaming PUBG MOBILE. And I really dont like showing my face often.

Surya Parkash
I stream pubg through your app but that live stream is not showing in my videos in YouTube . Also the stream is not showing again after offline, it seams that it shows the live stream till we are online . Kindly solve my issues so that i increase my rating to 5. Thanks

elmciti reloaded
I like YouTube Gaming, although it’s not much different than the regular YouTube app. I like the idea or streaming/recording mobile games, but the app lags A LOT when trying to stream. They should fix that SOON.

SDC Gaming
The YouTube Gaming app no longer keeps up to date with the views on your channel like previous versions of the app (the main reason i use it). It needs to be fixed!

DragonFire Blitz
Wish the audio worked with discord and recorded discord and in game audio with earbuds in sucks that it cant if it did i would rate 5 stars and i bet alot more people would use it :3

Abu Siddik
Hai, Today I uploaded this apps.. I selected game and i selected live stream.. But, not communicated with youtube… recorder only working.. but not connect live stream.. I am using Samsung galaxy j7 2016.. 2 GB Ram… Please reply how can solve this problem?

Durr Butts
This new layout is horrible. My subscriptions tab doesn’t even show the videos to what i have subscribed to. Just suggestions of others to subscribe to. Where did my videos that i watch go?

JJM for life
It keeps freezing on my tablet and my tablet is new and has lots of memory but it keeps freezing I would give it a 5 star but cause there’s problems I’m giving it a 1 so plz fix it

ExplodinG GaminG
It’s good but every time I stream those like something that says poor video output or like it sometimes Halo video out I don’t know why the heck and my app doesn’t even need an update

saikiran shiny
Once you touch the Screen overlay it vanishes and as it comes back when u tap your logo ,it can’t hide again no matter whet you do

It was ok, but I hated that the face cam could only be turned off and not taken off. It’s taking up too much of the gaming screen. So I unistalled.

razor dragon
After the update of the subscription tab going only channels I don’t care about this app had no use for me anymore. Cya on twitch

Maryama Haji

I just want a simple new feature by which the streamer records the inner voice of game means the game aound during the live stream if it happens then it wiuld be a nice app other wise i think its worst !

Pls fix the unable to start stream, it’s been bugging me ever since I’ve got this app and I haven’t even had my first stream

Jose Torres
Can you please fix my problem that I am currently having I haven’t been getting notified at all for live streams why pls fix it

Aditya Kothare
Unable to use on Moto G5s plus… Unable to maximize or minimize streaming icon

john cabab
Literally using this as normal YouTube just for the dark theme. C’mon Google. It’s not hard. To think you implemented the dark mode ability on Apple and not on your own android phones? What are you thinking?

I am not able to open it on my device.When I start YT gaming my phone get’s stuck and the screen becomes black…. If you fix this i will re-rate the app…..

CashFlo 3000
This is the best i can Live stream anyway I want This is the the perfect app for small YouTube’s I only have 25 sub and I can’t get at least 50 views just by streaming This App is the best .

It’s better, but the fact you can’t swipe/skip seconds makes it not worth it if you come from Original YouTube. The UI is great and the layout of the videos are even better. Add the skip please :c

I have a issue! It says “Youtube Gaming has stopped working” not even after a couple of seconds of opening the app….plz fix

The Classic Gamer
Google stop messing up youtube you can barley find anyone anymore and it’s really annoying when it takes you to YouTube instead of YouTube gaming and you sub to people on YouTube gaming and it takes you to YouTube instead

David Macomber
The update killed this app for me. Instead of showing my channel videos it now shows channels I could care less about.

powerhouse 1996
Most People Consider Youtube Gameing A Failed Exparament … My Thought Is Youtube RED Has Been YouTube Least Successful Subdivision.

Ryan Mason
Why have you changed the app? I cannot see what my subscriptions have posted, I don’t want to see what other people I’m not subscribed to have posted.

Vijay Tiwari
It’s great and I would have given it 5,🌟 but it lack some features like double tap to move 10sec ahead or behind but overall it’s nice and pretty useful 😃😃

ashley ._.
I like it, except it only works with phones and possibly tablets. I tried on my computer and it didn’t work. I like this app, but wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.

It takes three attemps to work and this bug is in all Androids like S9 and my current phone realme1.

Parth unadkat
After few seconds of going live, the stream cuts off, just vanishes(including my face, etc.)… And half video is uploaded.

Mohit Sirsath
Whenever i tried for live stream for any game it stops after some time and the stream goes offline. Team please help me.

Austin Rodriguez
I have a critic or a problem, hope you solve it, when I start streaming, the icon that shows ur profile picture i cant make it smaller

Gian Pagayona
Pls help me google the problem is that i cant record i only stream i want trecird in game thingys pls fix it

# Gaming with swag
When it says to live steam on my youtube channel i like it this app but i do not like the apps this apps is all wastage . When i trying to go live on youtube it always say sorry unable to connect to youtube and so reply me on this message.

UndeadBanana RB
I don’t know why but why do you need a phone call and 6 digits numbers?

existential echidna
It records fine and streams fine but I can’t really get the audio to work right. Is there any sort of way to level the sounds? If there was this app would be way more awesome.

App User
Everytime I tried to Livestream, which is why I downloaded it, it says connection error, even though I’m right next to my router. Please help.

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