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YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor
by Perfect Corp.

Edit photos, beautify selfies, and add frames & collages with a full editing tool kit!

====== YouCam Perfect Core Features =======

★Real-Time Skin Beautifying Effects in Beauty Camera & Video Selfies
★Edit Photos with Full Editing Toolkit
★Stylize & Share Pics with Friends!
★Achieve a Flawless & Luminous Face in Every Picture
★Cutout & Object Remover Makes It All About You!


YouCam Perfect - Selfie Photo Editor android app

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor android app


Edit Photos with Full Editing Toolkit

★Try effects and one-touch filters, photo crop and rotate, mosaic pixelate to blur the background, vignette, and HDR effect.
★Blur photos using background defocus, Gaussian blur, and other blur effect tools

Real-Time Skin Beautifying Effects in Beauty Camera & Video Selfies
【Real-Time Beautifying Effects & Filters 】
★Bring selfies to life with short videos (Android 4.3 above is required).
★Videos and video selfies with cool filters for better Vine videos.

Stylize & Share Pics with Friends!
【Collages, Grids & Frames】
★Insert your selfie photo into a fun scene, grid, collage or template!
★ “Smart Collage” detects faces in your photos for perfect placement in collages and backgrounds.
★Magic brush adds stickers to photos with a burst of shapes and colors wherever you tap!
★Share to Facebook, Instagram and your favorite social networks

Simple Steps for a Flawless & Luminous Face in Every Picture
【Face & Body Editing】
★Face reshaper gives you a great face shape without plastic surgery.
★Skin smoothener makes dry skin, wrinkles, acne and fine lines all disappear.
★Add contours to your face to bring out your true beauty.
★Add blush & remove shine for a clear face, even without makeup. Also, add freckles, and perfect brows like with microblading.
★Eye Bag Remover diminishes dark under eye circles and reduces puffiness.
★Multi-face detection lets you touch-up every face in your group shots.
★ “Smile” feature lets you easily add a smile to any snap.

Cutout & Object Remover Makes It All About You!
【Focus On You With Smart Object Removal】
★Like a green screen for your photos, cut out the subject of a photo, then give it a fun new background for a special effect.
★The unique intelligent object removal tool that you can’t find in other beauty apps
★Erase unwanted background objects or people, so that your photo is all about you!


Download YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor App :- 

Download YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor App ( 43.1 MB)


User Reviews :-

EDIT- I don’t understand what’s going on I purchased the premium version of this way back when I first downloaded the app. Now for functions I’ve always been able to use it saying I have to repay for it??!? Is this true ?? What do I need to do to resolve this issue or do I have to repurchase it again?!??? If someone could help me. Easy to use.. And what’s this,?? all functions work seamlessly well! A++ app.


-It’s the best selfie camera & photo editor that I have ever seen! ♥


-Awesome! No defects. Really awesome


-Very good and very useful app for editing and clicking pics….


– The fact that you now have to pay for the “removal” feature is ridiculous! I’ve had this app for 2yrs and will be deleting it now. Not cool.


-i was quiet happy with this app i have been using it for years but after formatting my phone when i installed it again it started troubling although camera access permission is allowed still it won’t open and suddenly it will show that it has stopped working. its irritating .. tell me how to solve it


-I can’t go back to any other editor after using this one. Perfect for taking live pictures and editing too.. #obsessed


-It’s nice. But when I try to make videos that time videos are lagging & crashing sometimes. Pls fix this.


-Good camera app. I like the adjusting b4 u save the photo. I dont like having to pay to use most the features.. False advertising :\


-nyc app but yesterday i clicked some photos and saved but suddenly dissapear some of my photos. do u share users photos or information to others. plsss respond mee


-It’s very slow while taking the pictures. …i am not able to click multiple pictures at a time….for only single picture it takes approximately 10 or more seconds


-Nice app Or else I can say it is the BEST App bcoz its has the best quality of templates , frames , effects , beautifications editing softwares etc and I like the the candy effect, the blur effect and the stickers which are so cute. A good thing about this app is that ki it can give the best quality of images and the negative feedback from me is that ki it has several advertisement. Yeah some people say that this app is useless but actually it’s not they say it bcoz they don’t know how to use the app and also because they will just see the cover pic of that app and take out the conclusion so in my point of view I will would like to give it 5 🌟 s bcoz this app is actually


-This is a great tool for those tiny issues you may have with a photo like red eyes or even if someone isn’t smiling. Or it can be great for lighting the photo. This one has it all and thats exactly what I want in a filter. Thank you for this app!!


-Y r u charging money to use the removal option in the app.. like crazy if u charge for every bloody thing i’m gonna delete this app right away


-This is just the best App I have ever doesn’t give me difficulties to understand..made simple and so mwaaaah


-I love how easy it was to manipulate for a beginner like me…but it need a little bit more of tweaking, like the manual option features in make-up and also please update more scenic background besides Egypt…i think its one of my favorite feature here in you cam


-Easy to customize, edit, take photos and blah, blah. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s my favorite. It is lovely as it’s name is.


-It is a complete package of photo editing tools, collages, stickers, filters etv. Better than others for sure! Recommended


-Aab me kya batao aab hall kuch aisa hogaya hai ke log aab taj mehel ko dekhne nahi waha selfie lene jate hai


-Gazab ka app hai yr install krke to deko. Just speechless. Thanks Perfect Corp.

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