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Yandex Mail App

Yandex Mail App



Take advantage of all Yandex.Mail features with your phone.
Send messages no matter where you are.
Get push notifications about new mail.

With the Yandex.Mail app you can:
– send and receive messages with attachments;
– use push notifications so you no longer have to check your mail manually;
– search your messages;
– group messages by subject;
– filter messages by label, for example “Unread” or “Flagged”;

Download Yandex.Mail App Apk:-

Download Yandex.Mail App Apk ( 9 MB )

User Reviews

Richard Wilder
Great I like this particular email service and the browser is nice too.

Tural Mardanli
I can’t send mail. It goes to outbox, even if I have inet connection. I’ve installed blue mail and will use this one for my yandex mail.

Dima Gerasimov
Разработчики, менеджеры, тестирования и дизайнеры молодцы! Поскорее бы белый экран как на iOS!

App User
Приятное приложение. Если не очень трудно, сделайте, пожалуйста, возможность отметить содержимое всей папки как прочитанное (например через какое-нибудь специальное меню по работе с папками, которое бы появлялось при длинном нажатии на папку в меню со списком папок). Спасибо!

Andi Riza
Great mail ever known Free 1000 users for custom domain, fast respons, unlimited space, and very helpfull technical support service. Excellent job!

Timmy Bailey
Oh yes! Thank you for the orgasm! I find this to be much more friendly than Gmail and Outlook and also syncs beautifully on my home Linux Mint OS and using Thunderbird. I love it. It loads fast enough for me and is a major competitor against Gmail and Outlook for those people irritated by those two. Fully recommended.

Alexey Bukkolini
После обновления снова не работает push notifications Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop

Ashek Rahman Anik
I like it You desktop GUI is not so much attractive. Please make it like google. I use Yandex for E-Mail newsletters & courses specially.

Lord Beau
From Russia with features! Ability to import other email accounts plus night time mode. Mostly stable.

Alexander Belyaev
Почти все ок Практически все стало хорошо, спасибо!

Seun Momo
I don’t need to check it out before giving you 5stars, You guys are awesome

Dmitriy Chekmarev
Works perfectly both on mobile and desktop

Daniil Borshevski
Нравится С недавнего времени не обновлялись списки писем, хотя до этого долгое время пользовался и все устраивало. После обновления все заработало, спасиб

Mohamed Nessem
Finally get a update Best update yet from yandex :-

Eden Mae
I love it Its so easy to access and i really love the themes and the option for u to recieve a delivery notification is brilliant.

Med Hrz
Easy user interface not complicated like gmail, a lot of options to organise emails, and powerful spam filter to avoid getting you email box filled with spam

Alex Polekha
Стало работать плохо Загружает процессор, а не новые письма. Жаль, если придется сносить. Раньше было отличное приложение

Better than the others Does everything I need from an email and more. Unlike gmail, it doesn’t force me to subscribed to stuff I don’t want like youtube. Unlike hot mail/outlook/AOL/ yandex mail has a spam filter that works. Unlike gmx mail you don’t have to be “tech savvy” to use it. I’ve been using it for about 4 years now and it’s my favourite email account. A big thank you to the Russians from an Englishman in New York!

App User
Xperia ray Nice, fast app, just what I needed as a mail client on my smartphone.

Максим Владимиров
Отличное приложение. Жаль что нет поддержки pgp как в к9. По этому, сажелению не пользуюсь.

Cowen Wong
Secure, simple. Also use Yandex browser for security reasons.

Felix Torres
Better than Gmail or hotmail Lot better than Gmail or hotmail

super hero
Great e-mail service I recommend it as replacement for gmail.

Marina Little
Перестал работать Очень долго загружает новые письма,ОООочень долго удаляет письма. И не приходит уведомлений о новых письмах в информационном меню.не приходят письма пока само приложение не запустишь.

App User
Отличный почтовый клиент. Хорошо работает на HTC Desire. Недостаток один,не перемещается на sdcard

Dmitry Ilyusha
Great app yet after last update I can’t scroll without zooming into the email, I use Sony z2

Hassan Ali
Its good It is good app because I made about 1000. Fob accounts

My favorite so far The look is very clean, it automatically receives my mail from the server without being refreshed, and the notifications are on time and consistent and NOT delayed. My favorite email app so far!

Delwar Munna
Best E-mail service I know This is a great service.Better than gmail,yahoo,hotmail

Allan Marikovski
Great Simply awesome app. If I can make a suggestion though. Can we have an option to change language of it? That would be fantastic))

Vadym Melnyk
UX in mobile app and web version are really similar Mobile app has all functions the web version has!

Michael Florinsky
Лишь бесконечная загрузка при работающем интернете. До этого все было прекрасно:(

App User
Fast! Brilliantly fast and responsive app and services! Love yandex!

Stanislav Yagupov
Great design Really liked new design. Smooth and clean.

Mehmet Korkmaz
Gmailden iyi Gmail uygulamasi kadar salak degil en azindan iyi

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