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Yandex.Disk is a free cloud storage service that gives you access to your photos, videos and documents from any internet-enabled device. Download the app to your phone or tablet and you’ll literally be able to carry your files with you everywhere.
– Transfer data from your cell phone to computer and back again, all you need is an internet connection.
– Your files will be completely safe on Disk, even if your mobile or tablet gets lost or broken.
– To share a file or folder, simply send a link to it and save on mobile data charges.
– Photos taken through the app will be instantly available on all your other devices.
– Get up to 20GB on Disk for free, and if that’s not enough, you can always purchase additional packages of 100GB or 1 TB.

Download Yandex.Disk:-

Download Yandex.Disk App Apk ( 19.8 MB )

User Reviews:

Hana Goli
من نمیتونم کدش رو بدست بیارم خودش هیچ کدی ارسال نمیکنه میشه لطفا کمک کنید ممنونم

Вадим Петражицкий
Вообще молодцы, загружал фото, забыл, ехал домой, закрыл вообще приложение. Открываю – все выделенное запомнилось и продолжилось загружаться на яндекс диск. Спасибо, буду пользоваться.

App User
WOW This is better than google drive and all other cloud drives i have tried. Why? Because it easily lets you upload whole folders, keepin the subfolder structure intact. A truly well-designed app. A+++++

Mustafa Basaran
Excellent storage User friendly interface, fast and reliable solution with local folder synchronization utility.

App User
I am an active user of yandex.disk and actually love it because of its free capacity. Only one thing that I do not like about is the choosing photos or documents one by one if you would like to choose most of them by clicking tiny squares on them. Otherwise it is a really good and a stable app. Thank you yandex for making painless our life with full of picture by providing free enough space.

Deepak ranasingh
Great app😉 I’ve always used a browser to download files from yandex, now that I’ve this cloud app I can even save that file, great🙌 Keep it up guys!!! 5 stars already given😁

Joseph Ivar Ryan Anin
This is amazing but how do I stop an on going uploading from the camera upload section and how do I prevent uploading of videos or pictures so that the wouldn’t be uploaded automatically

App User
works great. i like yandex.disk more than google drive. i get more storage space too. the feed in yandex.disk is useless though

The Crescendo
Simply the best I like Mega too, but yandex is even better because u need mobile app for downloading from Mega while yandex is speedy and can do it over web…

Mehboob ur Rehman
Undoubtedly great application, I am surprised the way developer has designed, it’s so compact and fast, the best thing which I like is 2 factor authentication. Good work guys!! Thanks

Rost Tymoha
Троечка Ужасно не хватает функции синхронизации определённой папки на телефоне

Sergey Gorbikov
It does not update. No notifications for new messagess

Александр Курбатов
Удобный инструмент Сбоев нет. И все действительно под рукой.

Dilmurad Artykov
Thanks Simple, usefull. All users hate interfaces with too many elements, like ad. Классная прога

AgE Global Group
They gave me lot of GB for free I’ve been using yendex since last 3 years time and they have given me ***GB disk space for free with 1st 3 months, yes they know how to reward and satisfying clients. Now all my close friends using yandex. Every yandex user can get extra free 1GB for every year. And yandex have it own great spam email filtering system and due to it I never get spammed. Love yandex services. Kudos to yandex

Raju Biswas
New Web update is Awesome. I love it.& Also love this app. Thanks Yandex.Disk For unlimited Photos Uploading option.

Made Sukahatya
Best Russian made cloud Simple. Quick uploading files. The best is the fasilities to read offline when there’s no internet connection.

андрей кузичев
andryxa Лучшая синхронизалка, теперь и с фотокамерой. А то через кабель или блютуч виндовс отказывается пересылать некоторые файлы. И тогда на помощь приходит яндиск. Но почему-то иногда сам запускается и приходится и приходится его жестоко убивать.. Теперь и в смарттв посмотрел кино сам дай ссылку другому..

Igor Ivanov
Все лучше и лучше становится. Хорошо бы ещё добавить заметки, как на Yandex.disk 3.0 для ПК, и ещё интегрировать с заметками и почтой календарь для планирования дел.

Voder Vondervise
подскажите, как понять, что безлимит заработал. Нажал на баннер и ничего не изменилось. Я думаю у многих будет подобный вопрос

Alex A
Working as intended No bugs. Very usefull. Looking for better interface in near future.

Tania C Pearson
Yandex is by far the best browser on the internet! I’m mainly using it for privacy, speed and the fact that it’s the only browser to support DNScrypt, that is itself a public DNS service, supports Adguard adblocker

H. J. Walker
Awesome app. Spacesaver time reducer. Kept under control it is one of the best outhere. Just remember to use your options and settings to keep it in check.

Mark Bailey
Yandex After more that two years beta testing and developing security programs it seems clear that this 5 stars to Russia and Yandex is here to stay.

Bhujang Rajendran
Great Job Guys The App is simply easy and flexible. With a wide array of clients for different platforms and a fantastic collection of API’s this simply is awesome. Once again, a great job. All in all, “it just works”.

Scrack Arcata
Amazing! As usual by Yandex a superb cloud application that saves all your files safely and simple at the same time it is super easy to download all of them back or stream any multi media files from your cloud without having to redownload!

Nick Olson
Great! It allows me to move files between several computers, without a thumb drive, or other physical item.

Valentin Rumiantsev
Все отлично Когда добавят нормальный порядок файлов, чтобы они шли по алфавитному порядку? Update Все исправили, спасибо за то, что прислушиваетесь к мнениям пользователей.

Leonardo Z.M.
Easy-useful-safe-works desktop Easy to use, good security, very pretty design and it works in desktop version.Many thanks!

App User
I had never tried Russia’s tech giant Yandex. As a Network Engineer I have tested most browers, online storage and mail programs. I am very impressed with the useful features they offer, very intuitive, no Issues! So after trying their product I switched over permanently and love it.

App User
Just amazing, works on linux, windows, android with a fast and perfect synchronization.

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