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Yammer is the enterprise social network that helps you and your team collaborate openly and stay on top of it all. With Yammer, you can connect to the right people in your organization, share and search for information across teams and organize around projects and ideas so you do more.

With Yammer for Android, work gets done anywhere. You can contribute and collaborate with your team, even on the go.

– Collaborate openly with your team: share ideas, work together and iterate in real-time in Yammer groups, wherever you are.

– Connect with everyone: don’t let the org chart get in the way. Yammer brings together people who share the same goals across the whole company or organization, so fluid collaboration just happens.

– Stay connected: with Yammer for Android you’re just a tap away from coworkers, information and conversations.

– Share photos and videos: snap a pic or capture a video, then easily share it with coworkers, regardless for file size.

– Get interactive notifications: get notified of important activity right when it happens – and take action right from the lock screen of your Android device.

– Work across languages barriers: bring down language silos in your organization with 25-language support in Yammer for Android – including integrated, on–the–fly message translation.

Download Yammer App:-

Download Yammer App ( 6 MB )

User Reviews

matthew mcatee
Truly nolen Love it!!!

Jeremy Milliken David Hoxsie
Maintenance Man Works very well. Very self explanatory. Well done Yammer…

João Esperancinha
Love Yammer Its really well designed and makes it easy and simple to share ideas, files and to stay in touch with your M8ts!

Robert Williamson
As close as you can get to ‘Facebook for business’. Really easy to use and share.

Zachary Sycks
Wonderful Very happy with the ease of use

Cole Jetton
On the go! It’s great for business everywhere. You can work and relax.

Daniel Bostock
Great Such a great work tool for communication!

Vance Taylor
Rock’s it I enjoy checking on how the company is doing, what activities are going on and some of the crazy antics that are pulled.

Godson Allaputa
Superb Made things much easier for me.

ahindra sengupta
Connected Avoid reply all. But connect with all

Doggz WG
Overall review Great app really like it agree with other ppls comments mobile version could be better but most tec phones have full coverage now so just a simple click away 🙂

Marwan El-Khouly
Efficient Efficient intra communication corporate app

Zahoor Ahmed
It has unbelievable factors for learning and information of your project

Perfect It allows contact with unknown people doing the same job who may have answers to your own issues. Could do with a better windows phone all tho.

Loully Shosho
Love it and enjoying thankful being part of it

Richard Vetter
Great team tool. Helps to keep track of our conversations without cluttering email. Also helps us temporarily share files without cluttering shared folders.

Robert Dudley
Mr d Awesome app!! Needs an easy and way to edit or delete

Nagaraja Bhat T R
Nice application … similar to Facebook but less size

Michelle Chan
So easy to stay in touch! I think this app is great for keeping updated when not at work. I find it easy to use.

RaviTeja Chowdari
Good to connect within organization We are able to form groups within organization and connect with people , with mobile app we can connect from home or any place . It is good as we can get like minded people and guidance from experts in any area

John DePrato
Exactly what I wanted Works great on my galaxy S6!

Anton Christov
Easy to use! Nice app. Multiple options. Easy to use. Strongly recommend

Witmore Family
Sensational I love the way attachments are included in updates and notifications

Graham O’Dwyer
Essential part of my personal workflow Email is too formal and twitter is too short, Yammer covers the middle ground perfectly. It allows me to collaborate to my schedule at a less frenetic cadence. It’s the ideal mix of team interaction and structures the back channel.

Kirk king/cunningham
A great social and professional network for like minded individuals and groups!Awesome!

Erik Olsson
Nice Great social network for companies. Thought some features were missing but turns out they were inactive due to company policy. Raising my 4 to a 5.

Steph Thommen
Awsome Keep on collaborating on the go, excellent new features with note creations and group search. I use it every day.

Alice Heath
Fabulous Fabulous way to network, share ideas, inspiration, keep in touch with colleagues across the globe. Great idea and easy to use. It works brilliantly for our company!

Kylin Hunter
It works! It’s great! Love this app. Does everything and then some. Will come back with more critiques as I learn more.

Justin Burke
Good stuff Eric McKinney said it was cool and I agree.

Patrick Gerard O’Donnell
An excellent resource! A good way to interact with colleagues and co-workers around the world.

Gavin Ayling UK
Good tool It’s like a safe Facebook. Very good for businesses and other organisations.

Firas Al Ashgar
Awsome App simple and clean design. easy to use and navigate!

Timothy Graves
It’s alright Works well. Little confusing…just need to get used to everything

Prem Singh
Great A very nice and useful app for sharing and discussing important issues for employees

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