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Xperia Lounge
by Sony Mobile Communications

App Category:- Entertainment

Welcome to Xperia Lounge, the entertainment app that’s packed with exclusives from the world of movies, music, sport and gaming. It’s the home of incredible giveaways, downloads, exciting Xperia™ themes, plus amazing offers and competitions with once in a lifetime prizes.

In the past year, prizes have included:

• Sony products – including the latest Xperia smartphones and accessories, PS4 consoles with the latest games and Sony 4K TVs
• VIP trips to the red carpet and other exotic locations around the world
• Limited edition music memorabilia and trips to meet artists at sold-out shows and after-parties.

Xperia Lounge is the most exciting way to discover the world of Sony. Download the app today.


Xperia Lounge

Xperia Lounge


Download Xperia Lounge App  :-

Download Xperia Lounge App (29 MB)


User Reviews :-


Tech Guy
**Latest Update** FINALLY able to log in to my Xperia account! Took long enough…. *Older Update* Still can’t login to my Xperia account on the Xperia Z5 after 2 updates! “No login service available” shown when I try to sign in. **Original Review** You are able to win awesome stuff from Sony! A Brand new PS4 Pro/XZ premium/VIP trips, etc.

Julie Butler
Last update logged me out and now I can’t log back in so unable to enter the competitions, have also lost my gold status! Not impressed. Fix it quick please.

Alizia Y. Dhillon
Log out after the latest update. Cannot log in and also lost gold status. Please fix. Keeps showing there’s one notification when there’s none. Problem still not fix. Lost my gold standard. Unable to log in!!!

App User
Well I own the first edition of ps4 aswell as the new expeiria xz2 and it is amazing what this app offers I got 12 months of plus free for saying thank you for buying the phone that is awesome plus it helped out as far as paying for my membership for plus for a awhile thank you sony one last thing you should make the expeiria phones playstation again

App User
I’m not happy about being downgraded from Gold after an automated application update. This is a between the lines way of saying “Hey dude, it’s about time to buy a newer flagship phone of ours”. I had a Z5 Premium and it happened, now after a few months with the XZ Premium, same story.

Shawn Miller
I really don’t know what the point of this app is. It rarely updates, yet shows notifications when their are no new offerings, and some items are not available for my phone model; so why does Sony want me to have it?

Deeptanshu Pandey
Nice,interesting app from the world best company SONY… Love to use this app ♥ only wish to win a prize 🏆 to provoke people to buy Sony smartphones as they say I’d made the wrong choice of buying Sony smartphone

Mark Day
I get the error mesage ‘No login service available. Unable to login.’ since the last update otherwise I would have rated the app higher. Update: just done an uninstall and clean install and I am still not able log in… This is putting me off Sony Xperia phones in the future.

Shari Warde
Unable to log in, seems like the new update created the problem. Excited for a fix

Innes MacDonald
The app keeps reminding me to enter competitions, which is nice. It’s started giving me notifications in other languages, even though I’ve not changed any settings, which is a bit weird.

Anthony Rogers
Was good and useful but for some daft reason it won’t log in at all which has rendered this app completely useless. Well done Sony

usman chaudhry
Unlike any other company SONY just rocks with their offers and apps. Keep up the good work. Sony has and will be the good old electronics buddy at my home.

George Ioan Nitu
Nice and new offers always, chances to win free stuff. I got 12 months free online membership on PlayStation 😍 In one word “awesome”!!!

App User
Works fine with no issues, only thing that’s annoying is I’ve never won any of the competitions in the years I’ve been doing it 😏

Colin Ennis
Great app, without spam or being annoying, but across the 2 to 3 years ive owned Xperia devices ive owned and supported, ive never yet seemed to win anything in the competitions or Giveaways, i

Paul Ravey
Won’t let me log in…. Lol…. That’s how you do fake competitions… Can’t win anything lol

Paul Burden
Good old Sony making their own app unusable on Sony Xperia phones. Update has made it impossible to login. Stay classy Sony.

Ross Tremain
Received the 12 month psn awesome. My only issue is that the app keeps telling I have 1 notification but I can’t seem find it anywhere

Robert Szobonya
Please do something finally about those login problems Sony. Nearly everyone has it…

Angel Cisneros
Cool 😎 app, helps me with new stuff that is out there or coming out. Helps with the whole Sony Xperia XZ2 experience.

J.Parthiben Jagan Mongan
Love the themes specially made for my Xz2. Lots of cool stuff around my favorite movies, video games, music and more.

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