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We’re excited to introduce the new Xbox app. Everything you love about Xbox SmartGlass, is now in the Xbox app, and much more! No matter where you play games — whether it’s your Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, or Phone — the Xbox app is the best way to stay connected to your gaming community.

The Xbox app brings together your friends, games, and accomplishments from across your devices. Stay connected to your gaming community on the go, control your Xbox One from the app, and buy new games from the store. With your gaming life all in one place, the Xbox app keeps you connected to the games and gamers that matter most.

On the go:
• See what friends are up to on Xbox Live
• Share updates and game clips
• Watch and interact with game content
• Buy games from the store




With an Xbox One:
• Use the app to navigate using your device’s keyboard and touch
• Use the app as a media controller for your Xbox One (play, pause, etc)


Download Xbox App  :-


Download Xbox App (46 MB)


User Reviews :-


SmiggiSmoo TDZ
Will not let me sign in on my s7 edge, just throws me back to sign in screen after I enter my details. Useless app now. I used it quite a lot as well in the past. Such a shame

Russell Bob
Horrible app. Can’t see my friends list. Says something went wrong here all the time. Can’t talk in party chat because it kicks you out. Don’t get notifications for party invites, messages, pretty much no notifications at all. I can’t read or delete messages. This app is not worth it. Unless they fix it (which they won’t. Won’t even respond) don’t waste your time with it.

Joshua Thompson
This app is basically garbage, on Android anyway. Constantly have to re-select the option for message notifications. Can’t see the rest of long posts when you hit the “view more” option. A lot of times, you either can’t view your messages because “something went wrong” or your replies won’t send the first time. Fix it!

Patrick Hrubes
The app has been awful since it came out. It doenst need “bug fixes” it needs major functionality fixes. Every option you select takes minutes to load assuming it actually does load. The only fix is force closing multiple times and restarting the app. That doesn’t fix it half the time. I spend more time looking at the word loading than I do using the app.

Devin Boles
When I try to log in it just has a loading screen and then back to sign in screen, based on the comments it seems like it’s only a problem with Samsung. I have a s6 edge. Please fix. After update: Still doesn’t work, it worked for 2 days then the log in bug again. UPDATE: power saving mode has to be off for the app

Fern Gentle
I think it’s a great concept however it has non stop problems. Activity feed fails to load. Friends list fails to load. It has problems staying connected to the Xbox so frequently saying it can’t find it when I load the app yet I used it about 2 minutes ago. It’s embarrassing how they can make one of the best consoles yet can’t make an app that doesn’t constantly have issues. Sort out Xbox!

Aly Khemani
Still pretty buggy. Like it still won’t remember your preferences around message notifications. Or won’t update your notification counts when you click messages or the activity icons. Still has the famous “something went wrong loading this section” error. Maybe I have too high of an expectation that an app out for such a long time would be past these basic issues.

Sandor Den
The app is alright but unreliable. It doesn’t let me message sometimes until I uninstall and reinstall the app and kicks me out parties often. I mainly use it to message my friends who are on Xbox when I’m away, and it does the job, but I highly recommend getting Discord if your friends also can for a much better and cross platform experience.

Justin Wright
what an absolute waste of space the developer for this app is. for real. maybe 1/10 times I try to connect to my console this massive turd successfully connects. Microsoft should be embarassed.

Scorched Fenrir
Works great. And awesome thing to have to manage your system with out bothering with the Xbox control. But for some reason it wont save my settings, like if i want it to notify me of messages. Ill hit the check box for it, it works just fine for a day or two and then when i notice im no longer getting them I go and check and the settings revert back

average tuner
Recent update broke the party function for me i can no longer join parties or start them. I just get an error message saying to check my privacy settings and i have no privacy setting that would prohibit this. If does start a party there’s a 50/50 chance it’ll just give a disconnected error. Time to go to PlayStation now i guess.

Bryan Mendez
Its great when it works but annoying as hell when it doesn’t let you sign in. It takes forever to load up a single page, kicks you off the app because its broken and just overall annoying.

Shane Sanchez
Can’t even use the damn thing. Stuck on the age page, no matter what I do. Made an app that does nothing while trying to make it do everything. Thanks Microsoft! 👍

Olkoth Tunes
It’s a good app. One problem I have e frequently with it is that it kicks me out of parties with friends, and even sometimes doesn’t let me start a party without being kick out shortly after.

Sam B
I love this app very much it is useful theres no ads on it what so ever and it has high quietly security. One problem is that it loads very slow and i have very powerful internet But over all i do recommend this app

Dylan Fisher
I have used this app more many years and it is absolutely terrible. The proper functionality is 50/50

THis may be the slowest app ever it makes you wait for about five minutes before it tells you the app is not responding. You might as well just do every thing you have to do on the xbox its self.


OnePieceZoro 36
Meh. Was good for awhile. Now it crashes way too often or just doesnt open… and if it does it takes FOREVER. Plus it takes a long time to load… do better microsoft.

Gabriel Sotelo
Runs slow and shows a foreign denomination when I browse the Microsoft store pretty much rendering it useless for making purchases. (6 UPDATES LATER NOT ADDRESSED OR FIXED!!!)

Gabriel Jr B
Was perfect but for some reason i cant find where i can view and download the free games i can get since i have the gold membership so sonce the update a few months ago i cant voew them on the microsoft store no more so where can i view them besides my xbox

Vincent Foster-Mueller
Really badly optimized. Lags as soon as you do anything. This on a last gen flagship phone

App User
I don’t I have an Xbox tbh but i wish i had one. I watch slot of Xbox reviews and Xbox addictions etc. Ive always dreamt of getting this app and I finally got it! I’m on this app all the time and it is worth buying!

Loso Marshall
Need to add multiple friend deletion option…. Very slow loading time. Need work

Jesus Oviedo Garcia
When I Send A Message And They Send Me A Message I Don’t Get The Notification Pop Out, Please Add Notification On Messages So I Can Get To Know When I Receive It Without Being On The Xbox App

A Goat
Great tool. I love the party chat, but there’s one thing, the unresponsiveness, sometimes I have to tap a button 2 or 3 times to get it to work. Please fix

Dustin Adams
Doesn’t work with my samsung s8. Its stuck on the screen asking me for my age? Waste of time

Very bad. I can’t do anything with my Xbox 1 on it except view the game I’m playing on it. Xbox 360 is okay. But Xbox 1 isn’t and I really want to upload a custom photo

strats plays005
Good concept and all to see what ur friends are up to when out and about but is constantly riddled with glitches and is really slow when scrolling through feed

Sean Kiner
Good idea, terrible execution. Slow to load any screen. Party function is basically non existent.

Mike WB
The functionality of this app is atrocious. Simply sending a message is an ordeal with all the freezes and crashes.

Mike Mergenthaler
Slow as molasses. Please focus on performance improvements first, for once, rather than just adding features.

Nicholas Fleming
Something went wrong with every party I tried to join. I could have designed a better app.

Everytime i try to make a party or join one i says im disconnected or the app crashes. I already reset my phone twice and force stopped the app and disconnected my wifi and still the same thing happens

The Fashionable Llama
Garbage can’t do so many thing half the time won’t open

Miranda Jones
Whenever i try to upload a picture from my phone to put as my profile pic, the pinch to rezise does not work. When i try to make the circle larger, it gets smaller and won’t let me make it bigger

Earthexpert 8055
Its OK. There are more errors than before and i cant use my mic because it keeps saying theres a problem or i cant hear my friends

Lee Scott
Nothing works, just says something went wrong. Pointless

Keegan Gauthier
Terrible wouldn’t let me sign in I can even do anything I even bought a new phone and tried it doesn’t even work waste of my time

Jemma Brown
Terrible app. I’m never able to view/send messages, notifications are delayed and I get disconnected from parties quite often

Matthew Bamford
This app is just what I need. It can be a little slow at times and might need to spam the buttons before they do stuff.

im Josh

Buddy TheElf
Loved this app but now I’m having problems connecting to my xbox and yes all my settings are set for me to use this app. Great app though

nestor melendez
Let us have the ability to redeem the xbox 360 games with gold titles and please add a download list with all our owned games so we can download the one we want without searching for them individually

Shravan Kale
Slow to load/fetch content. The transitions in apps are slow.

Dan Holmes
A nice app, but I’m sick to death of the constant “something went wrong” messages, and the load times, oh boy the load times. I can download Halo 5, in its entirety, before this app can load a message, that’s just text.

Honestly it’s a bad app it won’t even let me sign in to my account and I’ve heard.its buggy

Darryl Pfeiffer
App has wrong currency thinks I’m ARS when I’m AUS so game prices are all ridiculous high

App User
It would be better of we could stream our game play within our own houses, just console to phone, it won’t even work with my PC running windows 10

EdgarOkay 05
This app makes my Xbox One experience really convienent. If I leave my wireless controller some where in my house while using YouTube or Netflix I can use the app to pause my video while I go to look for it.

Gerald Washburn
I dont have a Xbox but I do have this app cuase i signed to Xbox live to play minecraft on mobile

Angus Wentzell
Good idea, poor execution, all sections of the app are buggy. Could be a really good and useful app with some work

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