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Wire is a simple way to capture, organize, and share the internet. Turn Google into your own personal assistant, with customized searches based on your bookmarks, interests, and keywords. Save what you like and delete what you don’t—so that each search is smarter than the last. Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and connect with people from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Discover a new, smarter way to search and surf the Web with Wire.

With Wire (beta), you can:

▶ Save and Retrieve
Bookmark your favorite sites to get more personalized search results. When Wire recognizes a new search that matches a saved preference, it will automatically pull it to the top of your results. This helps you find the information you need faster, get more customized results, and eliminate time wasted going back and forth between bookmarks and Google.
• Example: Top spots
o Have the late-night munchies? Save time digging through your bookmarks or Googling your favorite takeout spots. Simply save them with Wire, and they’ll jump to the top of any relevant searches.
• Example: Tip of my tongue
o Loved a page, but forgot to save it? Wire generates tags based on your content and search queries, so even if you can’t recall the exact title of a page, Wire will remember how you searched for it and help you locate it again quickly.





* How to use
To save your results, click the “plus” button on the left corner of the screen.

▶ Delete and Remove
Delete unwanted results you don’t like, and never see them again.
• Example: Kiss it goodbye
o Keep landing on irrelevant or useless sites? With Wire, you can delete any unwanted content from your internet, omitting it from future searches.

* How to use
Swipe the Google search result or click the “trashcan” button on the right corner if you land on something you want deleted or blocked from your internet

▶ Connect and Share
Share recommendations with your friends to help them discover more things to love. Your recommendations only populate in your connections’ results if they search for relevant information, so you never need to worry about spamming them with unwanted content.
• Example: Share your best travel tips
o Is a friend planning a trip to one of your favorite getaways? Share your hotel, restaurant, and activity recommendations with Wire, and your tips will automatically populate in their relevant searches.
• Example: Cheat sheet
o Let your friends pick your brain. Share all your tips, tricks, and favorites with Wire, and create customized cheat sheets for all your friends.

* How to use
Click the “share” button at the bottom-center of the screen, and your selection will automatically be shared with your followers. Want to keep your bookmarks private? Simply save your selection, and no one else will be able to see it.

▶ Follow and Discover
Follow your friends to discover new sites and get recommendations from the experts you trust.
• Example: Find a new favorite restaurant
o What if Gordon Ramsay’s recommended restaurants could populate at the top of your search results? Follow your foodie friends and stay up to date on all the best places to eat.
• Example: Discover great recipes
o What if Julia Child created a cookbook just for you? Follow your friends that love to cook, and see what great new recipes you can bring to your kitchen.


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User Reviews :-


App User
It needs improvement. There should be an option to rename the files before downloading & it should show the file’s size before I download any files. The browser must have a strong ad-blocker.

Piyush Dimri
This browser is missing a dark mode and adblocker which is most important for me to be my default browser.

Suyog Gore
Differentiate chrome & wire? No dark mode

It looks like a clone of chrome browser with some additional features. I’m not sure how this is helpful it says pack generator. It doesn’t explain what is pack. It asks a title for pack. I select it but keyboard is not showing. How could I type without keyboard? If you guys clearly cloning chrome why can’t you just add atleast night mode option? Also sign in later is not working it says something went wrong please try later. When i sign in with Google it works fine. I’m using Lenovo k6 power running stock 6.0.1

App User
proved to very useful app for me , best one to store all the favourite internet stuff with ease , one of the most useful app its been , there is no app which works so much better as this one

Darshan Rayate
There is option for “request desktop site” . Because any website is in desktop mode then we can’t scroll/see the right side of that website. Otherwise it is good.

captain sam
It is better than most of the browsers out there, it will sure grow with time, i have high hopes for this app.

Pradeep Bhagavatula
Why am I unable to logout? Google search says go to conversation list, where the hell is it? I understand that it’s a beta version but when u ask login, logout should be available. I think my security is breached here… I have seen many comments below everyone seem to face same issue

Neeraj N
Waste of Internet Can’t sign in. Bad idea of YouTube ad never will I recommend this app to anyone

Dinesh Dalvi
This is well thought of a browser. It’s features and enhancements are all awesome and useful, I really love this

App User
so much better this QR scanner app is been for making our qr code, i like this app a lot.

The Insane Boy
You need to login your Google account before using the browser…..what? It doesn’t sound good.There are log of other good browsers in app store and we can use them without logging in ..then why would I prefer your browser?

Nitin Raturi
Chrome?? Ohh wrong app, but it is like chrome almost but still Chrome is best. And who login to browser??

Pawan Chauhan
Seen it’s ad on YouTube, colour makes it much cool to use. Better but must add download list. Then I’ll have a browser of own thinking.

Priyanshu Agrawal
Nice thinking and also new modern type browser. But if you add download list page then it become much more better.

Lob Biswas
What a great app indeed. It has its own search engine that will work for you the way your personal assistant does.

Patrick Minix
This browser is just what I need it has all the perfect features that are quite cool. Kudos to the people behind this…

sudarshan Mane
I think they should add some extensions.

shashank maurya
Seen cool youtube ad about this browser and the first screen I get is login to my google account. No thanks.

pushpit Suri
Offers on this SpotStamp app are really amazing and the best part is that they are easy to claim as well, That’s why i loved i

Sauban 786
Sir this was nice browser but you have to add download menu’s to control all download file

Al Has
Was willing to give it a try since I saw the Dev promoting it on Reddit, but the fact that you can only use this browser logged in is a no-go

Disliked just because it works in Internal memory. I can’t move to sd card. So it is useless for me until the browser could able to be moved to sd card.

App User
There is option for “request desktop site” . Because any website is in desktop mode then we can’t scroll/see the right side of that website. Otherwise it is good.

Tanay Sai
Waste Wants permission to manage your contacts. Doesn’t work unless you sign in with Google. And nothing happens even when you login. Just shows the same screen again. Wasted 5 minutes.

Hero Kumar
Offers on this SpotStamp app are really amazing and the best part is that they are easy to claim as well, That’s why i loved it

vikas ingle
By seeing the reviews of peoples.I will not download this app. Most awful thing about this app is that first we have to do google login. Who login to any browser.

pulkit suri
Offers on this SpotStamp app are really amazing and the best part is that they are easy to claim as well, That’s why i loved it

Nitin Mohapatra
I am really quite contented that this cool browser is now available. It has a lot of features that I can use.

Based Unknown
I like the app a lot. Really well done guys. Hopefully, it’ll replace chrome for me. Thanks.

oh wow.. let’s turn the browser itself into a social site.. NO THANK YOU 👎👎👎.

Rajeev Bansal
From my side i am giving this app highest rating, Simply because i was able to manage and sell the tickets of my college festival very easily

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