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Wire • Secure Messenger

By Wire Swiss GmbH

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Wire • Secure Messenger App

Wire • Secure Messenger App

Wire • Secure Messenger


Wire secures your business and personal chats, files and calls with end-to-end encryption. All data is protected by European privacy laws.

Wire combines strong end-to-end encryption with great user experience, and all the great features to get work done in a team, or to bring friends and families together.

It works on all major platforms and devices so your chats, files and calls are always in sync and available everywhere.

• End-to-end encryption – Chats, calls and files are secured and only the participants have the keys to unlock what is said or sent. Wire does not have access to your conversations.

• Based in Europe – Wire follows strict Swiss data protection laws and all our servers are based in Germany and Ireland.

• Open source and independently audited – Wire’s code is 100% open source and is regularly reviewed by independent security experts.

• Mobile, tablet, desktop – The conversations and files are always in sync and you don’t need a phone to sign up or log in.

• Voice and video calls – Get a voice or video conference going in just one tap.

• Secure file sharing – Securely send any file from your device, or from a cloud service like Dropbox.

• Easy-to-use – Wire combines maximum security with a great user experience. There’s no training required and as many users say “even my grandmother can use it!”

• 2-in-1 – Wire is the first secure messenger that lets you log in with multiple accounts. Easily switch between work and personal conversations.

• Rich conversations – Audio and video messages, GIFs, sketches and likes help to keep the conversation going.

Wire is free for personal use.


Download Wire • Secure Messenger App:-

Download Wire • Secure Messenger App ( 20 MB )

User Reviews

Sonam Kumar
My favorite app This is my favorite app for voice communication. The voice quality is amazing and it works great on browser as well.

App User
Easy to use and great audio quality. Love it!

Mobinur Rashid
Wow!!! what a app

Thomas Rand
So far so good, love the fact the source code is on GitHub. Has the potential to be the best, time will tell.

B. Nosouhi
Why your website is unavailable in Iran? Iranin user

Showvhick Nath
Awesome app From UI designing to voice quality, features and availability for all platfroms. Truly amazing. Liked that one

Plamen Tcholakov
After restart wire not ring, only vibrate, check / unchecked sound option – ring is OK, after restart again not ring. Notification for missed calls not work. S4 Mini, latest Cyanogen 12.1 (5.1.1)

Alright you got your five stars since you seem to have fixed the dark theme glitch. 😝 I have no other issues atm.

mohamed hosam
Very elegant Semple and elegant with clear voice

Patrick Cleary
My new favorite way to communicate, period.

App User
perfect chatting and videos communicate anywhere in the world

Cecil Kofford
Pretty good start It’s a very modern nice looking app that is secure. Video calls on mobile networks seem more stable than others.

Ali Elyasi
عالیه زبان فارسی هم پشتیبانی میشه و بسیار امنه

Amin Bolouri
Lollipop support I’m on android 5.0.2 and after pressing sign-in the app got close

Conference call works well Video seems OK but haven’t used it much yet

Ben Binoy
End to end encryption Great to have default and multi device end to end encryption!

mojtaba hashemi
Good in everything only poor quality for calls and video calls

Mora Fermi
Very nice and unobtrusive!

یونس امینی

Hasan Al Hosani
So far the app is great and works with 3G i hope my isp that will not block it.

Nidal Malla
Awesome clear voice, light, beautiful interface. This application is perfect.

Rafal Mikos
It’s great app. Not just next one, but something designed from scratch. It contains everything what whatsapp, facebook messenger, Skype, and hangouts have. Call quality is great on mobile network, and probably the lowest latency from all of the apps I’ve tested.

Moe K
Very nice The voice calls are clear and the app is very nice.

Alperen Evrin
Timer problem is fixed. It does not reset anymore. All I want is at thus point the option to crop attached pics

Kimberlie Haymon
It is EVERYTHING you want in a communication app! EVERYTHING!

Ralph Slooten
Great first impression Why has it taken me this long to find this app? Exactly what I was looking for. It still lacks a few features though, such as: read notifications in chats, ability to create a widget with a link to a contact (ie open a chat to or call to a designated person with one click). The app also has a scrolling bug where one sometimes has to scroll down to read the latest message (easy to miss during an ongoing conversation). Great effort though, this app is very intuitive!

App User
The best messenger..Fast & simple.

App User
So bad that Giphy is blocked in my country so I can’t use that feature.

Stephanie Beaty
Love it I liked the sophisticated look of the app. Also, able to communicate with my daughter who doesn’t have phone service.

artman A
It’s better if this app install on sd memory card, because my internal memory is full .Tnx

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