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WifiMapper – Free Wifi Map
by OpenSignal com

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Global free Wi-Fi database, 3 million free hotspots.

✓ Map of nearby free Wi-Fi hotspots
✓ Foursquare and WifiMapper comments – get more information about the hotspot venue
✓ Help improve the database – tell the community about the Wi-Fi
✓ View a history of all the wifi points you’ve connected to and see how well they performed (Android only!)
✓ Login with email or Google+ to comment, classify hotspots
✓ Filter hotspots by wifi type (free, paid), or place type (eg. coffee shot hotspots)
✓ Help crowdsource: by using the app you help map more free wifi points

Join the world’s largest Wi-Fi community!

 Save on roaming when travelling by going to free hotspots in every major city in the world. Smaller towns and rural areas have less data. Use the app and help fill the maps! Maps refreshed weekly, but we’re moving to daily. All the data is crowdsourced from users of WifiMapper and OpenSignal.


WifiMapper - Free Wifi Map

WifiMapper – Free Wifi Map


Find nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and save on data. WifiMapper can tell you what kind of venue it is and even if they have good coffee – and you can share your comments! What we’re working on (a sneak peek into the future! NOTE: these features are not currently in the app)

These are the features we’re building now so get ready for:

★ Password sharing (not yet in app!) – a way of sharing passwords securely, get access to password protected hotspots without having to type. For the moment you can share passwords to public free wifi in the comments
★ Full offline maps for cities, for now the app caches recently viewed hotspots so you can look for wifi, turn off data and still be able to see the hotspots you found
★ Leaderboards to brag about how many Wifi points you have discovered, you can’t see this information yet but the edits and comments you make now will count to the totals. Get contributing!
★ Tell us what else you’d like.

Use WifiMapper to avoid expensive roaming and data usage charges or slow internet at home. Getting free Wi-Fi has never been so easy!

WifiMapper maps the best free hotspots nearby (from restaurants to libraries to coffee shops and cafes). The details page gives you relevant information on the hotspot and its location in addition to comments from the community. The list of the hotspots presented is based on our own recommendation algorithms – so we need your patience and collaboration to correct the status of Wi-Fi networks when you see errors! Every correction you make improves WifiMapper for everyone!

A special thanks to all of our 3000 beta testers. You’re all awesome, keep the feedback coming because WifiMapper couldn’t be where it is today without you. WifiMapper can show you the best hotspots in any major city around the world, great for saving on roaming fees and keeping costs down when you travel. We also spend a lot of time working in Cafes and so we built WifiMapper to help find new cool spots with Wi-Fi in your local area, not just abroad! Share your photos with no worry about data charges using WifiMapper to have access to free Wifi anywhere you go, all visible on a local map. This app is dedicated to everyone who loves free cafe wifi like we do!

We have mapped Wifi hotspots in almost every city in the world, here are our top 25 cities:

1. Jakarta
2. Sao Paulo
3. Buenos Aires
4. Bangkok
5. Kuala lumpur
6. Rio de Janeiro
7. New Delhi
8. Mexico City
9. Milan
10. Moscow
11. London
12. Paris
13. Rome
14. Riyadh
15. Los Angeles
16. Ho Chi Minh City
17. Hanoi
18. Lahore
19. Bogota
20. New York
21. Berlin
22. Madrid
23. Casablanca
24. St Petersburg
25. Chicago

Your city not listed here? We definitely have Wi-Fi hotspots where you live but you can help us to add more by joining the WifiMapper community and tagging hotspots as free when you see them – or use WifiMapper when you travel to stay connected. Never pay for Wi-Fi again when there’s a cafe just around the corner!


Download WifiMapper – Free Wifi Map App :-


Download WifiMapper – Free Wifi Map App


User Reviews :-


Jonathan Lidbeck
In a year of use travelling and in urban areas with lots of wifi, this app has failed to provide a single password. The UI is fine, but without a community, it’s pretty useless.

Eric Schultz
REQUIRES GOOGLE MAPS! Great idea from a great company. UI could be more intuitive (never sure if I’ve tapped) and replace Four Square with something more current, like Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, or Facebook!!!!

Walter Schultz
Attempted to stop it from running yet continues to restart even when closing it using system settings/force stop. Intrusive drain on privacy/ battery/resources when not wanted to be used. Uninstalled.

Steven Gates
Very non-intuitive user interface. Also doesn’t provide much value either unless you are a roaming student needing to find the nearest free WiFi point.

Mihai Lazar
Fundamentally better than the other apps seen on the play store that claim to do the answer thing because of network classification users of users randomly adding mostly fake passwords and it also has an option for voting which passwords work so the user that uploaded them can update them in case they change. MOST of the bad reviews come from when the app was so as work in progress and very unusable. Now it’s the best one out there

Kirill Birger
Do not download. This defaults to sharing wifi passwords that you have saved and doesn’t prompt you before doing so or giving you the option of which to share

Ron G.
NOT A FAN!! I used it for a couple days & for some reason it really didn’t work. There are over 10 Wi-Fi signals around mine. It would only Map mine & ONE other one. I got busy & really didn’t need it for a few months, & I forgot about it. Today as I was going through my apps I remembered this one. Opened it up for one more chance & same issues. I tried settings & other areas in order to get it working.. nothing!

Benjamin Bain
You have to be online for this to work, which is in a way self defeating. I would be great if you can download a town, or region first. Or at least use the stupid export file provided.

Peter Lairo
Spyware! Beware! This App knows the number of the people you call. Your friends and family did not agree to this company knowing their personal information. Doesn’t make the most important distinction between: Free + Password Required, and Free + No Password Required. Uninstall.

Neoplan Spaceliner
Good idea, nice app. But when I check in filter only “free” WiFi, I still see “password required” hotspots on map. Is there way to configure filter to see on map only those hotspots that do not require password?

Peter A Poccia
The Gold Standard The best of its kind out there. Always up to date-constantly updated by its users. Works well on older Samsung Bravo Pro phone and new Tab 4 tablet. Easy, intuitive interface. Brava! Bravo!

Tailored Silicon
Data never retained Even though I’ve created and logged into an account, my open / private reports are never retained. Trying to post helpful comments–which should probably use pre-chosen keywords instead of free-form text–generates an error along the lines of “no URL.” EDIT: Talking with developer now.

-cant search another city. -cant zoom out the map properly to go to another country (it has a limit). -map in China out of phase by 500 mts. aprox. -there should be an option to change from “feet to mts.” even when the phone is set in another language (for ex. my phone language is english but i want distance measured in mts.) -there should be a “directional arrow” on my “present location blue dot” so i know what direction to walk towards to connect to the nearest hotspot. -NO OFFLINE HOTSPOTS SEARCH, useless if you go to another country without internet first!!!

Phongpanot Phairatwetchaphan
One thing… I would like this app to allow users to add WiFi networks themselves. E.g. The school has two networks, one has name similar to foursquare location name, but the another one wasn’t being recognized (where the network uses the different name from the foursquare location), the user has ability to click on the pin, click on a button and match location name & type by choosing location from the map. You can also move the pin to a different place. // Also add an option to mark WiFi as a hotspot.

Lee R
Good idea, decent start, nuts The history will show after awhile that the locations are all over the place. My home WiFi was spread over more than a half mile apart, some stated ut wasn’t password required, it took days to post the comments. Hope they fix it. If you know of a good one let us know.

Greg Shepherd
Let me decide when the app should start I’m battling battery drain and here is another app that starts when it wants to. I don’t need it at home so I don’t want it running. At the moment there is no choice so uninstall. Nice idea though.

Abe White
Sign in, but it doesn’t recognize I successfully signed in with Google+, and it shows that I’m signed in in the settings, but I can’t comment or report a WiFi network because it asks me to sign in again, and the box is greyed out.

Azaria Elburg
Works. Show visual difference on map between password required and not required hotspots. That is the whole point of this app from the user’s point of view. Also, use feet or meters according to user’s liking. Preferably from system settings, else add a native setting in this app.

Joshua Andrus
Logged into g plus, but it says I’m not when I try to comment. Also why are there so many “free WiFs” that require a pw. Kind of defeats the purpose of the app I think. Unless of course you’re supplying the passwords too.

David Rados
Could be useful… Except it won’t let me use any of the functionality of the app like I am not logged in which I am. Not sure what the problem is.

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