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WhatsApp Deleted
by Nuclieus

This app records your Whatsapp messages and shows your friend’s deleted messages.It is simple and easy to use.Some of the features are:

WhatsAppDeleted image

WhatsAppDeleted image

You can save the message.
Search among the messages.
Read messages without friends knowledge

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User Reviews:-

-This app does nothing but fetches information about your notification and tells you about the WhatsApp messages incoming If you would keep your WhatsApp chat person screen interface open then there will be no notification appearing and then this app cannot show the deleted messages This app helps you to show the deleted messages if and only if the notification appears of the incoming chat message

-Hi developer I’m very glad to get this app this helped me very much I’m very happy

-Awesome app needs more updates

-Hey developer i can see everyones deleted messages thanks man..awesome app…need more updates

-Its good,but am unable to see the msges due to so many adds..

-Really such a amazing aap created by develops, u r great man

-Hey thank you!I’m able to see deleted messages😃

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