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Web Browser & Explorer

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Web Browser & Explorer

Web Browser & Explorer

Web Browser & Explorer


This is no doubt the fastest browser ever
👍👍👍Over 1,000,000 Download👍👍👍
Web Explorer rewrite the stock rom of Android Browser and eliminate unnecessary module to make it 30% faster than normal android browser. You can compare our free browser with some of the browser in the market and their speed is way behind. We have included the function that was included in many premium browsers. Our tabbed browsing is a concept that was inspired by the earlier version of famous internet browser that could enhance the user experience. The bookmarking function also let you explore the web page that you liked previously. So move on now and download this powerful web explorer.

Powerful Features
✓Enjoying free browsing with public wifi
✓Fast Speed over 3G/4G network
✓Bookmark your favorite websites on your browser
✓Navigate Faster with accelerated web page loading
✓Choose your own search engine,
✓Download Music, Mp3 ,Movie, Video and many more
✓Quick access to Youtube and Facebook
✓Safe browsing mode protect your privacy
✓Save data costs in 3G/4G mode
✓Full Screen
✓Import bookmarks from Firefox, Opera and Chrome

Download Web Browser & Explorer App Apk:-

Download Web Browser & Explorer App Apk ( 3 MB )

User Reviews:

James Davis
Great just like using a desk top computer Runs smoothly no freezing up

So simple and love the setup, none like it.

Angel Rivera
Great and faster app

Kendall Epperly
web browser I love it it lets me on what every I want

This app is wonderful So very happy with this app, I can’t get on to my school’s website to do my school work with any other browser app. Thank you so very much for it!!

Savage Master
Great👌 Probably one of the best. You guys need to shutup because you should already have a internet explorer.

Lazarus Mpinga Kinyam
I am looking forward to fruitful search with this app.

somesh RK
very nice app..simple and useful

Marco Polo
Faster internet browsing Liked e alot

Fred Schaffer
Web browser is excellent Wow it’s great

This app helps me easily and quickly find the apps I’m looking for

vickie martin
It’s the only web browser app ill use, that should say enough…

Bradley Loveland
Great app Fast,productive,efficient

Gudu Sharma
This app is one of the best I had experienced

App User
Web browser and Explorer is the best search engine for locating a specific website that other apps won’t give me safe and secure access to. I am lucky that this app can get me where I need to go!

Heshan Milinda
It is best for browesing internet

john aderemi
It’s a nice app because it beats every other I’ve been using

The Dude
Love it!! No issues yet and I’ve had this app for over a year already. Great job, and they keep this app up to date.. 10\10 👍👍

Javid Sahab
Nice app Very useful app It ia very beautiful

megan hunter
Help ful I only downloaded it because I needed to apply for jobs that required Internet Explorer. I love it. It’s so helpful

romain chan
Great fast fast internet explorer I recommended

bert tropa
The Best Very fast browser as I am using this everyday,no hazzle.

Wooooooooooow it’s really superb i don’t have to go for cyber cafe it will support any type of websites on mobile itself

App User
Great app to many ads and overall good thanks

tayyab tahir
It’s really brilliant It help me I using SAP and online order placing. And inventory control I love it…………… finaly

Darkslayer 7272
Very helpful I tried using my phones original browser to do a application for Walmart and the only thing i could use was this one so thank god they made this search engine. On a side note it could use less ad’s

Enrique Abedrabbo
So far it looks and works great Can type in the code for internet at the library. That’s awesome.

charles fuller
Xperia M4 Aqua; Little web explorer works 4G, Lte, & updates the latest software on the smartphone 📱… Mobile Web Explorer For smartphone

Malyja Officer
the best app on earths i guess get this app!!!!

StilSexi Myisturie
I was expecting it next week and got it in 6 days. Quick fast delivery, WONDERFUL!!!!!😍

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