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Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (was Android Wear)

By Google LLC


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Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (was Android Wear)


The Wear OS by Google app, previously Android Wear, syncs your smartwatch and phone so you can get more out of your watch. Get proactive help from your Google Assistant, see important messages, track health and fitness, and more, all from your wrist:

• GET PROACTIVE HELP FROM YOUR GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Stay on top of your day with proactive, personalized help and useful shortcuts from your Google Assistant. Get commute times, see upcoming reservations, check your flight status and more.
• TAKE YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS FURTHER: Monitor your progress towards two activity goals based on health recommendations from American Heart Association and World Health Organization, Heart Points and Move Minutes

• ROCK OUT WHILE YOU WORK OUT: Control your favorite music right from your wrist and stay motivated through the last mile

• STAY CONNECTED AT A GLANCE: Check important notifications, texts, emails, and calls at a glance
• GET MORE DONE: See your next meeting, add items to your grocery list, set reminders, pay on the go and more

• EXPRESS YOURSELF: Wear OS by Google lets you be you with hundreds of styles—from fashion to fitness to fun and thousands of watch faces you can customize

Download Wear OS by Google Smartwatch (was Android Wear)Box App Apk:-

Download Wear OS by Google App Apk ( 28 MB )

User Reviews

Miles McEver
Great update Works great with my moto 360 and battery life is better. Good job

Jereme Davis
Works great I have the lg urban and it works flawless.

Dustin Andrews
Love my Android Wear watch. Please keep the improvement coming.

charles weyl
Very productive If nothing else it saves time by NOT having to look at your phone all the time.

Love the new update. Much more user friendly!

Seshagiri rao Pamajula
Galaxy Note 3 Was waiting for this app. Like the simplicity.

Kenneth Schafer
Meets all expectations Just wish it did a bit more, which I am sure time will bring. Paired up easily, no problems, disconnects or lag. Happy with my setup on a Gear Live and a GS5.

Matthew Malloy
It’s amazing & best it.. perfectly for MK smart watch

Saeryn Wilcoxen
Great Delivers for watch and glass alike.

Vikrant Singh
Wowowo No issue till the time. Great experience.

Devon Henry
I love this App and Hardware. I use this on a daily basis to keep track of my life as I work, workout study, and everything in between. It is so useful to have all the information that is relevant to you at the flick of a wrist. I can’t wait for my Asus Zenwatch 2 to get the 2.0 update.

Shabier Yousaf
Haven’t noticed any chances Battery life is as good as ever:) 50% after a 10 hour day at work easy last 2 days everything is working as it was note 4 and LG g r

Akuma Snow
Android wear!! Android wear shows so much promise. I can’t wait for google to continue pumping out these wonderful android devices.

Marco Pena
Can’t wait for my Android Wear watch Looks pretty good. I have the Galaxy Gear but man was that limited. I think this is finally going to be the real deal.

Brian Hadfield
Awesome Powerful feature set. Swipe down: battery stats and theater mode available.

Ken Smith
Does what it says No issues with latest version. Sony SW3 and HTC One M8 all working together. Battery stats are good, still have the disconnect option. Love the watch.

Grahame Grice-Lowe
Problems sorted. Now never let’s me down. Why wear a watch when you can wear Android!

niraj desai
I loved this app My big brother is buying a new lg g watch this app will help him to complete the setup of his watch.

Kenroy Smith
Works great, but the ”disconnected watch alarm” needs to auto-stop when the watch is back in range (after a few seconds). It is kind of annoying to alsways be clearing that message on the phone (I don’t want to have to touch the phone at all when I am at work). Keep up the good work fellas! Update 10/27/2014 I’m am loving the updates guys, my andriod wear device is now worth every penny.

Works great With moto 360 and moto x 2014. Battery is a lot better than I thought it would be. I get more than 17 hours usage on the moto 360 using it for texts, alerts, steps. There is still more than 35% battery life left when I put it on the dock

Misfit Pierce
Works perfect with my Zenfone 2 and LG G Watch. Going to be buying a Zenwatch 2 in a few days for built in speaker. When Android Wear first started it was a lot worse but it is getting better slowly. With latest 5.1.1 update the disconnects stopped for me and now im waiting on Marshmallow update. Keep developing the wear platform quicker!

vTalib A Al-Ajmi

Very easy to use and useful Wearables are step on the right track…

Chevon Bailey
For owners of the galaxy note 5 If you have frequent disconnects it could be your phone. I just traded my phone for another note 5 and the app works fine. I realized it was my phone after I bought a level u pro Bluetooth headphones and it kept disconnecting. The weird thing is my phone doesn’t disconnect from my car, my guess is my car Bluetooth is exceptionally strong.

Patrick Vossen
Love It Forget Apple Watches! My Sony Smartwatch 3 is just fine. Plus, I won’t mortgage the house for it.

Daniel Flores
The perfect thing to monitor my watch

Great app It randomly got better with battery life it lasted 3 days

Charles Amofordjuoh
Love it Does everything Right

It’s okay for me overall Bur after reading all these comments definitely not updating the app lol

Brandyn Snethen
Love it For those having battery issues put it in theater mode and get up to 4days

John Brinson
I really enjoy using my new LG sport watch with this app. I can just about do everything I do with my smartphone on my watch and I don’t even have to have my smartphone anywhere near it.

Ernesto Castillo
Easy pezzy Wow this is good stuff

Tim Vasvi
Continually getting better Since I first got my Moto 360, there has been vast improvements both on android wear itself and this app. Only thing at the moment is since the last update I’m unable to choose a new image for my custom design, keep getting “unfortunately photos has stopped working” on my phone (Nexus 6) ones that I’ve previously added still

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