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We Heart It
by We Heart It

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We Heart It is a refreshing social media platform where you can explore what you love! Discover photos, videos and articles from friends that share your passion for beauty, fashion, photography, travel, music and more.


We Heart It

We Heart It


Use We Heart It to:
-Explore inspiring content from around the world: quotes, fashion, photography, wallpapers, travel, beauty and so much more
– Create collections of the the things you love to share with your friends or save for later
– Upload photos, GIFs, and videos and write articles about topics that interest you
– Find like-minded friends and connect by sending messages in the app
– Brighten up your day with endless inspiration
– Discover new passions and learn new things
– Be a part of the our community, we’re celebrating 10 years of We Heart It this year!


Download We Heart It App :-


Download We Heart It App


User Reviews :-


Bettina Gulyás
This app was great but since a month or two weeks it doesn’t shows the pictures which is saddening. I give one star. I hope you can fix it as soon as possible then I will give the 5 stars. I adored it when it was useful. Fix it please.

Liya Artzi
Too much ads. A few years ago, it didn’t have ads but in the last 2 years, they put ads and you have to pay in order to remove them. If you don’t, you can’t get the acsses to every post, and that is truly annoying. I used to really like the app.

BuzzFactz Productions
I like this app as you could post photos and is a very nice community and all, you could write articles online but some people (like me) prefer it on the app as well I would like it to see that it future updates, I would also like the app to have a feature where you could upload up to 5 minutes minimum videos – that would be nice 🙂

App User
Maybe there are too many ads but since I don’t use the app very often it isn’t a big problem for me

App User
I had a person say mean things about me and my sexuality. She also keeped cursing at me for no reason at all. I blocked her and she made another account to harass me even more.

susmita das
It’s getting day by day much worse! Please remove the article’s make it like the old days

I’m The Queen
I love this app, beautiful everything. I hope y’all will put the articles in the app. Everything I write is on my phone, I barely use weheartit on the computer … I love this app overall ♥️

Seems to be a short problem with everything going blank I’m not sure if that’s just an update issue?

All I’m getting are errors and my whole profile is blank except for my profile picture. What is going on?

Anja Winter
Home page kept saying nothing found and stays blank. Highly annoying, please fix.

Sľ Z
It’s fine. Hope you make the home look like the search as a web designed, that would be much better and easier to heart as many oics I want💙

patrick jackson
I like the redesign. More polished and smoother animations. Would be nice if the status bar was colors and navigation bar while the app is open.

Maham Waheed
I switched from tumblr to whi because it’s so much easier to navigate through and the content is way better. I don’t mind the ads either and premium price is rlly reasonable, just one negative: on my Apple device when I go to a specific collection, and I want to go back, the back button doesn’t work.. (this doesn’t happen on Android for some reason) please fix this!

Dhahab Sanchez
I just don’t like the article feature of the app, because I think it lose the essence. I still love the old weheartit where you can just heart any picture. It’s like it is pinterest which is annoying.

Show Me The Kpop
It is a very great app to be cultured in many things, but I have run into a problem with gifs others upload. It seems I cannot download them without the app saying “Download a third party to download.” I hope this issue can be cleared soon.

Johanna K
It’s gotten even worse with every update. It just shows “Nothing found” with everything. My hearts, hearts of my friends & just hearts from basically everyone are gone. Please make it work again.

Christelle Elias
I’ve heard alot about this app and it looks promising but I can’t seem to pass the stage of finding collections… I choose what I like after signing up then click continue then it says error occurred… please can you fix this?

Freniejah Patrick
I love the new update! Very user friendly & visually appealing. I also love that the subscription to get rid of ads is much cheaper now. It went from $4.99 a month to $0.99 a month, which I’m much more willing to pay. Awesome job!

I use this app to get images for edits I make on instagram so when I find a nice photo I press save image but it quite frequently doesn’t save. That is my only issue with this app.

ira nur khumairah
I think I need a feature “hide image just for me” in image page. Cs I love to use whi but since these last years, there is a lot of picture tht annoys for me or maybe someone else think the same n I jst dont like to see it when scrolling down, and since tht I rarely use whi but its sad things:(

Zz Zz
awesome and i dont mind the ads but it keeps stopping my music because some random advertisement is playing and the music cant be played becos another audio is playing .. 🙁

American Girl
I really enjoy this app it’s amazing .. when I feel bored or something the only thing that goes out my mind is to go and heart some pics and read some articles! Really recommend this ✔

Sonja Ansell
I liked it and it worked great until I ran into a problem with renewing gold status. Customer service is non existent. Don’t hold your breath waiting on replies or help. I would be happy to support if it was easier to get help.

dulce lee
i remember when this app didnt have ads and it used to be so enjoyable. it was a really good experience but now that its cluttered in ads, i could do without it.

You are awesome. You really listen to us the users. Just let me add that this is one of the best apps I have ever used 💖

HannaLoves Fashion
Früher war es einfach besser… es ist einfach viel zu viel Werbung die unglaublich nervt… außerdem ist es auch viel unüberschichtlicher geworden. Ich bevorzuge jetzt lieber andere Apps, was ich eigentlich schade finde weil früher war sie meine Inspirationsapp

Evie Peach lifeu
Tell me why, I’m trying to make an account and I’m trying to make a username that I would like and it freaking say [username taken, try again] ……… it’s seriously getting on my nerves….

Izabela Muresan
I would love to create an account on this app, but any username I type in it says that it’s taken, wich is unlikely since it says the same thing when I type in random letters and numbers

Muhammad Aaon Abbas
Hello I just created a new account and when they ask for choosing our interests I chose all my interests only 3or4 were left…. When I pressed continue it didn’t work they said tht thee is an error… I tried a several times but still didn’t work I uninstalled it and do but still didn’t work…. Plz help out and fix dis

Marilena Oikonomou
Three stars because it has been failing constantly after the last update (updated it on May 12 2018) and it stops working after 5 seconds. Fix it!!!! Otherwise, I love this app very dearly

App User
The app was super nice. It stops working yesterday and I uninstall it today and it worked but the second time I open the app it said ‘nothing found’ again. Please fix it. I really like the app so much.

Denise Levine
This app is really good but it suddenly stopped working this morning. I tried to use it all day but it said ‘nothing found’ even if I updated it 2 times this week. Now I uninstalled it and then installed back but when I perceived to log in it said that an error has occurred. Please tell me what’s wrong and/or fix it. Thanks.

App User
I like the we heart it service a lot, it’s really awesome! But I was thinking you guys should do a feature where you can send a Dm (private message) to people. It would be even more awesome! Keep up the good work 😉 PS: you guys should do an update work the We Heart It drains less of your battery

Máskéd Døll
This is my favorite app of all time. It just simply gets my mind off things and gives me some sort of relaxation. Edit: THE NEW ARTICLE UPDATE IS JUST SO AWESOME. I CAN’T STOP LOVING THIS APP. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ME HAPPY.

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